Stravinsky’s “A Soldier’s Tale on tonight’s “Evening Concert”

October 20, 2019

Tonight at 7:00 on the “Evening Concert” on FM 90.9 you’ll hear Stravinsky’s “A Soldier’s Tale” on “The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center”. At 8:00 on the series “Early Music Now” you’ll hear music from the 11th century Winchester Troper manuscript.

Sunday October 20: Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (CMS 19-04)

20th Century Masterpieces

Stravinsky: Histoire du soldat [The Soldier's Tale], Trio Version for Clarinet, Violin

and Piano. Kristin Lee, Violin; David Shifrin, Clarinet; Anne-Marie McDermott, Piano

Martinu: Duo No. 1 for Violin and Viola, “Three Madrigals”. Arnaud Sussmann, Violin; Paul Neubauer, Viola

Schoenfield: Trio for Clarinet, Violin, and Piano. Jose Franch-Ballester, Clarinet; Arnaud Sussmann, Violin; Gloria Chien, Piano


Early Music Now (EMN 19-17) (new episodes)

Masterworks of Early Polyphony: The Winchester Troper

The 11th century Winchester Troper contains some of the earliest examples of polyphonic music: two-part elaborations on Gregorian chant. We'll hear this fascinating repertoire performed by Ensemble Discantus. We'll also hear an example of early polyphony from Musica Enchiriadis, a 9th century music treatise.

Anon.: Rex Caeli, Domine Maris. Capella Antiqua München

Anon.: Alleluia Pascha Nostrum Epulemur.                            Anon. Postquam factus homo. Discantus

Anon. Doxa en Ipsistis. Discantus.                                         Anon. Alleluia Rex in Aeternum. Discantus

Anon. Firmetur Manus Tua. Discantus                               Anon. Prome casta contio Carmina. Discantus

Anon. Miserere Dominum. Discantus

Leonin: Viderunt Omnes. Early Music Consort of London

Anon. Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat. Discantus

Classical 24 Music Playlist

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