Afternoon at the Opera

Sweeney Todd

A scene from an opera

Photo courtesy Karli Cadel/The Glimmerglass Festival

From The Glimmerglass Festival's website:

Sondheim's "musical thriller" tells a story of obsession and revenge, spiced with a measure of black humor.  The Tony and Olivier award-winning score is driving, wistful, funny and touching, with such numbers as “Johanna,” “The Worst Pies in London,” “Not While I’m Around” and “Pretty Women.”

“It reminds me an awful lot of a crazy show I did at Glimmerglass some years back, Offenbach’s Bluebeard, an operetta about the guy who killed off all of his wives – although in Offenbach’s version they didn’t actually die but were hidden away in a bunker, Kimmy Schmidt-style. Sondheim and Offenbach’s zany, gory pieces both play a brilliant balancing act between Gothic horror and biting social satire, stripping away the hypocritical mask which hides the reality of our dog-eat-dog – or in Sweeney’s case, man-eat-man – societal structures and craftily employing musical comedy and operetta techniques to achieve their marvelously subversive ends.” -- Christopher Alden, director

The program will air at noon on Saturday, October 29.