Afternoon at the Opera

The Crucible

The crucible being performed on stage

From the Glimmerglass Festival website

Arthur Miller's chilling dramatization of the Salem Witch Trials (an allegory of McCarthyism), is the basis for Robert Ward's Pulitzer Prize-winning opera.

"The mass hysteria that culminated in the Salem Witch Trials was not, unfortunately, an aberration. Throughout history we have seen how, in a climate of fear and mistrust, innuendo can take on the force of fact, resulting in the persecution of innocent people. Arthur Miller dramatized the 17th-century trials when he saw history repeating itself during the ‘Red Scare’ of the 1950s. It is not a pretty story, but it’s an important one – I think it’s important for us to remind ourselves that an accumulation of seemingly minor words and actions can take society to a point of no return." -- Francesca Zambello, director