Social Justice Learning

WILL Education has created social justice learning space with educational resources and materials to help guide critical conversations around other people’s experiences with the hopes of achieving a more equitable and quality society. The first topic explores race and racism in America.

The Los Angeles Opera ensemble performing Mozart's The Clemency of Titus.

Los Angeles Opera

Afternoon at the Opera - August 08, 2020

The Clemency of Titus

Enjoy the Los Angeles Opera's performance of Mozart's The Clemency of Titus.

Illinois Newsroom

The 21st Show - August 06, 2020

ENCORE: Summer Songs Still Play On

To the disappointment of music fans, artists and organizers have had to pull the plug on concerts and festivals this season. We wanted to offer some summer music recommendations from artists both here in central Illinois and around the world. 

The 21st Show - August 06, 2020

ENCORE: The Great Indoors

For many of us during the pandemic, we’ve gotten to know the four walls of the various rooms in our home better than ever before. The 21st speaks to an author and journalist who explores the many indoor environments, both private and public spaces — from operating rooms to prisons.


News Local/State - August 05, 2020

WATCH LIVE: Pritzker’s August 5 COVID-19 Address

WATCH LIVE: The Pritzker administration is holding a press briefing covering a new public awareness campaign aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19 in Illinois at 2:30 pm.

(L-R) upper: Hugo Balta, Celeste Headlee (L-R) lower: Dawn Ennis, Nader Issa

The 21st Show - August 05, 2020

Diversity in Newsrooms

Like many other institutions in 2020, America’s newsrooms are facing a reckoning for a lack of diversity in newsrooms. The 21st is joined by four journalists to address aggressions against journalists of color, proposals for true changes for more inclusive newsrooms and how news consumers can question the newsrooms they trust.

The 21st Show - August 04, 2020

ENCORE: Coree Woltering - Ultramarathoner

The 21st speaks to Coree Woltering, an Illinois-based ultra-marathoner, who recently set a new record for the 1,147 mile Ice Age Trail, completing it in 21 days, 13 hours and 35 minutes.

Supporters and opponents of University of Illinois' mascot listen at a board of trustees meeting Thursday, June 17, 2004 in Chicago.

M. Spencer Green/AP

The 21st Show - August 04, 2020

Debate Over University Of Illinois Mascot Rages After Retirement

Over the course of the last few months, the movement for racial justice has reignited the call for racially insensitive mascots and team names to be replaced. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign retired their race-based mascot 13 years ago, yet the depiction continues to endure, with some even calling for the mascot to be restored. 

Matthew Dillon

The 21st Show - August 03, 2020

ENCORE: Summer Road Trips

Summer is a time for road trips — but COVID-19 is limiting options. The 21st explores safe getaways in a time of a pandemic.

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