Atomic Age Cocktail Party

Grooving Guitars (1024)

Atomic Age logo with an illustration of a guitar on an open book. Text reads Episode 1024 Grooving Guitars

This week on The Atomic Age Cocktail Party, we’re all about Grooving Guitars! Lots of cool chords and tasty twang! We're featuring some of the great guitar players and innovators of the hi-fi era including Les Paul, Al Caiola, Wes Montgomery, Howard Roberts, Tony Mottola, and many more.


Title Artist Album
Brazil Django Reinhardt The Great Artistry Of Django Reinhardt
Whispering Les Paul Now!
The Guitars, Inc. The Guitars, Inc. Invitation
Rock Gently Alvino Rey A Swingin' Fling
Sentimental Journey Vincent Bell The Soundtronic Guitar Of Vincent Bell
Misirlou Laurindo Almeida Acapulco '22
Song of the Islands Billy Mure Hawaiian Percussion
A Man and A Woman The Exotic Guitars Those Were The Days
The Third Man Theme Billy Strange Mr. Guitar
It's So Peaceful in the Country Mundell Lowe Guitar Moods
You Are Too Beautiful Al Caiola Deep In A Dream - The Guitar Of Al Caiola
Easy Living Howard Roberts Good Pickin's
Honeysuckle Rose Tommy Tedesco The Guitars Of Tom Tedesco
Lush and Lovely Tony Mottola Lush, Latin & Lovely
You Came Along Way from St Louis Barney Kessel Bossa Nova
Goin' Out of My Head Wes Montgomery Goin' Out Of My Head
It's Not Unusual Glen Campbell The Big Bad Rock Guitar Of Glen Campbell
Caravan The Ventures Walk Don't Run