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Teaching Our Children Well


Finding that special teacher can happen at any time during a person’s education. Maybe you had a grade-school teacher whose style and method made learning to read or learning math concepts FUN, or whose read-aloud style kept everyone rooted to the spot. Perhaps you know of a middle school teacher who creates curricula making American history or pre-algebra interesting and dynamic and relevant to an age group who often is too cool to be interested in such things. Maybe a young adult in your life has a high school teacher whose high expectations, sense of humor, and commitment to the material show students what passion looks like – and makes them want some for themselves as they start considering their futures.

NPR has a group of blog posts addressing the concept of the “great teacher” called "50 Great Teachers" The entries aren’t just about great teachers; they also include "great teacher" stories sent in by listeners, and current teachers’ "great teachers", too. Look through the posts – perhaps you’ll go back in time to your own inspiring teachers...or recognize a teacher you know in the words of others.