Atomic Age Cocktail Party

Music For Your Tiki Bar (1044)

Atomic Age logo with an illustration of a puffer fish lamp, hanging glass floats, and two tiki mugs. Text reads Episode 1044 Music For Your Tiki bar

On the show this week, it's Music for Your Tiki Bar. A look at the intersection of exotica music and those tropical drinking establishments known as tiki bars. We have a selection of classic and modern exotica from the likes of Webley Edwards, Combustible Edison, Waitiki, Frank Hunter, and more. Wonderful music to slip your mai tai to!


Title Artist Album
House of Bamboo Earl Grant Earl Grant's Greatest Hits
The Veldt Combustible Edison I, Swinger
Singing Bamboos Martin Denny Exotica Volume II
Quiet Village Don Tiare And His Orchestra Exotique The Music Of Les Baxter
Papagayo Les Baxter Les Baxter's Jungle Jazz
Forbidden Waters Webley Edwards Hawaii Calls: Fire Goddess
Bamboo The Surfmen The Sounds Of Exotic Island
Pineapple Lilt Waitiki Rendezvous In Okonkuluku
Tune from Rangoon Roland Remington Stone Gods
Palace of the Tiger Women Kava Kon Tiki For The Atomic Age
Eden's Island Eden Ahbez Eden's Island (The Music Of An Enchanted Isle)
Blue Coral Don Ho The Don Ho Show
Poinciana Frank Hunter White Goddess
Tiki Idyll Robert Drasnin Voodoo III
Song of Delilah Tikiyaki 5-0 Introducing The Exotic Sounds Of
The Enchanted Sea The Cocktail Preachers The Exotic Moods Of…
Tiki Girl Fisherman Psychic Jungle Malfunction