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From tattooing to performance art to hip-hop, ART/BTS goes behind the scenes and into the creative minds of an eclectic mix of artists throughout Central Illinois, exploring their influences, styles, and inspiration.

ART/BTS is produced by Illinois Public Media, in partnership with 40 North 88 West.

Lorelei Sims, blacksmith artist

Charleston-based blacksmith Lorelei Sims shares her passion for the art of blacksmithing.

Douglas Kistler, concrete artisan

Urbana-based concrete artisan Douglas Kistler discusses his passion for concrete, people, and collaboration.

Kevin Cory, musician

Champaign-based musician Kevin Cory discusses his life-long passion for music and performing.

Klevah, hip-hop artist

Urbana-based hip-hop artist Klevah shares her passion for music, peforming, and activism.

John McDevitt, mixed-media artist

Sullivan-based mixed-media artist John McDevitt shares his passion for woodworking, reclaimed materials, and collaboration.

Kenneth Johnson, drag perfomer

Urbana-based drag performer Kenneth Johnson shares his passion for hair, make-up, and high-energy performance.

T.R.U.T.H, emcee

Rapper and emcee T.R.U.T.H talks about writing, performing, and her first love: hip-hop.

Thomas Nicol, filmmaker

Filmmaker Thomas Nicol shares his passion for stories, stop-motion animation, and the Champaign film community.

Ryan Groff, musician

Musician Ryan Groff shares his passion for big sounds, teaching, and the magic that exists in Champaign-Urbana.

Nina Paley, animator

Animator and cartoonist Nina Paley discusses her evolution from stop-motion filmmaker to syndicated cartoonist to feature film animator.

Langston Allston, painter

Painter Langston Allston discusses his many influences, from comic books to art history, that go into his multi-layered works.

Deke Weaver, performance artist

Performance artist Deke Weaver discusses his passion for live performance and his use of different textures in his multi-media works.

Ann Coddington Rast, fiber artist

Fiber artist Ann Coddington Rast discusses being a maker and the innate connection to the natural materials in her sculptures and installations.

Ainslie Heilich, tattoo artist

Tattoo artist Ainslie Heilich shares his passion for drawing and tattooing, as well as the personal connection he brings to each piece.