Back in the T-League

January 31, 2018
4 people in a recording studio

The party of three becomes the party of four.

Good news, everyone - it's a Travis Tate version of the Bandwagon, which means at least 25% more awesomeness. 

We start in Australia where Caroline finally won a major and Roger keeps winning majors and feeling emotions. Illini men's basketball won a few, thus ruining John's planned discussion of futility, Finally, our Winter Olympics preview mostly involves discussing those gloves.

Travis Tate talks to the gang about some NBA stuff. First, he chats about the surprisingly slow first half for the Cleveland Caveliers. Next it's the story of Myke Henry's transtion from not doing much at Illinois to doing slightly more at DePaul to making the NBA through the G-League. Finally, Travis offers the scoop on the crazy new format for the NBA All-Star game. 

We discuss the ongoing ugliness in Lansing, where the sentencing of convicted sexual abuser Larry Nassar finally brought national attention to a story that had been largely ignored. As Lisa points out, our discussion of  this as a "controversy" isn't about whether it happened or whether it's bad or not (it's very, very, incredibly bad), but about the fact something like that went on for so long with so many cover-ups.

Brian reveals Deron Williams' view on Illinois' former Athletic Director (it's not too positive). Lisa talks about localish baseball player Jayson Werth's organic farm. And John talks about how Minnesotans have collectively decided they need to explain Minnesota ahead of the Super Bowl.

Episode 48 is DONEZO. Join us next time for #49, but in the meantime, we've got Twitter...

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