Evening Concert

Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center & FIesta!

Piano Quartet by Turina then Tango Music

Sunday, October 30, 7:00 pm Chamber Mus. Soc. of Lincoln Center (CMS 23-06)

Wonders of Spain
Falla: Psyche for Voice, Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Harp; Jennifer Johnson Cano, mezzo-soprano; Tara Helen O'Connor, flute; Nicolas Dautricourt, violin; Yura Lee, viola; David Finckel, cello; Bridget Kibbey, harp
Sarasate: Navarra for Two Violins and Piano, Op. 33; Paul Huang, Danbi Um, v.; Anne-Marie McDermott, p.
Cassadó: Piano Trio in C major; Anne-Marie McDermott, p.; Danbi Um, v.; Clive Greensmith, cello
Turina: Pno. Qt. in Am, Op. 67; Wu Qian, p.; Paul Huang, v.; Paul Neubauer, vla; Nicholas Canellakis, cel.

Sunday, October 30, 8:00 pm: Fiesta! With Elbio Barilari (FST 22-31)

Chamber Tango
Tango was born around 1880 in Buenos Aires and Montevideo as dance music, but by the 1940ʼs it was
introduced to the concert hall. Since then, tango has inspired many composers to write concert music for
this globally popular dance. We will feature some of the masters of tango including Astor Piazzolla, Luis
Pasquet, and Aníbal Troilo.

Astor Piazzolla, transcribed and arranged by M. Brent Williams: Prepárense; Enhakê

Miguel Del Águila: Tango Trio; Liana Gourdjia (violin); TransAtlantic Ensemble

Pablo Ziegler: Asfalto; Maria Ciudad; Elegante Canyenguito; Pablo Ziegler, piano; Christopher O’Riley, piano

Exequiel Manteiga: El día después; Elena Yarritu, flute; Exequiel Manteiga, piano

José Bragato: Graciela y Buenos Aires; and Lalo Schiffrin: Tango del atardecer; Ezequiel Fainguersch, bassoon; Nicolás Enrich, bandoneon; Juan Pablo Navarro, bass; Gustavo Gini, piano

Astor Piazzolla: Libertango;