Evening Concert

“Painting Music 3” and “The Middle”

A special from the "Wind & Rhythm" series, then Ep. 2 of "The Middle"

Wednesday, October 26: 7:00 pm: Evening Concert Special from “Wind & Rhythm”: Painting Music 3

Johan de Meij : Dutch Masters Suite: I. The Night Watch; III. Prince's Day
Orquestra de Vents Filharmonia, Jose R. Pascual-Vilaplana
Adam Schoenberg, trans. Donald Patterson: Picture Studies: I. Intro; II. Three Pierrots; V. Kandinsky

US Marine Band, Lieutenant Colonel Jason Fettig
James M. David: Two-Lane Blacktop
Wind Symphony of Clovis, Christine Keenan & Gary P. Gilroy, conducting
Ferrer Ferran: El Coloso, Sinfonía No. 4: I. Oscuridad; II. Duerme; III. La Huida; IV. El Gigante
Banda Sinfónica Juvenil Simón Bolivar, Ferrer Ferran

Wednesday, October 26: 8:00 pm: The Middle Hosted by Jeremy Hobson (Ep. 2 of 4) (Politics)

We welcome back to the WILL airwaves award-winning journalist and Urbana native Jeremy Hobson for a special four-part call-in series focused on the midterm elections. (Live from Ft. Myers, FL)