Sa Chen plays Tchaikovsky’s “1st Piano Concerto” on tonight’s “Evening Concert”

August 23, 2017

Tonight at 7:00 on the Evening Concert on FM 90.9 Sa Chen is the soloist in Tchaikovsky’s “1st Piano Concerto” with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra led by Music Director Manfred Honeck.  Also on the program: Waltzes, polkas and marches by Johann Strauss Jr. and his relatives.

Wednesday, August 23: Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO 16-17_13)

TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Concerto No. 1 (Sa Chen, piano)

[And ENCORES: “Autumn on the Peaceful Lake’; CHOPIN: “Minute” Waltz]

JOH. STRAUSS, JR: “Voices of Spring” Waltzes; JOS. STRAUSS: “A Woman’s Heart” Polka-Mazurka

JOH. STRAUSS, JR. “Chit-Chat” Polka; “Annen” Polka; “Wine, Women, and Song” Waltz; “Hail to Hungary” Waltz; “Pizzicato” Polka; “Egyptian” March; “Thunder and Lightning” Polka; “Perpetuum Mobile”; JOS. STRAUSS: “Fire Festival” Polka; Joh. STRAUSS: Radetzky March

Manfred Honeck, conductor

Classical 24 Music Playlist

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