PBS KIDS 24/7 Is Here!

January 18, 2017
Postcard flyer with pictures of PBS KIDS characters

In 2013, the Neilsen Company found that live TV is by far the most popular way to view content for children ages 2-11.  According to Nielsen, 68% of weekly TV viewing takes place via live TV, compared to 11% on a gaming console, 9% on a DVR, 6% on a DVD/Blu-Ray, 5% via a multi-media device and 1% via the Internet on a PC. Nielsen also found that PBS stations reach more kids aged 2-5, more moms with children under 6 years old and more children from low-income families than any other kids TV network.  We at WILL-TV understand the benefits of educational programming and the bond that can occur when watching television with your children and so - we are now offering PBS KIDS - 24 hours a day/seven days a week!  

You and your children can watch PBS KIDS on WILL-TV channel 12.2 or watch on demand clips from WILL KIDS 24/7, or via live stream through the PBS KIDS Video App.

By broadcasting our award-winning children’s programming 24 hours a day, we make it easy for you and your children to watch their favorite series during primetime and other after-school hours when TV viewing among families is high. The live stream complements on-demand clips and full episodes, which will continue to be available for free on the PBS KIDS Video App and pbskids.org.

We would love to see pictures of our WILL-TV families and friends enjoying our new PBS KIDS 24/7 programming.  Be sure to like the WILL Education FB page and share photos or clips of you or your little ones enjoying our new program!

About WILL PBS KIDS: Airing on WILL-TV 12.2, PBS KIDS 24/7 channel will include popular favorites such as DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD, ODD SQUAD, WILD KRATTS, Super WHY!, DINOSAUR TRAIN and more; PBS KIDS’ newest series SPLASH AND BUBBLES, NATURE CAT and READY JET GO! will also be featured. The schedule of children’s programming on 12.1 will be different from the 24/7 channel, offering families a variety of options. The full local schedule is available here.