Afternoon at the Opera


Woman stands over a boy on stage.

The Royal Opera House performs Wagner’s Lohengrin.

From the Royal Opera House website:  

Lohengrin was the first fruit of Wagner’s fascination with the Holy Grail myths of Arthurian legend, the end point of which would be his final masterpiece Parsifal. Written between Tannhäuser and the first operas of the Ring cycle, Lohengrin marks a turning point as Wagner moves from conventional operatic form to the music dramas of his mature style. The two forms combine in Lohengrin to create a work of fervent music imagination and great dramatic power.

David Alden directs a new production of this masterpiece from Wagner’s early maturity, The Royal Opera’s first since 1977. Alden sets his production of Lohengrin in a bombed-out city, and depicts a chaotic, war-torn and politically divided society in which the people crave a strong leader and a sense of purpose.