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Kevin Cory | ART/BTS

Champaign-based musician Kevin Cory discusses his life-long passion for music and performing.

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- Well I grew up in Chicago, South side of Chicago. Growing up man, we was just you know music everywhere, in the car, in the house. Headphones, walkman, CD player, all that. It was like a way of life. My mom, she brought me into the music world, my music scene just as far as listening to music, and so musically I just learned all sorts of music. And that’s like a… that’s been so deep inside my memory. I was in third grade, and at just a little talent show, and so I got on stage and I sung and I saw all the people just jump up and just go crazy. And I said, oh, this is it. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Until I’m no more, I’m gonna do this. I knew I wanted to be on the microphone and just sing to people. The way I saw how it made people feel made me feel some kind of way, and it was a good thing, it was like a rush, and so growing up in that… in my final year of high school I started listening to just more and more and more, I would just think of lyrics, I would think of stuff to say, and I would… but I would try to have it to like okay, what do I want to say? It’s changed because now I’m more set on a motivational and uplifting type of vibe because I want to make a difference. I want people to get uplifted, I want people to be empowered, I want people to understand. So I just start writing positive stuff, it just makes you want to be better. I had people who I looked up to and respected just tell me musicians don’t make no money, they don’t make any kind of money, why would you wanna do that? And it took me two days to answer that question because I had to think about it. Like, what it meant to me. I said, okay, no more doubt. This is it, whatever it takes, whatever you got to do, you do it. Because this is what you… this is the dream. That’s how committed, I’m just… I’m raw but passionate about it, when I’m onstage I’m just thinking man, feel this man, because the way it made me feel I want you to feel the same thing man. And that’s what I be thinking. Just feel it, and that’s why I couldn’t do anything else that’s like outside of music. I must create, it’s not that I have to, I must. Because if I don’t create then I wither away. I’m Kevin Cory, I’m a musician, singer, songwriter, and I live in Champaign Urbana.