Atomic Age Cocktail Party

Atomic Age Cocktail Party

Friday nights at 9 & Saturday nights at 11 on WILL-FM

The show, simply put, is a celebration of the golden age of the hi-fi and beyond! It's American popular music from the 1950s and 1960s with a few modern numbers thrown in for good measure.

Exciting Exotica (1074)

This week on The Atomic Age Cocktail Party, we’re in for some Exciting Exotica…spotlighting those tropical tunes that quicken the pulse and raise the temperature. We’ll hear from Yma Sumac, Frank Hunter and His Orchestra, Les Baxter, Don Ralke, and many more!

French Kiss (1073)

This time, on The Atomic Age Cocktail Party, we’re giving you a musical French Kiss. Songs from American hi-fi’s about Paris and France as well as song sung in French. We’ll hear from Eartha Kitt, The Double Six of Paris, Brigitte Bardot, plus plenty of French accordion music.

Day In Day Out (1072)

This week, on The Atomic Age Cocktail Party, we’re living life Day In and Day Out. Songs about Days. Great days. Lucky Days. The days that make a difference. And the days yet to come. We’ll hear from Peggy Lee, Tony Bennett, The Three Suns, Judy Garland and more.

Back to Broadway (1071)

We’re going back to Broadway! It’s another look at the influence of Broadway musicals on popular hi-fi music of the Atomic Age. We’ll hear from Johnny Mathis, Robert Goulet, Marilyn Maxwell, Carol Burnett, and more.

Hi-Fi Horns (1070)

On this edition of The Atomic Age Cocktail Party, it’s Hi-Fi Horns! A look at some of the coolest trumpet players of the hi-fi era. From those high-pitched wails to muted, understated vibes, we’re covering it all. We’ll hear from Chet Baker, Dizzy Gillespie, Maynard Ferguson, Al Hirt, and more!

In The Background (1069)

On the program this time, we look at music that normally is in the background. Production music, commercials, deep cuts on a movie or TV soundtracks, and even music services. We’ll hear Mel Tormé sing for a soda brand, movie music from George Duning and Henry Mancini, and selections from the Seeburg Music Library.

The EYES Have It (1068)

This week, on The Atomic Age Cocktail Party, The EYES Have It. As in those things that give us sight. It’s a show filled with songs about looking and seeing and all the other things that eyes do. We’ll hear from Jeri Southern, Vic Damone, The Four Freshmen, Jonah Jones, and many others.

The Old West (1067)

This time, on The Atomic Age Cocktail Party, we’re traveling to the Old West! Themes from classic TV and movie Westerns plus a few other surprises along the trail. We’ll hear from Buddy Morrow, Marty Robbins, Dean Martin, Johnny Gregory, and many others.

Pleasurable Pianos (1066)

This time on The Atomic Age Cocktail Party, we’re tickling the ivories and enjoying some Pleasurable Pianos. A selection of some of the smoothest piano players of the hi-fi era. We’ll hear from Peter Nero, Ferrante & Teicher, Dick Hyman, George Shearing, and many more.

We’re in the Money (1065)

On The Atomic Age Cocktail Party this week, we’re in the money! Songs about riches and fortune. All those things money can buy. And also a look at those things money can’t buy. We’ll hear from Margaret Whiting, Ella Mae Morse, Dean Martin, and Elvis Presley.

About the host

Atomic Age Cocktail Party host, Jason Croft, holds a martini in one hand and a record under the other arm, while wearing a fez and a smoking jacket in this retro-style illustration.

Jason Croft has been collecting, enjoying, and programming lounge, easy-listening, and other music of the Atomic Age for over two decades. Now he is sharing this genre with you every Saturday and Sunday night with the Atomic Age Cocktail Party on WILL-FM. When he’s not knee-deep in his record collection, he’s the Technical Director for The 21st, local host for Here and Now, and one of the voices of AM580 on the weekends.

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