Women Dig the Long Ball

May 24, 2018
A woman standing in front of a window

Photo courtesy Emily Jaenson

Holy cats! It's the final episode of the BNDWGN season! How is it possible that it's time for summer hiatus already? We don't know where the time goes, honestly. We must be getting old.

[Our average age has definitely gone up, what with Roger the Intern having flown the nest]


The three Bandwagoneers discuss the concurrent NHL and NBA playoff situation. It's clear we're collectively in the tank for the Las Vegas Golden Knights on the hockey side.


What're we planning to watch/do on our summer vacation? Proposed activities include: tennis lessons, visiting Angel Stadium, watching World Cup soccer, running, eating snacks, running through sprinklers, etc.


If there's one thing we can agree on here at the Bandwagon, it's that more women involved in the game of baseball - as players, umpires, management, coaches, broadcasters, and more - would be a most welcome development. Lisa leads a discussion on some possible strategies for making that happen. Check the links list below for some source material, but we'll include a link to what the discussion started with - an open letter about female coaches from pro basketball player Pau Gasol - here

The, at 19:12, we interview an Actual Woman In Baseball: Emily Jaenson, General Manager of Triple A baseball's Reno Aces. She's also a graduate of University of Illinois' College of Media, so her trailblazing comes as no surprise. 


For athletes and those who are athlete-adjacent, what's personal? What's private? When can people bite the hand that feeds interest in their public persona? Yep, we're talking about the saga of the outing of "PFT Commenter"... and some other weird stuff.


Brandi Chastain's unlikeness preserved forever in bronze? Nope, they're having a re-do

Roger Federer calls Serena Williams the GOAT (in the best way)

Kris Bryant, who doesn't read the comments, reassures already-panicking Cubs fans


That's it! We're off for the summer! You'll hear from us again sometime in August. We'll still be tweeting and Facebooking, so make sure you hit those links and give us a follow. See you in a couple months, and as always - thanks for playing. 

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