Ella Masar is Kind of a Big Deal

December 01, 2017
woman soccer player points at teammate

courtesy of Ella Masar McLeod

2:05 Early Men’s Big Ten, Eli Fin, Tennessee Pigpen and Lovie When
It’s early December, the holiday season is just getting geared up and it’s time for Big Ten men’s basketball conference play. Hmm? Also, why did Eli Manning get benched? And what’s going on with the Tennessee football coaching search? Finally, how many years until we sharpen the pitchforks for Lovie Smith?

16:15 Urbana’s First Canadian Soccer Star?
We talk to former Urbana High and University of Illinois soccer standout Ella Masar McLeod. Ella just finished up a very successful two-year stint with Swedish club FC Rosengard, and she hints at some big news about where she’ll be playing professionally next. We ask her about the possibility of her playing for Team Canada in the World Cup, since she recently became a Canadian citizen after her marriage to Erin McLeod.

It’s John’s turn and he tells the tale of a former #1 ranked college recruit languishing on the bench in Philadelphia.  Jahlil Okafor can definitely play in the NBA, but there is no room for him on the current version of the 76ers. The 76ers want to trade him, but he’s not really a valuable chip because he’ll be a free agent after the season.

Brian surprises everyone by mentioning the Cubs and Javy Baez, Lisa discusses Kenny Mayne, Tiger Woods and 45, while John enjoys watching Lebron James travel, something he does quite a bit.

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