Farm to Table

From June to October 2013, WILL-TV followed the arc of a farm-to-table meal that began - and ended - at Prairie Fruits Farm north of Champaign-Urbana. The documentary Course Work: Dinner Season at Prairie Fruits Farm shows viewers how the activities on the farm build to the night of the dinner.

A computer monitor showing an image of a man talking to a group
Lisa Bralts


Course Work is in the can and ready to debut this evening. Co-producer Lisa Bralts thinks you just might like it.

Trailer Time!

Course Work is coming together, and we now have evidence. Producer Lisa Bralts offers you a first look.

A sticker that reads "Love People. Cook them tasty food."
Lisa Bralts

Crunch Time

Producer Lisa Bralts, Director of Photography Tim Meyers, and others at Illinois Public Media are deep into the particulars of getting Course Work ready to air.

A whiteboard with writing on it
Lisa Bralts

Show Title!/The Farm Connection

Director of Photography/Editor Tim Meyers checks in with a program title (finally!) and some musings about how filmmaking and farming might not be so far removed from each other.

A man standing on a tractor


Producer Lisa Bralts goes through the summer's footage... and finds some older gems on her hard drive.