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The Secret Lives of Teachers

Two people going door-to-door during a political campaign

Photo by Becky Vevea/WBEZ Becky Vevea/WBEZ

We remember being shocked when we bumped into our 2nd grade teacher at the grocery store after school – and seeing her driving a car out of the parking lot a few minutes later! A teacher not spending all their time at school? Buying groceries? DRIVING A CAR?  How could that be?

While teachers most certainly spend a great deal of their time in their classrooms with students, as well as time before and after school hours preparing for the day's work ahead, they also have lives – they have families, hobbies, creative pursuits, and passion projects outside the classroom. NPR’s series The Secret Lives of Teachers explores some of these pursuits – brewing beer, cheering on a Super Bowl team, and running for office. If you like what you read, bookmark that link – we hope they’ll be adding to the series soon.