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thanks you have for breakfast this morning were likely late by chickens in cages in a commercial poultry
3 operation some of you got your eggs straight from the chickens living in your backyard
San Sebastian chicken say the tens roosters please
urban environments without disturbing the neighbors 787 doubt split chicken song


consaul ready back yards in some east central Illinois community
Champaign City Council votes on rules for keeping chickens next week
Jim Meadows today in focus will talk with some backyard chicken fence
define extension expert City official from Carbondale for backyard chickens
program continues after the news
welcome to focus mg Meadows there was a time when keeping chickens in the city


this city was pretty coming over the past century are so livestock have generally been
regulated out of cities and especially at a residential areas butter
urban poultry is making a comeback here in east central Illinois
if you follow the rules you can keep chickens in Urbana normal Monticello
how to settle Decatur and over in Springfield is well and next week the champagne
Champaign City Council a6 is holding a study session on new proposed rules
rules allowing a backyard chickens final vote could come in December


today on focus of going to talk about keeping chickens in the city with supporters
the concept including a poultry expert from the U of I extension Fisher of men
send an official from the city of Carbondale chickens are already allowed
right now let’s talk to a champagne resident sues work a little bit with chickens in hopes to be king
beekeeping chickens soon if the City Council there approves of a football
Bob proposed rules to do so Cameron Connie and she has a neuron on
Facebook page on the subject called champagne chickens if you want to go looking up


funny welcome to focus thank you what got you interested in of
help wanted to keep chickens off your own well I think it’s been a gradual move for me
army you know if the past few years ago in a lot of reading you try to live more sustainably
Fleetwood sustain a place that was that was a large driver um so
books like The Omnivore’s Dilemma and thinking about the impact of fact
factory farming especially so um but I think this thing that release
really hook me was listening to a piece by wiol zone Lisa brats


who had a nice essay on keeping backyard chickens
there is something about hearing the cluckin of the the hand itches really pull me in
Union in that moment I decided like this is this is really cool
pretty silly that you can keep chickens in Urbana but you can’t keep them in a cheap paint
okay have you looked into what the nuts and bolts of keeping chickens with
would be sure and its really its not its difficult I think is lot of people
thinking of most people are familiar with large scale of poultry operation


rations send an and it says its a real its entirety
tirely different proposition to just have a few backyard chickens in a small coop
pooping when is the things that I always tell people is you know ID I don’t want to
121 have a lot of eggs I just want to know for my family in need
and maybe a few for my neighbors in and that’s actually relatively few accomplish something
some people claim the chickens in urban backyards are too messy to noisy the cause
cause an odor what’s your reply to that again I think most peoples a sensor that is based


based on a large scale poultry operations you don’t get too close
close to a large population in terms of smell but what is very differently
different when you’re keeping them in your own backyard motivated to make sure the coop is kept clean
and you’re not going to you know I want to be a good neighbor in Part B
hard being a good neighbor I think is also taking care of your yard in your chickens in
just like its taking care of any pet that you with them um and I guess what
I guess we should put out the rules I see in most communities in the ones being drawn up


champagne prettymuch say hands only know roosters set correct in it
no I talk to people who have roosters and I think it’s you know a lot of depends on
hands on the nature of your lot 10 in your your neighbors tolerance for that
but the thinking champagne they have made a decision they have been
been talking on the phone working on the putting together the rules which will be discussed
best add a a champagne City Council study session I believe next Tuesday
Hannah Anderson that you attend into a public meeting at the city official Seldon


what do you think of the rules think they look pretty reasonable so itchy
on the road to basic I
recommendations about the size of the Cupido to ensure I think adequately
living space for the for the hands on minimum size for the run
location of the crew by certain distance from your neighbors dwellings
how to make sense you don’t want to build something that’s right up against the Senate Cincinnati
a set back from the property line really going to have to have a yard of a certain Sun


I’m actually not at this point lead the on the recommendation
Asians are there as long as you have the appropriate setback which is 5 feet from the
from the property line and the location of the tube is 25 feet
my feet from your neighbor swelling when is is there any app in the rules you scene
is there any Ave for people to file complaints with a sink lutely yes
you know that’s one of the point that that you know I’ve made a number times
had nuisance um ordinances we have animal welfare


ordinances already on the books in cell if you really do feel like something is wrong
is going on you have a way to tell largest complaints
person in Champaign who supports being able to keep chickens Anderson
Justin Bieber telling me about a little group are the really called clock face
where is there is a group of singers at a Facebook group called clock
clock and dad and I have a mailing list of the bat 60 people I think
think that I didn’t communicating with in um you know I wouldn’t say that all of the meridian


ready to run right fielder Cooper I think that a good many of them are interested
I had understood that um there a difference between 4
the 20 bring the chicken backyard chickens in the champagne and the
and they did not succeed obviously that’s correct why do you think this one I mean
the City Council is already voted to let the rule making process
why do you think it’s got this far is this time commodities looking at other
other communities that have adopted a backyard chicken ordinances in recognizing Bay


bet the others do seem to work you know I think that the big concern for champagne
campaign was really not creating a conflicts among neighbors in NYC
think that they seem that in other communities like Evanston where did no complaints what’s the weather
so how can I do you think that the champagne City
the council will prove the rules you seen my down so I think they look
the look pretty reasonable and um you know I think that they’re trying to do
who is a pretty good job does of monitoring who has the chicken stairs


are there talking also about a one time fee that people would have to pay anything could that
that that could actually be a useful thing Justin terms did you making people stop and think is it
is this really something that I’m ready to do can carne asada program
today thanks will see what happens on next week before the champagne City Council Karen Carney
Connie lives in Champaign she would like to keep some chickens there if the City Council will
will allow it um if you have some comments on keeping chickens in urban area
Darius give us a call now if you’ve done it yourself even if you hold me down in the country


country girl please call Isabella’s about it or if you think it’s really not a good idea
let us know what 1 800 2229 455 are toll free number
number 1 800 222 w Iowa email SW
wyll dash talk at
u Illinois public media Sean powers reported on this issue back in
Mackinac ghost and let’s play a clip from that report right now
its feeding time for Jill Miller chickens


skins in Urbana hear a symphony eggs in her backyard and she says she’s grown attached
couch tour Birds where is the smartest 12 dias
the suite 1 and Natalie is the boss
Eminem beautiful what’s going on like im on the farm on the grill
the part that Savannah resident Carl shops Elizabeth a mile from Miller
is next door neighbors raising hands and he says he’s put up with odor problems and birds
birds winding up in the middle of the street or in his yard all the seaside


the value of his home as we talked shops looks over the fence to his neighbors yard
hard to handle walks across the brown so you can see what it looks like
like a real mess and it smells and that’s it
that’s an excerpt from a Sean powers of report from last August on proposals
does to a keep chickens in this case in Champaign
heard from someone to keep chickens in beard from someone who would rather not see chickens
in his neighborhood going to continue the conversation out with a


with a two more guests what does keep chickens in Urbana that sucks
welcome to focus thank you and how long have you been keeping chickens
chickens for about 2 years now I started off with my husband I bought a house
what we have been thinking about keeping chickens for a few years before actually build a coupon ordered
the hands on my husband and a raise chickens in the middle town in Quincy Illinois
Illinois um so going over to their house in seeing that actually wasn’t that big
operation and easy ways to keep ends and how many eggs ever getting really


influence our decision to keep chickens okay how many how many hands do you have a microwave
icarly have sex I had 9 earlier this year what part of the city are you in
are you when I am in Urbana okay so are you
residential on the other house is nearby yes I root my neighbors have chickens
think there are three or four houses just on my block to keep chicken really um and I can think of
cough no other folks keep chickens within walking distance of my house
if someone is walking past your house are they going to hear the hands no


my chickens currently stay in my backyard I had a little bit of an issue with M
getting out of the front yard in the street but um Belton new pen for them earlier this year
this year but there generally very quiet occasional the make some some sounds
fountain lane eggs on sushi where I mistakenly got from the roosters
so um there a little bit loud but I talk to my neighbors about them and mucinex
actually enjoy the crowing um I didn’t so much so okay I’m on
I’m also with the program in returning the Focus ST varices A


on an educator with University of Illinois Extension and his specialties local foods
food systems and small farms Webb last time you were on the show you’re talking more the area
area of small farms not livestock but here with me we are tour
you’re talking about keeping chickens and Steve I was wondering of course there are big
commercial chicken operations but um are there alot do you
you work with a lot of people in urban areas who are keeping chickens will it just seems to be
how to be a good deal more interest and vertically from Champaign Urbana said


chickens for a long as I can remember so obviously it sits out
so very popular topic right now in so there’s a number people
people lyrics pouring it especially in Champaign how much of a big project
project is it good to keep your own chickens is it more involved in say you know keep
keeping the same number safe cats and dogs are are larger bird like a parrot well
well I like any other pet you have to make that commitment that it’s 24/7
47 365 I use do you have to check on the chicken is least twice


twice a day I usually your lock them up at night and then off
having my out in the morning primarily because there a number for editors that you have to be
be careful careful for up but you don’t you talk to on a back
backyard chicken razors and gosh a lot of the neighbors don’t even know they have them
paso a there is a special the small flocks
with a 6 chickens son calling how much time do you spend a looking after them
um I return a day to day basis I probably spend less than 20 minutes


checking the water letting them out and about that night um and then about 17
once a month I do go through in do to cleaning making sure that their bedding is niacin
nice and Ryan clean but other than that there are very easy pets to have
dogs in the dogs take a lot more of the chicken how did the dogs get along with
this is the chicken really well I’m off to herding dogs have blue heeler and a
Welsh Corgi and the cord you want them to be in there enclosure
try to hurt them back into their and healer just ignore them so um


she was pretty interesting that and then when I first got them but it was really the train her to stay
stay away from the chicken that’s freaky things to see if I don’t know if all dogs can be dependent
dependent on to be okay with chickens that something you have to really
becareful about because even know if family pet
can sometimes river to natural instinct and the chickens are
is there a curiosity and sometimes are not even trying to hurt them
what they actually a devastating flock upcoming do you keep chickens


sons of Chipley for the eggs yes um that was our motivation Gangnam
sitting in my backyard in watching them around in the dirt finding
how are the eggs compared to any eggs you would buy in a store including
organic eggs are there great um I would say they’re on par with the SMAW
small organic operations around here that you can buy eggs from um I see my
my chickens primarily organic seed from a bad grain cooperative
cooperative around here and I’m at the Food Coop and I


also get a lot of chicken kitchen scraps um and then Course
going on the Arden getting bugs in garden strap sandals all that makes for a UTI
eggs WALNUT ST baby you know about the bottom line here if you keep penis
small number of chickens um you know not count
counting the cost of your own labor of is it worth the money
Justin terms of the ex well I am I think I yeah you’re not
you’re not looking strictly at the bottom line because there a number of other


weather aesthetic values is far is the work at the university
Maryland indicated that duh this is a four hands over 3 years
they put together Budget Inn runs off a little over $600
not include the coop to feed in a fencing
anak came out about $2.99 a dozen 40
about 209 dozen eggs over that 3 year. I don’t know what to do
what the price of eggs is right now 291 a dozen forum for for fresh eggs


check status I compete with stuff in the store I think with certified organic eggs it’s actually a little bit lower
lower I work at coming down food co-op sell several different forms exam
generally up around $4 doesn’t $3.50
so you if you just buying plane regular variety exhibit
what find any supermarket you might be paying a little more 4
44 the stuff you put into it but in terms of the cervix that you’re looking for
noting mind if they are very that they are fresh that makes a difference yes


yes I think that makes a very big difference I’ll to really enjoy knowing how the chick
the chickens were treated when they were laying eggs um I
I haven’t bought commercially produced eggs in several years because I’ve had chicken
chickens um and knowing that the chickens are able to
free range in eat a decent quality food and generally with a pretty happy life
life while they’re doing a lane is a it I like that for my own
self let me go take a look alright now this line for calling from Belgium Illinois


good morning around Focus good morning to have another point
chicken spot about ducks obviously you do
please don’t want because nobody wants to kiss a girl
we had Kenny’s Rondo price Chevrolet years ago
got out nose only one way to get him back what was the cause they would know
not come back but you don’t keep ducks don’t keep getting
you don’t care for me you’re not allowed to do that either all these things restricted


well that raises a question from town to town
understand that in the city of Urbana there is no specific ordinance allowing
loui chickens it’s just that they’re not for bitten as long as they are not
nuisance sew in Urbana I guess it would be okay to keep
keep others see other other other types of foul again as long as I
as long as they didn’t prove a nuisance to the neighbors is is that your understanding college
yes I’m actually I know if you people who have kept ducks with in the city limits of Urbana


without any problems and maybe I should bring that brings Brynn Cameron Carter
hardy back in the ordinance that is being looked at in Champaign only
only says champions correct that’s right just hands actually OK
and um I was looking at the other status quo ordnance it is
how many cities in Champaign is certainly one of them already um
forbid everything I guess um champagne is strange
strangely a specific but you know things like ocelots of cheetahs not allowed


loud but then it says pretty much any other animals like them so
I think a lot of Ordinances and will be talking with Carbondale City official intelligence about
about that towns or dancin in the program but um
there is a guy guess I guess there is a matter of weather anything else would be allowed
but a lot of other cities they first meet a special exception for chickens
do you target a duck s’more problematic you think you think other other
other mother other fell are more difficult to feed the chickens coming off


I’m not I’m not really sure about keeping other types of Salome the people I do know that keep ducks
there a little bit louder um in Penn center be but not
what not to the point where it’s really a problem Steve what about other phone
practical 50 the considerations for keeping
Dr G so whatever else is out there um how feasible is it in the city
I think that died totally depends upon the local of officials
and local zoning A & A Course in a country you can’t keep anything


so well Gus people keep game birds in a ducks and geese
peace in the SOL that’s the a
totally dependent on local control what’s the other call this is online one word
what were talking to Scott good morning you run focus program
questions and color comments I guess I got what you did with you
with your chickens when they got any fish in Atlanta
the last time family members to chickens Atlas


Dr air and uh uh
I feel a lot of the street in my part of Eastern Urbana
and I know just certified admonishment for people to really make
make sure that they can take care of these animals before they get them
best ever complain to about bird feeders being ravaged the neighbourhood
stuff like that how often Cali
how to rotate it for a enclosure area


open rotation Faride chicken farm
Farm as a world would be so wow thank you so much thank you
thank you very much Scott and the calling of taking ask you out first of all
call to check in a couple of years I don’t know how many laying years ahead usually have
um I think it’s it depends on the individual hand but I believe around
3 years they start falling down um my chicken 7 release its going down yet Imelda Staunton
years old so I haven’t had to to really think about when Im gone


what I’m going to do when did you stop playing yet so you don’t know if if if you just keep them as pets R
um I don’t imagine that I will I think I’ll probably butchering eat them
can you have you eaten either you don’t you don’t have a problem with that
no I don’t and um that that is the the end if you the richers Avenue
have have met so that it races another question about um can you do that
within the city of Urbana um I’m not sure if you can do it within the city of Urbana
Rihanna a generally take my to a friends farm um I haven’t been able to find


Clearwire internet so okay I’m going to try to Karen Carney again if you
if you know that the proposed rules of the city of Champaign say anything about
butchering an animal in the city limits I don’t know I mean I know that
there are rules unum mean this is this is something that happens when people glad
hunt deer is well I mean um you know my guess is that there are people
people who probably butcher deer in their garage is the important thing is that they can’t do it
do it with end of the street and I think that you know that’s probably


something that would be tolerated currently and actual en Denver
something about the actual slaughter of the chicken yeah I mean you know I don’t know
I don’t know anybody who is really interested in raising chickens for meat production
I’m in terms as you know this kind of 161 t***
Pastis laying years I think will be a few years from that my senses that you something
some people are horrified the thought of you being there dapat something other people have no problem with
Eunice saying this is the life cycle of Steve Harris im wondering


wondering is this a question that comes up from people who asking you about this what is
what do you see happen happening as far as what happens also believe tour
the chicken Skepta backyards its off obviously fairly review
van a and sewer really lot of times people just go to
go to friends farm and now I have a Sunday afternoon
a chicken slaughter in the womb everyone goes
what goes home happy I know that a summons NBC News without a story


story which was a survey on their website and I saw circulating around weather today
does dismissive story of reports of tender hearted hipsters wear
essentially surrendering their chickens to animal shelters because
eggs in the morning but it didn’t happen early didn’t really have the courage
Courage the to kill em and I don’t know if chickens do show
do show up animal shelters what happens to them then I believe
I believe locally of the shelter is not set up to take


foul but you know what’s up Craigslist Facebook
are usually if someone wants to find a new home for their chickens it usually not
not that difficult to find someone that’s willing because there are a number
number of 5 Loxin the most in the city in route to the area
Colleen how complicated is is is is loitering in Denver
butchering a chicken um it was a little bit more complicated than I was thinking it would be
um I find of myself 3 YouTube videos


um but it’s it really was was not as you not a terrible thing to be there
to be doing you can do it now yeah I take a lot of special tools nono really knows
special doll sharp knife and no cleaning supply ok
okay face is this is not the first thing that comes up when people talk about keeping chickens in the back
the backyard but it is it is going to be a part of the process of a lot of cases
cases like right and I would like to point out that I have got a gun
Logan rid of 303 Craigslist um I was able to find out your nose


no small family farm grandparents wanted a rooster to their
grandchild kedem raise chickens for 4 H projects O & a
pretty the process I think I posted my rooster on Craigslist for the picture on
on a Tuesday and he was picked up and out of my life by Friday ok
locate one last thing before we go to the brake and that was a tweet be got from Lisa Ann
and maybe this is so the other counterpart to umm umm
do to complaint about chickens making a mess and causing an older is the the benefits of chicken manure


Medora chicken droppings as a fertilizer is that something that you make use of coming
yes um i compost all of my um the betting that is in
what is in my coop um and as of now um
Garden springs well with it ok send stuff really work does
it doesn t to be composted I think that um if you just had chicken manure compost
compass garden battle for the plants out but um what is composite is a really great for
Laser okay so keeping chickens so far more complicated than


growing geraniums much does it sound like there’s is there something definition
benefits if you if you enjoy the work yeah I would say so
let’s take a break now and we will continue a conversation about backyard chickens
and I was also I talk to a talking to a carbonyl City
city official about their backyard chicken rolls when we come back this is focusing
wyll welcome back to focus
focus on Jim Ed Sheeran wyll and we are talking about chickens in the back


the backyard about keeping chickens in urban settings something but you can already
already do in a few communities in this part of Illinois some of the towns
the word where you are allowed to keep chickens in Clute Urbana Springfield
normal to cater in Peoria IL believe is well in Monticello and
and the City of champagne will be looking at rules for keeping chicken
chickens at their meeting next weekend a final vote could come up
in December with me on the program today I’ve been up with


what talking with the Carlina white now she keep chickens in Urbana and
and the three bears who is an educated with the University of Illinois Extension
tension and right now I’d like to bring in on another guest on the program and
and that is Chris Wallace is the development services director for the city of Carbondale down and jacks
Jackson County in southern Illinois in Carbondale has had um
Norton’s regulating keeping a backyard chickens for awhile
why are now Chris welcome to the program a good morning thanks for having me and how long


long have had how long has there been a chicken ordinance in the city
is passed in February of 2012 for almost 2 years in before that
chicken strictly forbidden chicken bowl livestock was prohibited in the city limits
ok how to become about the a how did the sword in stomach
where the people that wear in active interest in doing this yeah that was a small group
group of people who want to raise chickens they inquire about your sleep
found out they couldn’t sleep roast a city council requested that the staff look into it


Intuit couple committees in
discussion but after probably a couple years a change in a ministration
the of the earlier administration was not one to the idea that
the correct yeah we had an election and change over under City Council in UK
the game with a little more positively that was before okay and I’m wondering
sprint in southern Illinois on the really great big cities there are there other community
communities which which allow and regulates the chickens in backyards


just allow them by default in that they’re not prohibited
okay but it in in your face there’s a specific regulation what
what time how many chickens are you are you allowed to keep in Carbondale IL 6000
okay hands Nor’easters again Nor’easters oronoke Road in his well
ok crowing hen this is the new thing to me comin at ya this experience
I’ve never had a problem with curly handsome and I actually none of my close
friends who have chickens have ever had to have heard of it ok


up Chris I’m wondering um are what what what regulations
do you have a chance of the size of the yard setback things like that
deals with the location of the coupon the property right now we got a 50
15 feet from the property line can be located within 25 feet
love your neighbors house is regulation that regulate the side
the cupid self I cannot exceed 40 square feet can be 18
height and salsa from the minimum requirements as well as TV


funny when you think of when you hear those dimensions for the size of a cupid set an acceptable size for
size for for keeping chickens for your concern of the rule of thumb is to square feet
adult bird okay so if you got 68 is that enough in
yes I think you’ll be okay with you
the ordinance in a couple of years do you have any idea how many people are in DC Pinchak
chickens in Carbondale yes we require Daniel license so we keep track
track of the number that they would you expect as well


the right now we have 16 active licenses ok and licenses
is a mic and I’m black and I wish karein carnival still with me as rx brother
the champagne room to see if they’re doing that there a Bena weather prettymuch libido
Vitafol to Colleen I understand is that um
no license required the correct ok is there a fee for the license Criss
Chris who is the $10 renewal fee ok is there a
Farrah process for is there a complaint process for people who worry


worried about the noise are master odors from chicken and how would you measure with how much
how much is 10 to the 2 much of a nuisance subjective
active depending on the temperature in which way the wind blowing in a differ
what if somebody has played the King Cole bar are there in special apartments
complaints and we can find somebody out take a look at it and then
Verizon stores
husband is you OK when is process was being drawn up


um what did people voice concerns that a
the mighty problems the small hand full of of
people who does not knowing exactly
you know what it means I think I had experience with a greater volume
volume of chickens no kill this kill having sex you know you don’t get the odor
you don’t get a lot of build a problem with the Ravens
number d does your City have a man have a ceiling how many licenses


is a for keeping chickens can be headed out at any one time we do right now
Capital One licenses okay so there’s room for 4 more right now direct
Direct ok and after that is upset when I sing for the entire town
down once you max out that’s going to be at Sardis do you think you would look at it
get it wasn review and see if there’s if its feasible to keep the keep morning
more the city will we put the cap on because we weren’t sure houses
how’s it going to go over to blow a butterface we had an unlimited amount of licenses in all the sudden


who is more interesting we knew we want to build a regulated
give it a try to see how it works the council bit of that time when they play the capital of 20
give a couple years to come back on RAZR
the 28th bank account number
the other licenses at you have out there are they spread throughout the town
the town are I have a temperature open in one particular part of the city
I feel pretty well spread out each the quarters


Waterloo community has a affair number licenses ok
I went to college in Carbondale many years ago
go and 4 series 1 dead Arian particular which is a um
um what you but with a student housing is concentrated um you know III
what’s a lot of his Apartments maybe not all of it is are there any are there any car
college student season tickets the probably are the orders has written
written the wife of the limited to single family residence is only


so if you live in apartment complex for town home you’re not be allowed to have
have a license RI house that’s been split into apartments it would be
even though they had a yard without be allowed their correct OK
um no I understand I don’t know exactly what does
champagne is doing with their proposed rules Aniston the book did yours and they looked at
advanced in the Chicago suburbs Cook County did did have you been
contacted if you spoken with a champagne city officials about how you how your rules


rules work with a brief conversation
how it’s going over but nothing really neat oh okay right now
right now the eyes of the Carbondale rules only only talk about hens and chicks
chickens no other no other a livestock are found at this point right that’s right
ok are there any rules about slaughtering or butchering the animals with N
is within the city limits of the line your decision cannot the Florida chicken
chicken with in the city limits okay im wondering I was talking with Stephen a Smith


extension is that pretty coming from what youve seen out there as far as
limits limits in intensity rules are most the time that’s probably not
addressed okay but it sounds in infant Carbondale you made of
made a picture of a ticket to rule on it yeah I think of the Rings we were
probably airlift side of caution were little more thorough to the bed
okay um look I’m looking at an email now from Maxine
in one thing they were wondering is is um you know that


the danger of disease that might be spread by buy chickens are there any
is there any language in your particular order
Gordon Setter the address is health concerns in the possible
Sabal spread of disease what other than required to be kept
depth of a queen sanitary enclosure the Queen
cleaning at any waist be properly disposed
does the Builder really really is anything more specific than that okay


Stevenson wanted to ask you about that are there things that people really need to pay attention to
engine 2 as far as you know as far as the risk of any diseases might be spread by
chickens what probably what stone is Newcastles disease was
outbreak in 2002 to 2003 in California that actually
actually did start at a backyard Block in California and I
as a result 30 million birds were destroyed by and it was K
was quite up a economic impact to the the porthole


whole poultry industry that was a disease spread among chicken chicken chicken stew chicken
are there anything that can jump in anything to chickens carry that are there
MIP in there in the end in the droppings are even through the eggs in the wrong conditions
directions that would that could I find people well Chris Soldevilla which you know we had
k7 Iowa one of the major facilities so we
so you’re safe to be on the lookout for love Salmonella which doesnt
does affect human okay um Christmas Chris I wanted to


Chris Wallace with the city of Carbondale I wanted to thank you very much for being on
being on the program today and off of course you’re ordinance in Carbondale is one of the
what is one of the ones at the Fox in Champaign 11 looking at as they design
design their chicken ordinance which will be coming up for all the champagne city
City Council in next week but it sounds like you feel you have a workable ordinance in carbon
Carbondale we do it it’s been a very well received
Seether and regulations don’t feel much 100 fundos who 13


RAZR m have any place to sell for the execution of ok
okay well thank you very much and the buzz it take care down there and company
Carbondale okay thank you this is focus on a wi ll im gym Madison WI
we are talking about to keeping chickens in the backyard with the with
with with hug Colleen Wagner who keep chickens in her backyard in Urbana
and with Steve Ayers with University of Illinois Extension
and we have we use reminder we will be leaving the program a little bit early


early at a around 1053 to listen to today’s installment of The Change
changing military and that’s part of the eye documentary series um
being a produce by students at a high school here in Urbana
right now let’s take a phone call from my Marlene from Urbana good morning urine focus
focus of good morning thank you for the program um I was just calling
calling when you apparently we’re dressing what I was anti calling about partially
my question regarding the disease issue and um if the county


bodyboard does do yearly inspections in a pothole hopefully
fully paid for by the slice in Chaffee do they include in a healthy
health of the chickens also and then other issues regarding disease in the droppings
things because we had a friend in California how do you spell is get chicken manure for garden
Arden and she got this horrible infection on her know the skin eating things
and I don’t know if it was a virus or fungus but very very difficult for her so
I was wondering if any of those issues have been addressed also okay and I don’t know now


don’t know if course of Colleen you use but you use a MIDI where is fertilizer in your
your yard but you haven’t had any better health effects of using right I haven’t had any
does your fertility does it have to be inspected by say the champagne
pana pana Public Health District or anything like that um no I don’t believe that are bannas
um require that all ok Steve
what what what what are good practices is foreigner
faras is the has lesbian Presby far is prevention


Ventures maintenance in keeping chickens well I probably keeping the bedding dry
buy and abetting is very popular is far is a straw
raw Sonesta what do you use a wood chips
what are all of really really vailable in the b***
the keys to keep keep the bedding dry up because some or stirrers where you get it
do you get into problems in Ennis far is composting you want to have a minimum of 104
40 degrees and but you don’t want it to warm too much


how much because over hundred sixty can a wipeout some of the good bacteria soil
so what kind of water keep calm poster in 1843 range
range in having a chicken coop do you have to take the measures for
search for things like heating cooling and ventilation I mean is that something you doing
do oranges make it by themselves year round
I do I do basically the bare minimum for my chickens in the summertime I make sure that they
what they have to say dumb I’ll give them ice water if its a particular a hot day


instead of just cold water um as far as cooling I think you know lotto
what a fresh water ice water for shade is sufficient have a winter time
in the winter time I put down extra bedding in the coupon matchups insulated
um and also up close up some of the cracks I haven’t taken 2
chicken coupons for ventilation summertime um and then of course closing the coop up at night
the body heat of the other chickens helps keep warm um and I do have
I do have a heated water container so that they still have access to fresh water to the winter


chase Steve any any suggestions about people should be doing
bars is is where is the weather is concerned that there aren’t numerous play
worst plans on the internet so far as far is the design of the coop I can go
can go a long way because ventilation ventilation is very critical mode in the summer
you don’t want to get too hot or in the winter you don’t want them obviously
sleep too cold enough up some people do like if you using
using straw put in excess Eve a straw bedding so that they can to can’t


convert a burrow into the a that b**** to some people you see
UC lamps are the small electric heaters when its side the most intense
tents cold and sometimes a people set up Mrs
in the extreme heat okay um I’m wondering
does Whataburger earlier colors mention about seeing chickens out in the street how do you
how do you keep your chickens where there supposed to be coming over chickens have one wing clips
Clipso I’ve hum live action the first year they had chicken


both of the Rings not not really knowing how to do it and they can still jump over fences
Baker Leo have 11 cliftwood kind of Valentina can’t really get over
anything like 2 or 3 high so um they stay in my yard
anime show place where they can regal 30 whole somewhere right right now
do you have to be careful about your fencing to write and I actually I do have to check in second still kind of I’m not sure
not sure where they’re getting out um of the chicken penne do I get out of the chicken
Pacific area what is the generally Tennessee pretty close to the flock


we have one minute left for someone to bring up one more question that comes in from a tweet from Lisa
and she was wondering about to educational reasons for people keeping chickens
people may be socially children to learn from having them around
definitely is teaching kids weather food comes from a specially animal products
sex is important to give kids a little bit more respect
act and um for for Weatherford comes from the hard work that kind of goes into
to the things they might be taking for granted Steve Ayers people want to find out something online


online just basic information to get into this subject I’m about keeping
their own chicken 15 museum is there some places to go in the extension website
yes there’s a notice the Illinois trail are you go to
go to uh uh uh and psy AMA SCI and then the Illinois trail izzos
is a series of file is a website that has information on horses cattle
poultry all different breeds of Our Lives different kinds of lifestyle


livestock and the others information there and just died just google backyard chickens
skins in there no pop up but numers extension web website sex Rasta
the nation will have to stop it right there hope it’s been a useful hour on a quest
question of a backyard chickens thanks for coming Wagner and Steve Arizona Ruther guest
guest today on focus wyll
students from university
the laboratory High School in Urbana interview former US servicemen and women


all this with their store today in part 2 of
changing military listen to one African Americans experience in the segregated service
3 producers NJ coaching the story written by unity high student Symone
through World War 2 soldiers to not white serve in the US military
Therion sex video that’s experience various kinds discrimination Joseph
Joseph Smith one of the first African American to serve in the Marine Corps was told by a
recruiter for you just like any other marine discovered otherwise


and he says well if you join the Marines you receive the same
the same training that all the other marine Searcy high should really sick
yes and I was too naive to us over questions
about would I be in the same camp scene
companies in all of that sort say my singing this Weston st
Sears I cover he knew that I would go to separate cam
and trained under different circumstances Smith made part of the journey


journey to boot camp in North Carolina unisex get a train car in early sign of the difference
differences between shape is military career define is it rain came and
stop so I started to go off in 10 coaches
is empty or near UNT then come back to me
the pier where do I see you sit down there
danznewz the engine sweet Owen tour CNN
black people porn scene 126


expecto them to get in one p**** yes
and you you could go there with the most miserable singer ever seen
Racine cells by turn directions to the Marines in North
North Carolina the racism of white soldiers in officers not only ship to enter
interactions with African American personnel Tulsa damage potential connections with people
what people from local populations Smith remember so people viewed is unit when they were stationed in
Linden New Caledonian in the southwest Pacific flight Marines and toes


does the people who this is very very soft Nick Russo
Javanese then the Aborigines
Victorian stories photos of America military
straight people have a way of spreading rumors about black people
Shottas Z in them jeans
walking down a room into after the Second World War this pattern
how to begin to change on July 26 1948 President Harry Truman


Harry Truman find executive order 9981 which hole to the desegregation of the US
the US military an outlaw discrimination on the grounds of race within the military but
bud official recognition of the Rongs committed to even longer in 2011
in the Commandant of the Marine Corps issued a formal apology to all African Americans
what served under segregated conditions in world war 2 Joseph Smith and others from the Montford
Mumford Point camp what finally on a data ceremony in Washington DC on Sunday
Cosi on them


Next week, the Champaign City Council will vote on whether or not to allow residents to raise chickens on their property. While some are really excited about the possibility that they could raise chickens within Champaign city limits, some are skeptical about the smell and the noise. This hour on Focus, we’ll talk about why people choose to keep backyard chickens and what it’s like to raise them. To start their hour on Focus we’ll hear from Karen Carney, who is a Champaign resident and wants her own chickens.

Then, host Jim Meadows also talks with Colleen Wagner, who lives in Urbana where backyard chickens are allowed. Wagner built her own chicken coop to raise chickens for their eggs in her backyard and says its empowering to know where her food is coming from and what the chickens are being fed. Steve Ayers, who is with the University of Illinois Extension also joins us to talk about the cost of raising chickens and some things to consider before getting your own.

Do you get your eggs from your backyard? Do your neighbors keep chickens? Are you for or against the idea the idea of backyard chickens? We’d love to hear from you this hour on Focus.