Final’s Weak?

May 13, 2017
Black and white photo of sportswriter Frank Deford

Frank Deford is shown here in 1984, four years into his gig as sports commentator on Morning Edition.

Bob Child/AP

Yep, it's true, we're hiatusing for a few months - this episode is our last one until August or so to make room for work, play, and total enjoyment of sportsball and lawn games. Who knows, though - we might pop in from time to time with a few surprises, because we're us. In the meantime, enjoy this, our 37th episode. And enjoy your summer, y'all. 

Are the Cavs and the Warriors are headed for a rematch? Is the 3-pointer causing rampant blowouts in professional basketball? Is Lisa the only person in the group who doesn't really like men's professional basketball? All this, and more, are covered in this segment. 

Kate Bezrukova, Associate Professor in Organization and Human Resources at the University at Buffalo School of Management (The State University of New York), checks in with the, um, team on the work she's done regarding the quanification of chemistry (one of many "intangibles" in sports) in teams, especially baseball and basketball. (We got the idea from this piece in Slate)

Sportswriter and recently retired NPR commentator Frank Deford has alternately inspired us and infuriated us over the years. We talk about it, him, and the writing/commentaries that have caught our attention. We also talk about who might take the baton. 

Brian brings us his rivalry a couple of weeks late, but it's timely. All hail Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs!

Lisa discovered the Hobby Horse Championships.  

Travis reminds us: Don't tweet at college basketball recruits. 

John learned so much about the close-but-not-quite sub 2-hour marathon.

Brian told us about a 10 year-old football phenom who recently received an offer from... the University of Illinois. HE'S TEN. 


So! OK! We're off for the summer, unless we change our minds! We'll still be tweeting at @bndwgnpdcst, so follow us there... and thanks for playing. 

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