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The Winter Holiday Season is Upon Us!

When you think about the winter holiday season, what comes to your mind? Today’s blog is full of helpful tips and clips that may guide your discussions and activities over the winter holiday season. 

Dave Heninzel

Illinois Remembers Patrick Dolan

There are many factors that play into a student’s academic success. One thing that has been linked to student academic success is how well teacher’s unions and the district administration are able to work together. Rutgers University's Saul Rubinstein and John McCarthy conducted a study on how working together improves student achievement.  When some people from Illinois begin to talk about school districts and labor unions; the name Patrick Dolan comes to the forefront of these discussions.  Mr. Dolan recently passed away and NPR Illinois reflected on his work. 

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Margaret McMullen 2007

Let’s Be Happy!

The past week has been an emotional roller coaster for many of us. As I started thinking about my feelings, I couldn’t help but to think about how my children must have been feeling this past week as well.  As a result, my goal for this week is to try and focus on being happy and displaying a positive attitude for them.

Elementary age Native American boy  in ceremonial dress dancing

Celebrate the Forgotten Voice

November is recognized as National American Indian Heritage Month but many schools fail to even mention this to our children.  There are things we can do as parents to help educate our children. If we all work to continue to support and broaden the understanding of differences with our children, it will help aid them in becoming the global-minded young adults they need to be successful in today’s society.

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