Nba Basketball
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Women Dig the Long Ball

And a well-executed double play, and great pitching, and hitting streaks, and... you get the picture. Women love baseball, so why aren't more of them in the game? Team Bandwagon discusses... with an actual woman in the game. Also: At what point does an athlete (or any famous person) get to bite the social media hand that's feeding them? These topics - and much more - on Bandwagon's final podcast of the season.

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Back in the T-League

It's a Travis Tate version of the Bandwagon, which means at least 25% more awesomeness - plus tennis, Winter Olympics, the NBA and a lot more!

Lisa Bralts

We Heart That Basketball

The latest ep has John, Lisa, and Brian firmly ensconced in the season. Which season, you ask? So many possible seasons! Football (which doesn’t come up), soccer (which also doesn’t come up, weirdly), baseball (which does)… but special guest Travis Tate takes us up and down the court, so basketball it is.

Black and white photo of sportswriter Frank Deford
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Final’s Weak?

Yep, the Bandwagon lineup is taking a breather for much of the summer. But before we go: We muse on quantifying team chemistry with a scientist who's actually studying it, the work of sportswriter/commentator Frank Deford (who recently retired from NPR), and our pal Travis Tate comes in for the episode to talk about the NBA basketball playoffs and lots more. 

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