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two area
Democrats hope to win their party’s nomination erased replace Naomi Jacobson in Champaign Urbana state
representative in Springfield Interpol taken late last month Carroll Amazon and Sam Rosenberg
13 percent off point well within the margin of error really have those pulled
old remains undecided 2 weeks ahead of the primary election a conversation with a cat


the candidates for Illinois hundred thirty-eight legislative district last week Republican Christian Williamson
today the Democrats Sam Rosenberg and Carol Evans Georgia if you have a question for the camera
call now 802 to 29455 again
again 802 to 29455 its focus coming up
after this news

good morning this is focus on wiol on Scott Cameron singing Virgin Meadows


join by the two Democratic candidates hoping to fill the void left my state representative Jacobson
she decided not to run for 730 district covers most of Champaign Urbana
Urbana running in the primary care Alamance juicers on your benefit the counselor
counseling Sam Rosenberg attorney working in Champaign thank you for coming thank you
thank you for having me looking for and if you have a question for San Rosenberger Carol Ammons about that
daddy issues affecting champaign-urbana the state in general about the campaign give us a call
the numbers 802 to 29455 802 2


222 94553 just by email address
is Will dash talk at Amazon twitter twitter @ focus 58
580 I will talk a little bit here before 1 year Justin Bieber donde Basin formed
very formal um I’m hoping this is a little less formal weekend
learn Elis much we can’t believe you were you stand some of the issues Marla
conversation in a formal debate how to date and I don’t have a timer nobody’s running
try to keep things as far as we can budgies for process of talking going back and forth


um we did flip a coin before the program to get the first question
the first question will go to what to see in Roseburg here and after that will take turns on with Louis ponds
first NHL game questions molasses and having trouble seeing you the microphone
from here to wonder if we can try moving to sign a little over that way we can we see each other
here in the studio where you go I agree I agree
head start off with in email that came in Ennis from a Stephanie’s Sewell
Sewell it looks like a paper the same stuffing with credit union Jesus question for both Canada


can its a house Pacific we will you promote job growth in our district and Sam start with u
shirt with a job growth in the new need to make sure that any incentives
sentence structures that are set up are ones that are promoting jobs
that’s so forgetful a situation where we are putting for
putting forward dentist building a factory in Champaign Urbana we need to make sure that
that any incentives Libby temp for the beer prevailing wage things like that but they’re coming
coming after the project completed in the job target have been map additionally


we need to be reaching out to not only company that already exist in this region is also throat
the statement about the country existing programs have been doing great things for the baby
bein Champaign Urbana weather be on campus with regards to research prop Park
what frequently I think we see job incentive programs Eater taking resort
resources from already existing situations or we see them
im not following through and that’s a big concern because if we are simply right
robbing Peter to pay Paul in the temps to create more jobs than the net gain is next


is negligible. If we are making sure that incentives are tied to actual job growth
if we’re making sure that incentives are tied to long term progress for this community
community that takes a bigger picture project Inc in Beechmont the beneficial Champaign Urbana 11
girl I think it’s a great questions clean
I believe that does taxes in is absolutely have to be tied to job creation
mini of the things I’ve done in the past several years really focused on job creation
Asian I’ll give an example that um as a form a county board member


the first resolutions I was able to vote on what’s a high speed rail to rail
railroad resolution for this area which is not just dealing with the issue of Job
job creation but also transportation in connecting us to the umm
are of State in Chicago in St Louis area job creation has also go
go beyond just corporation self I’m really focused on incentivizing small
small businesses in the same way that we have Cinemas large businesses support the Grove
anta support in what state is there in Urbana we have a growing on small


small business economy that I’ve been able to work with the last over years
used to make sure as a citizen and now is a council member that those businesses survive
survivor I frequently businesses in my community so that they will supply as I look at you
job growth I’m looking at making sure that we change our poverty rate in Champaign County
County iParty Raiders 24 .5 percent currently making a stuffie
third the third in all the counties in Illinois
whats the highest poverty rate that a problem I want our cysteine a living wage


H & I want living wage jobs created in Champaign County and that’s what I’ll be working on
route 430 Street in for a county is a hole DMV
let’s come back here to M uses of Education
the cost continue to climb Virginia College state funding for higher education is
this is not what it used to be if a college degree remains AAA if not
if not the primary pass with a good paying job how do you keep up at open today
can’t afford to graduate with tens of thousands of dollars in debt and other questions for


first girl I’ve had some personal experience with that you note for me
um I’m looking at the 280000 students in Illinois
currently of eligible for map grants when we have those students even get them
just about 144000 I didn’t qualify for map grant when I was younger
Tyga but I know what he will do for the lives of young people today if we fund
find our educational institutions properly we have to do a couple of things in a hundred 3rd district
we have to find k2 12 properly we have to make sure the resources are in the


in the classroom so that students in the hundred 3rd district have a real option to go
to go to the University of Illinois into park in college but Baidu
doing that we also have to look at those who may not go to the Higher Education
institutions we have to look at those who need job training and technical skill training
training with right now we don’t have a good tech school here in 130 Street
that’s something that I’ve been working on as a council member to get a tech school
how to locate here and I destroy the reason why because we do have a part in what I


what I learned at Council last night is that we have a lot of jobs here in our community
but we don’t have the workforce that meat and mattress stores jobs
so my goal is to make sure that we get a training institution hear that deals with the Technic
the technical side infusing are connection to the University of Illinois providing map
map grant funding for out of state students who don’t have access can get it if
if they choose to go here we want them to have no excuse and given at opportunity to hear
tohir does the area is the time to get to properly I think we can make it


the real change in a real dent in a party level here in Champaign County in San Jose
education of the shore at the question I believe was regarding debt for college
what year was the cost of college education going up right how do you ensure that pound
have to be a good good paying jobs open for those can’t afford graduate on the dot Usher
and I think this comes down to a simple prioritization of what is important
in the state of Illinois on in the same exact week at the same pastors pension reform
reform bill to build one it was offering Texas and incentives charger game


Midland to stay in Decatur think that is a perfect example of how the state is
is putting the future of education online in in
in conjunction with not trying to get companies to stay here
mentioned Seneca one because the bottom line is if we are going to be continually
eroding the amount of pension reform the amount of pension security
carry that is provided to those who are teaching and working with educational institutions what kind of
kind of people are we going to be attracted to higher education to teach into work and Touhy


when to even study at those institutions I think what really comes down to the priority Scituate
situation is that we as a state need to put education first and foremost
since day one of those campaign I’ve said my type 2 priorities are jobs in education
with regards college that we as a state need to read Zaman what we are
we are if our Maine flagship land grant university cannot services
the citizens of the state without short shoulder width
hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of data naturally inexcusable and there are statutory ways


ways to make sure that the University of Illinois can become more successful to go to the funds brings in
Franklin and additional email or the tuition rate is now more expensive for students
student to go in State University of Illinois to go out of state Iowa
and as far as I’m concerned the priority of the University of Illinois cb2
YouTube educate the citizens of Illinois
it’s interesting because of student that issue and I have a student currently in college with
which with student debt that law also need to be addressed federally


which laws Utah meaning the student loan debt law federal government really needs to know
Lord of the interest rate is too high for students to be able to
be able to maintain they know that my Jordans students graduate will come out with a level
level of that they cannot afford to have can’t buy a car in can’t buy home so you
so you ruin the credit of the student before they even start their lives that is weather
where the rewriting the law need to take place but we also need regulations to protect us from
predatory educational lending institutions that are out there


bear in some of us have been victims from the hills and we have to protect themselves
students from those predatory lending institutions and in Springfield need to do that bites
state law but they also need to do a federally send you want to know if you want to
predatory lending and credit problems are braces rubber society and its
and it does hurt students especially when they are starting behind the eight ball
call with regards the monitor incurring for college that is where the state government does need to
need to stop and make sure that are universities are well funded and that and this day


this day in age when state support for universities State University
Percy’s is going down there either needs to be an alternate mechanism in which university can raise money
money or the state does need to make sure that the universities are well finder
Thunder from start to finish mission to make sure the University will find it
the constituition Carolina to mention training institutions getting
technical training institutions who died in the area how do you pay for this is a time
what time when the state budget is in a large amount of deaths running


running deficits repeatedly this summer?
Bacchus Amstar with you sure I find it interesting that when people ask that question is
what do I need to cut services and cut wasteful spending or do we need to race
raise taxes on something in the answer is yes because it’s really a to fold solution
solution it needs to take place I do believe that there is wasteful spending in the Illinois
Hawaii on a budget and that we need to go through this line by line and see once again where are
our priorities are in a vegetation in job creation are going to be at the tops of those left


left so I think there’s at aspect additionally I’ve come out very much in favor press
progressive income tax which would bring in more income for the state
this take offers to go towards education I’m locally I am in favor of
River of a casino in Danville I think that would be beneficial for job creation and for local edge
local education funding and you’re exactly right this is something that is going to require
a significant amount of creativity when it comes to bringing in the revenue to
do to support education continually cutting the passion


benefits in the salaries of our to public servants are teachers are firemen are policemen
is not going to solve the problems what is going to is bringing in more revenue
the new and we can do that through centerstone certain statutory restrictions right now that the
the universe Illinois has imposed upon them by Springfield prevent them from me
informate King a certain amount of money off of the research things like that can be changed
additionally look at other public universities around the country that have much more efficient
processes weather be threw their ministration Weatherby 300 mag Weatherby through


procurement that best case scenario can be applied here at university
Illinois can result in significant savings and Carols
paper the same thing we certainly me to restructure all of our texting
um systems in Illinois not just the personal tax the corporate tax
sex on the motor fuel tax all the taxes that maintains services in Alpharetta
we need to look at first I believe the progressive income taxes 11
one way we also need to look it up collared states that are around us


and look at other revenue sources that the regenerating the service industry that maybe
maybe another way to generate revenue states are we on for me to look at me really Siri
seriously wasteful spending not on Human Services
because we have to keep Police Service fire service um services for homeless
homeless people for Veterans Services those things we have to keep we have to keep those fryers
citizen but we can look at other ways into on commissions and things that we spend a lot of
money on that may not be serving the purpose of the day were intended when they were first


first established I remember I’m just being on the county board in a very difficult
period for the county in 2008 with all other communities across this country who f***
you suffered um um from the fiscal cliff fall out of course from washing DC
DC in the banking system we had to sit down with me
which is the union of the county in St Louis in the county is in trouble
will not wasteful spending money for being a good steward of the money
the money of the county but we are required to have to either cut staff


or we may have to come up with a furlough plan SMS leadership set with us
we came to terms so that we can have a furlough plan that Metheny
the capital of employees I think the state is going to have to do some of these in a roll your sleeves
what kind of process is an open at Budget up to people understand it and look at
look at work Utz can be made with savings can be had but we cannot sacrifice
the much needed services of the state that provide safety nets for citizens
can I get a little bit nipply store


one of the things I also think we need to be looking at to make sure that legislators understand
stand the deep cuts that may be necessary to get our state out of the Cisco
Cisco hole and that may mean time legislature salary Tube
the median income here in Illinois that might mean that if the budget for
get for a county or state organization Goes Down the salaries for those associated
did with that organization legislators in cells feel that burn
that’s something that I think would change perspective that currently Justin Springfield


if individuals were serving their felt the impacts of the day make
Caroline Sullivan will I ever find to be interesting that um
we talking about making sacrifices in the campaign Juno
um if you’ve been in my website people can go to
if you go to my website you’ll see that there’s a list of completely volunteers
tears from this community who are working on his campaign I don’t have big financing
I don’t have money um that is uniform out of a call first


to run this very grassroots very People’s Campaign the sacrifices
what ive made um is evident in how my campaign is running in so if there’s going to
is going to be cut off all people are willing to make him miss me
and I seen on I’ve been willing to cut at the county level at the city level
level and certainly I will absolutely be willing to cut at the state level
understand that if we are the fiscal crisis as I run my household if I don’t have enough money
money to pay for my son to go to the lessons I have to make sure they have a home to live


how to live in and that’s the most important thing that I’ll be doing Springfield I want focus on the people
the people with all the money of focus on the people who really need a hand up and not a handout
908 1 word a chance to follow up on that a lot of things razor
is there is Sam do you want to respond Arena Wisconsin blizzard
receiving support from a large right even the visual small crosses state um many
NYS folks are getting excited about my campaign regardless of where they are now in Illinois
Illinois girls wear their 930 what’s the score of move on


talking to Carol Ammons and Sam Rosenberg to Democratic candidates for State Representative 130
third District if you have a question for them about the issues hiragana campaign some of the things going on in the
the state 802 229 455 use me we’ll talk
talk will dash talk to you is the email address for Apple
how to focus 580 and let’s see what we go to line 3
Takano Jon Jon for benefits for calling your focus thank you I appreciate
s***** a high level of discourse by both candidates of my question is


we got into distention mass this Budget mass
and the shortage of the University of Illinois because you’re during the last
last 12 years Naomi Jacobson is representation and she made the same mistake over
over and over and that was voted for the same Speaker of the House
can you do you address whether or not this General Assembly meet
we need to restructure the rules of the game that the speaker of the House have
has control over the bills has control over the legislation with a ghost committee


MIDI and how would really comes down to would you vote for the current
current Speaker of the House its been there for 30 years ago hang up and listen to your answer thank you
are John thanks for the call the question if my nose are correct a careless one comes to you first
appreciate the college question um the the short answer is the
is the Speaker of the House is Ben the speaker for think about 30 years and
and um the state of Illinois in real trouble if there is a person
person who is positioned in ready to take the leadership of the states the next level


certainly I would consider voting for a new Speaker of the House I’m at this point
find I don’t know who’s prepare to do what but I do dreams with a collar
that the problem is a structural problem in Springfield if it is
if it is difficult for all of its members who represent all of the districts in Illinois
annoying to bring forward a bill or proposition to the floor for debate
simply for discussion if there’s a barrier for that and that barrier
where is the power and control of speaker then I think that b**** that has to be


reshaping reworked so that the voice of the people from whatever district
daddy is have a true opportunity to participate in governance in
in bringing stay priorities for the floor that something that really need to be done but he needs to be
need to be focused structurally understand the speaker um have
has brought forth a bill on fortunately on the pensions the currently in the
in the court that bill unfortunately I believe it to be on constitutional
certainly my little friend here to help with that but I do believe that build


set builders on Constitution it seems pretty straightforward to me when you re the language does been put in
what the speaker deliberately put for a bill that would be rude
unconstitutional and have to go to court wasting touch pay money
and wasting um the resources of those who’ve already work for them
that is a problem and that is structurally have to be addressed
and I believe that if elected I will be seeking certainly an audience with
with the speaker asking him to restructure and make open the process of


transparent government in Springfield and bring democratic principles to the floor NFL
something to discuss with him and Sam rittenberg Jones question of food would you vote for
vote for the current Speaker of the House Illinois legislature shirt I think John brought up some excellent points
points first with regards to the speaker I’m not sure if I would vote for him as Speaker of the House
how say I have not met a man and I would have to have a conversation with him see who else is running
running of course just as one does not vote on a bill until they read it was not vote for someone until they for
play for the positions as for the structural situation that exist within Springs


Springfield and the amount of power the rest in the
speakers office Jonathan Jackson right there is a significant amount of power
rest with speaker Madigan and as for where we go when the next 510
10 years um we need to be elected representatives who are able to
work within the system that he has developed over the past 30 years Bar able to work so
we are benefiting does district in particular restructuring the Bible
bylaws the rules of procedure the guy in some instances Union


Illinois Constitution as for how the state legislature
just like your works would be a very intense is in very
politically risky but politically it would take
take some really sticking their neck out and making sure that every single
single ally and every single proposal is worthwhile
additional you be running up some stuff opposition because there are individuals who have made careers
being in Springfield and taking advantage of their knowledge of those rolls that’s one of the reasons


reasons I’m in favor of term limits that’s one of the reasons that I believe we should
should be representing and voting for individuals who stand up for what is it
what is important for the district is day one I have stayed my opposition ascendant the wanted
the pension reform bill I stated my position of fearing the progressive income tax
tax additionally I have said that I am against the proliferation of charter schools Ulta
all things that speak Americans against but if I am to go to Springfield
working within his mechanism at least for the the first few periods where I am still a


la junior representative is going to be necessary because no freshman legislature is going to
is going to be able to go to Springfield and rewrite the Constitution are never forget
got one of my first weeks law school are professors get up in 10 most kids go to law school rankings
things are going to rewrite the Constitution and apparently mechanics wings soda
so the changes is is drastic but it is something I believe
I believe we can do over times that we do have more transparency in the representation in the State House
the colony Ramos Caroline to Paul in Champaign County politics


thanks for calling your focus I’ll try to be brief why would an ex about taxes in WI
we have the size increase its going to go away and I really think that there’s a lot of us
if I smoke and mirrors around taxes in the state of my Trade Center for Budget and Policy
Policy Priorities cut through it but if you look at the surrounding states Illinois
Illinois has a very low it up personal income tax um it Indiana
put as its counter polos at lower but it actually of actually have
have a a um County level income tax the average is like 1 point


point 43 percent actual brings Illinois Indiana state income tax to
xtube 1710 for the person percent below
blow the 5 percent that we currently have so we’re not a low tax state
if we let that surtax go away which would actually could contribute to
contribute to a half of the structural deficit that we have
have in the state we would be below
Indiana in our personal income tax should be ways of making a ferret


progressive income taxes graham cracker bolt on a b*** can you can you talk about what you will
what you actually proposed that we have Madigan talking about cutting corporate taxes in half an hour
not even more smoking mirrors cause we have this replacement tax that fits in
the pictures well that I haven’t actually started out but Illinois not a high tax state
and we have many many needs to compute Reston tax questions
questions what they what they say about that was specifically the first one is the
how they feel about the extension of the Messiah tax with again like a Sperry close to India


Indiana’s state around so much higher ok on dead body
go to Sam the question today would you supposed to the income tax hike is a to expire January of
free of next year to support extending out and I think with the situation
I like the term that means Paul that use that smoking mirrors for example with regards the corporate tax
taxas it currently stands corporations Road Illinois are not treated the same
for tax purposes if a large corporation want to get beneficial tax treatment
I need to go through a whole process of committees in Springfield including house


House of finance me to ask for such beneficial treatment to ask for sale
I want to say handles in Africa incentives and then only once a meter
Amy turn Sanders do they get the treatment for going I don’t even jump to the first two
because of how labor acidez I can imagine that if it’s difficult for large pores
large corporations to do that it’s even more difficult and probably impossible for small car
small corporations to do it enlarge Corp in small corporations in the taking a brother that ass
as for the tax the contemporary income tax promises


is rum made by many members of the Democratic caucus 216 buyer s4
48 extent being extended I’m not sure how I live
not because it is part of a larger situation where we’re going to need more extent
extensive Tax Reform and Paul noted there is a structural deficit problem
in Illinois that is not only impacting Us in the short term
what is preventing us from having the ability to vote for the ability to commit
match the correct amount of money for education necessary social services for example


Illinois ranked at last Etta 50 states when it comes to portion public education funding covers
covered on the state level if we are able to change the way the tax structure with
Weatherby corporate weather be a progressive income tax is implemented
it will really altered things that hopefully makes a conversation about the temperature
tax increase mood and that we are moving forward with a much more simplistic less
glass smoking mirrors tax code Illinois the only people to understand but that is fair
where is able to bring the necessary revenue for our social services this is not


is not just a matter of paying bills on time because that is 8 meters
salsa matter of social justice because those who are currently being
subjected to lower rates of payment weather be there wages Weatherby
are pensions are being taxed at a higher rate in terms of the
terms of their the flat tax and having a pillar percentage of your income in those who make a significant
more money I don’t think it Paul for a for calling and I kill innocent questions
is 4000 in Kentucky 36 and mint ice report extension of income tax


text mom I don’t believe that it is um responsible for
for Illinois who’s currently in a um world
world went off debt as illustrated we did last in funding education
so what is that funny look like when we love allowed the current rate to expire
what happens then um not only am i off
Foret upperman see your temporary permanency until we
um establish a president contacts I’m I’m totally against the corporate


corporate tax cuts um all those things take away revenue from education
Asian and there is no wait for us to justify allowing it to expire
spire with hope that will be to make it up and pay our debts
buy some other mean unfortunately when they
the legislators voted on that temporary text we should have looked a little more long term
term because they knew that at some point you would be in
Ian trouble Witcher pensions they knew that I was already will blow


will blow it should be in Seoul to put a temporary tax on a table
table and then take it away with growing that I think would be absolutely
we responsible for any legislature to do that at this time in state
Imogen Sam Rosenberg were talking to the Democratic candidates in the race for the hundred 3rd st
legislative district I’ll talk more with both of them in a moment your b*** more about than them and gold ring is campaign
campaign is well I feel? Can it give us a call the numbers 802 229
9455 a drop in email addresses will Deathstalker


Illinois dot edu stay with its focus on WRAL
welcome back is focus on WILL im Scott Cameron
Cameron early voting for the only prime relationship started yesterday that about this week in Champaign County
just had over the county clerk’s office Brooklyn Center in Urbana starting on March 11th
for the first time you can vote early at 7 other sites across the county is a full licence locations
nations of the County Clerk’s website Election Day officially is on March 18th at 2 weeks from today
today how many voters still undecided were talking with the Democratic candidates 130


third state legislative district 130 almost all of Champaign Urbana last week
talking about Christian Williamson if you miss that conversation listen to that anytime or website
Dover to umm lets come back
comeback what’s so cool about the the two of you in the next question
carolyns you running it for a public office youfit
been out there talking about a lot of the issues what do you want to know about you as a person
is a person um I want to know that I am inexperienced


local legislature I’m a mother I’m also
a um community service and um heaven
have been working for the last 13 years 6 of them being in public office
how to improve the meaning for which I live I struggled
like so many other people in my um community have struggled
but I’m a person who understands how to get things done because I’ve done
done them over the last 10 years Lee County Board approves


hundreds of millions of dollars in projects for workers
community of protected are unions I’m not just talking about something that
that I may do I’m talking about things that I’m doing
anime legislature that will go and do yes it’s difficult to go into a new environment
where there’s a slow already in place but I bring to the
the table and new idea a new energy and willingness to work with
work with people that I have had to work with a very difficult topics in the past that’s what I want to


I want to know I’m not afraid I’m very confident in my bility tube
to come in and help to move the discussion for because that’s what I’ve been doing in San Jose
emerald version? What you want to add more than you mention the early voting actually this year
this year we have a new launches also very exciting because if your 18 at the time of John
general election you can vote in the primary if you are only 17 at the time the primary Soho
so hopefully more more young people getting out to vote in getting involved with a lifelong habit of
how to vote in primaries and general election going to be a team a time November long you can vote


Campbell the prime minister for sinus happens crash with ok and getting back to the question mentioned
Isagenix community after coming to school here because I found love with I want to see the
desi this community prosper I bring it Asian experience commitment energy
G and willingness to work with others who may not have the same perspective as I do
why do on a Friday night she says I mentioned earlier I run very opposite of
is it of many politicians on a variety of issues there is nothing
thing in the hundred 3rd district or working here Weatherby sa legislature Weatherby


BSN attorney Weatherby sa public service job placement for McHenry Lee prepare someone
someone for going to Springfield is the beast on into itself and that sad
sad I work hard quick learner and those who do no spring field have been impressed by
Best Buy what I am doing in this community Cellini’s individuals believe that I can hit the ground
the ground running as I add someone who can represent the district 103rd
the concerns the issues that are important to Champaign Urbana at the Capitol
in my mind being a state representative is not just about going


going to a city in writing documents in voting on those documents
what is about being an ambassador for the causes that are important to your
your community weather that be sitting in a community meeting until
until 11 o’clock midnight discussing what pension reform means to Publix
public servants what it means to union members in or weather means going to
cities across the United States to recruit business to come to Champaign Urbana understand
tell the world how great of a community we have here any central Illinois


Illinois and that’s something that I think we really impacts
my ability to be successful official it’s not just about going to
going to Springfield it’s not just about where you’ve been is about your vision for the community
about what you’re going to do in how are special you’re going to be another dependence
responses something you just said it’s really important release date
heat and highlighting something for me um I believe that there are
there are things that can prepare you to the Springfield there are things that prepare you to


used to be on the the City Council to be on the county board both of my process
assessor’s both of whom I had to work with both of them came through the same way that I am
when I’m coming right now through local government through the county board answer
Lance Rudolph community organizations for which many of I have also work I believe all things Apple
absolutely do prepare you not somebody’s opinion of what you could do because they think you’re great
great but what you actually have done i7 meetings in till 11 p.m.
talking about community issues of organized in this community for people to have fun


have food at Douglas library of cooked myself so I’m not speaking
speaking about some hypothetical I’m actually speaking about the description of my wonderful
wonderful pony just describes exactly describing the things that I’ve done nothing with people
with said and I further have worked with Republicans
independence greens People of no party affiliation
no religious affiliation in many religions on issues that affect people
people here locally that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 13 years I have a long


how long list of things I could name but it is important for people know there is a process by which
which you become prepared for things that you do I don’t expect to walk into
Cantu Court in potential do I reload my books that I’m a lawyer I can’t do
I can’t do that I’m not prepared to you that I have to do something to internet respect
tile so this is benefits campaign ribbons ended
did you read between the lines various talking in Denver signs
the campaign you eat here to make you talking about getting her clit


Berkeley up to get experience in many ways your number for the Rings talking about
about young Sam Rosenberg side this the idea of electability and things like that
xem hOAT how do you respond how does the apps
playing at right now in his campaign to my love
right now we here this issue of experience coming up in your address phone number times
I’m from your sign of here the usual willow the electric bill use a person
is prickly November I’m being raised NYS Oregon perception arguments are playing out as


is campaign what is first response to the
the question of experience does being right now and you know this is one of the reasons I’m spending
I’m spending all my time going toward or so I can talk to people face to face and address
address any concerns that they may have about my experience in about my knowledge of this community
analogy of the issues Airport to skinny as I previously said Springfield
scenic beast and those who have been there weather be represented Jacobson Weatherby
mayor pricing for milia state representative have gotten my knee and Damned


understand what it takes to represent this area in Springfield and they believe that I’ll be able to do
how to do that justice and carry their banner for progressive causes for the next 5 years
10 years this is me 2 did was AM the quotient
voting in the paper not long was former benefit counselor breast a pound Hudepohl contacts
contact customers order Caroline she describes race is being called nasty
describe the races having the potential becomes
become a civil war with the neck Democratic Party um my question is Altus race


this race gotten nasty and Samson comes to you first
I don’t believe so but I think we are discussing issues and individuals
joules are able to say their opinions as to whether or not papers cover
cover that whether or not that gets broadcasted that’s up to to different media outlets
outlets um as a sentence Daewon my top priorities in his campaign
are bringing jobs in improving education does community jobs in education jobs
occasion jobs in education and I really have no interest in discussing


anything else besides mean the main issues are important 130 district
as for its nasty level of being a civil war I think were have
having a vibrant discussion about the issues and the strength of the
different candidates and I like to see continue Carolina temperature do you think is racist nasty
Saline Valley produce a pen in the war
I am NOT castings Spurgeon some opponents im 14 my pony
his campaign have to decide nasty war against me not about the


about the issues um what about me personally and its been met research
search about how to disparage a candidate who may not be the typical Canada
can it be seen in the Obama election 2008
but that doesn’t bother me what I see happening is again I am
I am weather proof is it cold outside
what the code about me I’ve been through a lot of issues in my life
when does lessons have prepared me for the NASA news of the primary


and the National Assembly General on prepare for that when you do with a term of electability
does perceptive turn so people look at that and say they don’t make monster
standing there for the delectable but the people to hundred 3rd may not agree
and so will find out on March 18th weather degree and not at the end of the day my
my goal is to make sure that we have independent truss it in XP
inexperienced leadership that comes out of 103rd Street people have trusted me
to serve Facebook that my mistakes and he said no I trust a search she Spencer


conserving for 6 years and she server on a blank and that’s important to me
what muscle in your negative connotations are sent from
opponent in this race it will not take me off of the issues and I’ve been
not been quite focused on regardless to what’s happening on the other side
Filippis briefly Dead Redemption a lot of things out of heaven come up and gone
the campaign and you talk about the upcoming that you have not I can reduce Pacific world
I’m not violent bounce houses under there is


is entering some of the debate over the phone so I have heard you make comments about you know
Weatherby questions about tube where some money is coming from into the campaign and things like that
like that I mean is I am NOT your anybody really is above the fray this particular what I think
think on these things that I really stand for campaign finance reform when we look at
look at elections it is important I’m a regular person who has voted inside turn 18
18 is important for me to make sure that people running for elected
its seats that they don’t buy those see through misleading advertising in ass


because they have tons of money campaign finance reform is one way for regular
regular people like myself to be able to serve the community without the big money
big donors that swag stand for and I think that’s important for people
103rd Street and it is important to people in Illinois that there be a real looking
look at how we are dumb financing in electing officials for
I state has more land is your is it fair to say that um
you let your non violence campaign if you’re also engagement ring gauge


engaging in personal tax the difference of a difference personal taxes
tax I’m not a part of my iPhone with lever haven’t been and won’t be
Mike’s parents is what I’m really working on and I believe I’m the best
best candidate for this position based on Mike Spiers my service and that’s why the f*** is that
Sam’s Club I have no interest in disguise
discussing any type of a personal attributes of the weather my pony Revan
even myself in Vaseline discuss issues Airport to distract Andy Phillips not happening


happening in the campaign yes I do the M
with all this going on with me just heard it on Caroline you’re something else is played out
at the end of the day there’s going to be you know come you wake up on margin
March 19th may be the end of March 18th um winner
discount I’m at the end of the day you’re both virgins Democratic Party
what would like to be a competitive election coming up in November after this
this race will you be able to Anaheim how we be able to respect your opponent the end of the day and support mo


her um in what will likely be a competitive general election um
and I think my notary in Carrollton comes to use a stylus
set me I am I’ve been working in a community with P
with people who don’t agree with me um for a number of years and I can’t
continue to work with people in the community who may not agree with me I think at the end of the day
both of us or Democrat an unfortunate didn’t get to meet Mr Rosenberg
before the selection and would like to work with him too


really line up from the projects that I’ve been working on but hopefully at the end regardless to witches
which of us move forth to the general election that we will continue to work together
weather cause I’ll continue to work in my community one way or the other and so I think will be the
the Democrats supported together and we done it before and we’ll do it again
and we’ll be prepared for the November election outcome is on March
18th and central in this is us come up frequently The Doors I
night of the day 95 percent of the issues on my phone online


agree on a hundred together to mix the testicle Nelson
but when it comes to moving on to the general election
who is the Champaign County Young Democrats in their question ever asked if you would be willing to support
never comes out of the primary my answer was a simple one word answer yes to the end of the day we
today we are Democrats and at the end of the day we do agree on 95 percent of the same things
and while we may have spats throat this campaign money does a gram how to get
how to get certain things done we are Democrats and we are going to come together once a primary source


what is a Minnesota to start with Sam Rosenberg
what is one slice of someone getting a timer what is the
is the word one issue that you see as the most important near most important issue facing
faces Community right now generation um and that means not only jobs
job creation in support the university so they continue to hire
continue to promote good paying jobs are out its structure
picture but also it means expanding into a community


not seen job creation in sometime and that’s one of the fantastic things about champagne
Champaign Urbana is that is very diverse in economic base from Services
service industry to the university to on the blue collar facilities are
dessert that exist in Champaign Urbana if we are able to increase
the percentage of our population is employed in good paying jobs
we will be able to solve many of our problems the tax base Winfrey’s crime rate will go down
what is something that is exciting to me because I do believe all of that is pasta


is possible champion I do believe that weather be for my support
the AFL CIO that we can bring good manufacturing here to Champaign Urbana
dance with my support even on campus we are able to bring more
more individuals into the University continue really developing fantastic
mastic academic community we have and what even get me more
sort of excited about all this is that we can really be
Leiby economic engine for the rest of State of Illinois and that is


something that we can really be the turning point in part of this Illinois Renaissance
so that the state is finally getting revenue in need
social services employment rate continues to drop in Champaign Urbana can be the
can be the focal point of that if we are able to get that job creation going here in Champaign
Carrollton Christian who won Biggest kneaders juicy Nikki Turner
operation is the biggest me right now we have double digit unemployment Champaign County
County Commissioner earlier that are party rate is third in


County Jail Illinois 24 25 percent 25 percent
percent of our people hear that are working I’m working below the poverty
level image operation for me it is important to create jobs
what it is um ser mi amor por todos Jobs create living wages
ages for those people who are under and below the powerline we want to make sure
make sure that we create an event jobs that we’re smart in on the job
we bring to our company, me we don’t want job creation that puts


Clint landfill on top of the monocle for destroy the water we want job creation
Friesian that is responsible to environment in spot between community and me
and meet the needs of the people who live here in many cases we we do bring jobs
the area but some of those jobs are not necessarily for the people who live in the area
having 17 percent unemployment African Americans in Champaign County WI
we have to open up the doors inclusion that something that I’m going to continue to work on
working with jobs working with the unions and I’ll just stay the same clothes in NJ


in the last 4 years um I was just the benefits
greatly Paso County Board you know in that time I was able to vote on
549 thousand dollars in grants for small businesses
is in Champaign County it was important for to do that because small businesses also create
create two and three full time jobs how many of them help with an R
local economy in so I’ll be looking at the larger but also the small business creation is well
Takara lemons and Sam Rosenberg the Democratic candidates in the race for the hundred 3rd row seat in spring


Springfield I just got a stall the Champaign and Urbana ball joints in studio C
thank you for coming in how much thank you so much I really appreciate other hour
spruce mi Lindsey moon Jason Crumpler technical director
Ryan Weber is our intern im Scott Cameron singing today for gym Meadows is focus on WILL

A democrat has long represented the 103rd district for the legislature in Illinois. Both Carol Ammons and Sam Rosenberg want to keep it that way. One of the two candidates will represent the district in the general election in the fall, but whomever that will be has to win the March 18 primary first. So far, Champaign county democrats have been divided.

Last week, Scott Cameron talked with Republican candidate Kristin Williamson, who is running unopposed. This hour on Focus, he talks with Ammons, an Urbana Alderwoman and Sam Rosenberg, a Champaign based attorney.

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