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The Numbers Game - Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s Revised Education Plan

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Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner plans to rewrite the Democratic education funding bill by implementing a new formula that shows most school districts will gain additional state funding but Chicago Public Schools (CPS) stands to gain nothing. WILL’s The 21st spoke with NPR Illinois Education Reporter, Dusty Rhodes to learn more about Gov. Bruce Rauner’s plan.

The amount of money that Gov. Rauner promises via his website is more generous to every school district except for Chicago Public Schools (CPS).  In an explanation on the website, Rauner said he would pick up Chicago pension payments but eliminate a CPS block grant. By redistributing this block grant, it would result in a percentage of the funding increase that the other school districts will gain.

Both Gov. Rauner and the Democrats agree that the current Illinois educational funding formula needs to be discarded and a new more equitable plan needs to be implemented. The Democrats and Republicans both devised plans that suggest a new evidence based model that is designed to give more state funds to school districts with a higher poverty rate. Gov. Rauner believes that the Democratic plan awards too much to Chicago at the expense of other districts which is why he plans to veto the bill.

At this point, Illinois legislators are in a holding spot as Senate President John Cullerton says he will send the bill to Gov. Rauner on Monday.  Democrats have asked for a sit down meeting to discuss the bill before it is sent, but that has not happened as of yet.

We will continue to follow this story closely via WILL’s The 21st and the The Chicago Tribune to keep you all informed on the outcome and decisions of this bill.