Afternoon at the Opera


Chicago Symphony Orchestra performs at Symphony Center.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra performs at Symphony Center. By Jordan Fischer from Chicago - Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Wikimedia Commons

Review of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus' performance of Verdi's Aida from WFMT website:

Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida is the apotheosis of grand opera: a story about forbidden love, with one of the most famous triumphal marches in the repertoire – horses and elephants included. The pomp and circumstance of this epic tale set in ancient Egypt has enchanted audiences for well over a century. But as Riccardo Muti, often considered the world’s leading Verdi interpreter, explores the composer’s operatic canon with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (concert versions of Otello, Macbeth, and Falstaff have been presented during Muti’s tenure as CSO Zell Music Director), the true beauty of this music lies not only in its grandeur but also in its details.