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Lessons in Love and Violence

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The Royal Opera House presents Lessons in Love and Violence.

From the Royal Opera House website

Lessons in Love and Violence is the latest collaboration between composer George Benjamin and playwright Martin Crimp. Their previous work includes the large-scale opera Written on Skin – which has since become the most performed new opera of the 21st century. Lessons in Love and Violence combines atmospheric music and penetrating character studies. Director Katie Mitchell and designer Vicki Mortimer, the team behind the first production of Written on Skin, complete the creative team behind this major event in contemporary music.

The opera’s drama begins as King Edward II’s relationship with Piers Gaveston upsets the personal life of court and the political wellbeing of the country. When the controlling military leader Mortimer joins forces with Queen Isabel, the results are deadly for Gaveston and Edward. The lessons learned by the characters of this new opera are harsh ones, following a gripping trajectory from warmth and indulgence towards calculating, cold severity.