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Magic Moments

A baby watching a magic trick with a ball.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University set out to study how infants use what they already know to motivate future learning. Len Turner, Dave Schmelick and Deirdre Hammer/Johns Hopkins University Office of Communications

Kids are fascinated by magic tricks – we’re pretty sure it wasn’t just us who checked out all the magic books the library had to offer in 4th grade. Heck, many adults are fascinated with magic, too – Penn & Teller and other illusionists regularly sell out shows at the same rate as big-time rock stars.

But did you know that even babies are attracted to sleights of hand? BABIES! It’s true. And they’re not only fascinated by magic – they’re learning from it as well. Check out this recent story from NPR about research being done around how babies seem to use magic to test hypotheses - and learn from the results.