Evening Concert

Mendelssohn’s Op. 110 “Sextet for Piano and Strings” on tonight’s “Evening Concert”


Sunday November 8: The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (CMS 20-07)

The Bach Effect

Bach: Concerto in D minor for Keyboard, Strings, and Continuo, BWV 1052

Michael Brown, Piano; Bella Hristova, Violin I; Angelo Xiang Yu, Violin II; Kerri Ryan, Viola; David Finckel, Cello; Nathaniel West, Double Bass

Mendelssohn: Sextet in D major for Piano, Violin, Two Violas, Cello, and Bass, Op. 110

Jon Kimura Parker, Piano; Kristin Lee, Violin; Cynthia Phelps, Viola I; Richard O'Neill, Viola II; Clive Greensmith, Cello; Anthony Manzo, Double Bass


Early Music With Sara Schneider (EMN 20-20)

Of Palaces and Popes

This week's show presents music from Spain, including selections from El Cancionero de Palacio (1474-1516), performed by Hesperion XX, directed by Jordi Savall. We'll also hear the Barcelona Mass (late 14th century), the history of which is intimately linked to the Avignon papacy. That performance comes from a 2019 release from Ensemble Gilles Binchois.

Anon.: The Barcelona Mass. Ensemble Gilles Binchois/ Dominique Vellard

Francisco de la Torre: Danza Alta. Hesperion XX/Jordi Savall

Gabriel Mena: Aquella mora garrida. Hesperion XX/Jordi Savall

Francisco de Peñalosa: Por las sierras de Madrid Hesperion XX/Jordi Savall

Anon.: Rodrigo Martinez. Hesperion XX/Jordi Savall

Juan del Enzina: Una sañosa porfia Hesperion XX/Jordi Savall

Anon.: Tres morillas Hesperion XX/Jordi Savall

Anon.: El cervel mi fa Hesperion XX/Jordi Savall

Garçimuñoz: Pues bien, para ésta Hesperion XX/Jordi Savall