Draft Day


NFL Draft USA Today

April showers bring us May flowers, as this week’s episode blossoms. We talk about the NBA Playoffs, as we give an update on what’s going on in the association. Also, we wrap up the Illinois Marathon, which we had fellow Bandwagoner Brian Moline run it, and we talk everything about the drafts in each major sports. So sit back, relax, and come jump on the Bandwagon!

1:55      STARTING IT UP

In this week’s episode we are sad to announce that this is the last show for our Intern, Roger Blanco...with that he starts off the show by recapping the latest in the NBA with the return of Steph Curry and the continued dominance of LeBron James (who has 3 titles, not 2 as we mentioned in the episode). He also gets the chance to talk about his favorite baseball team...the Chicago White Sox. The rest of the team chimes in as we discuss the Illinois Marathon that happened this past weekend.There was a photo finish and our fellow team member, Brian Moline, who took part in the marathon relay.


After the break, we transition into talking about the now glamorous NFL Draft, as we discuss the top picks, react to who the Chicago Bears picked during the 3-day process, and how the Eagles drafted a HUGE rugby player for their last pick in the game. Also, we talk about the different drafts for each major sport and how some are spectacles such as the NBA, but one, in particular, isn’t, which is the NHL Draft that isn’t must-watch TV. Finally, we discuss how young players get paid when they get signed like in baseball and what age do players get scouted.

34:32     CONTROVERSY!

Transitioning into the draft, this week we talk about the One and Done rule in college basketball. John brings us this week’s controversy as the NCAA held a panel to propose reforms and try to put back the word “college” in college basketball. But, we have seen the one and done more prevalent over the years, but a former Syracuse Basketball commit Darius Bazley decided to forgo college and join the G-League instead, which is the minor league system for basketball, to make money instead.


Lisa starts it off by talking about a funny video she found about a child who is rounding the bases during the game going in slow-motion as it takes him forever to get to home plate. Also, she talks about former U of I graduate and Jacksonville Jaguar owner Shad Khan who is looking into buying Wembley Stadium in London, so there’s a possibility that the Jaguars move. Roger talks about Dirk Nowitzki’s funny screenshotted conversation with his trainer about getting into the gym during his offseason such as Victor Oladipo did after the Pacers lost in Game 7 against the Cavs. John talks about Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer, who went to Twitter to talk about how the Houston Astros pitchers are “cheating” because of their spin rates. To wrap up this episode, Brian closes it off by talking about one of the NBA’s not nicest guys in the league Rajon Rondo, as he grabbed the ball and whipped his sweat all over the ball after a free throw attempt by the Warriors Draymond Green in Game 1.

That is this week’s episode! Join us next time as we dive into more intersections of sports and culture happening all over the world. Check us out on Twitter and Facebook! Thanks for playing!