Farm to Table

Trailer Time!


We're less than a week from air time and are deep into finishing the editing as I write, but we found some time to make this trailer.

Tim edited; I narrated. I've watched it a few times, mainly to see the sunflowers and the gardens...I'm missing evidence of plant life in the outdoors something fierce these days. It's been so much fun to put this program together, but it's also been intense. I dream of the windmill and the #CourseWork hashtag; I'm sure Tim sees the script in his sleep. And goats... always goats.

In any event, the show airs Monday, December 9, at 7 PM. Wes Jarrell and Leslie Cooperband (Prairie Fruits Farms' owners) will be joining me and my colleague, membership director John Steinbacher (also the associate producer of the program,) live on the pledge set to talk about how the program was made, why it's so important for WILL-TV to produce local programming spotlighting local people, businesses, and organizations, and to encourage viewers to support the station (and get themselves a chance to go to a private screening of the documentary on the farm... delicious treats included!). Don't miss it - and we hope to hear from you.  - Lisa Bralts