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today’s focus program is for the reader someone you in those of you who would like to get back
back to reading reading books home complete book new federal serve
cerveza slim Jordi of Americans still read books voluntarily
in reading levels are higher among Folk center mid 60’s and 70’s


closer survey Ana close what’s good to read
phone I’ll be talking with independent booksellers Mary Beth maple from Peoria heights
from Champaign Public Library whats you but you’re reading this day
self foot club or wherever some phone reading suggestions to dance

program continues after the new welcome to
welcome to focus on Jim meadows in Today Show is for people who love books


added features people who love books by the special features of the books
talking a little about the book business in the latest on reading habits what is specially what’s new
what’s new and interesting to read these days with me today in the studio is Kelly strong collections
manager at the Champaign Public Library welcome back alley thank you for having me
and Mary Beth Mabel who runs I know you like a book an independent bookstore
are in Peoria heights Mary Beth welcome to the program thank you for having me
and feel free to join us have you read something recently that affected you so


do you so much you have to tell your friends about it do you belong to a book club in what is your group
group reading now are toll free number is 1 800 2229
9455 that’s 1 800 222 wyll
email us at will dash
edu Maribeth you know I was just looking things on the internet in
2006 there was a documentry the came out of the morning
the decline of the independent bookstore and that’s the year that you open your


independent bookstore well I tend to go against the tide at cats
I was I was wondering you know I used to live in Peoria and I remember in the 90’s there was an end
is an independent bookstore in downtown Peoria heights where I am I know you like a book
book is located it was a very nice store at last a few years
that it went away how are you how are you keeping your story
your store going as an independent business at a time when I’m gone
a lot of people say book stores are in the climb well I think I have a little


little bit of a different marketing mix my store sells bells new books
books and used books and about a year and a half after I open
open the store I put in a wine bar add a ball soul increase
Creasy type of sidelined items sold better to Phoenix helps to
to sustain St the book selling business a wine bar mitis
might just work well by itself in a lot of location I’m wondering do wine bar paper
patron stick around browser books are is it the other way around actually I got


I got the idea from one of my customers with c** in nearly every Friday
Friday by booking say you know I’m going to go to one of the fires in the
in the heights and have a glass of white wine and read my book and I thought well
well if I could open one here for half days longer and his people come in
men have a glass of wine browser books of bookclubs love it
love it to and so it is worked out well I know that a lot of Public
public libraries including Champaign Public Library Kelly not one but a little coffee


coffee shops in and places to drink coffee there how does that affect of
the patronage of a library hopefully um it bring people
people in Canada make them feel comfortable here to be able to sit down and read a book in
and have a cup of coffee or latte to enjoy the relaxing and taking it
taking everything that Siri has to offer okay um
remind people of a the the phone number to contact us if you have something to say about
about a book that excited you recently are questions for our guests


are toll free number is 1 800 2229 455 that’s 1 800
800 222 WILL email as it will dash talk
talk dot Illinois .edu are you can I contact me on Facebook or Twitter
Twitter @ focus 580 up Mary Beth
understand you like to show cancelled local authors authors with roots are who write about
write about to downstate Illinois GS redo new releases
the inception of the store stablish what we call our local office


series and a phony people now because of the
self publishing have books out there and don’t have
a lot of means to get them out into the public so what we do
we do is win level of income sentences I just got this book
started off with the book signing me to at least one per month usually true from
promod okay can you can you tell me some of the local authors
who have been doing well that your fun oh there so many night and I must scream


distinguished honors with our local office series is meant for anyone who has time
Titus central Illinois some of the authors are published by big publishing
houses of a message said our self published book 3 come out the same
saman and give them the opportunity to showcase books of
pool number of some hear that I really really enjoy
Folsom children’s books as well as history books about Willis novels
the last when you just had is a fantastic novels


buy a gentleman in Bryan Burrell me the title of the book is on word
Lorde tour what were going toward
that sounds pretty in ink manic it’s a great day to novels
it is published by id chief publishing which I believe is out of New York
New York and rain told me right now that his publisher is actually a
getting into your penis market
I think it’s going to be an international bestseller it’s just a really well written


written fiction about us two men that were basically
grew up in central Illinois who have discovered
cover their father committed suicide and its house after affects
live through these are two men who are not Brothers at the dirty war brothers located
all I see two brothers who won who 440 find out um
where did committed suicide Can Am is it goes into effect
left um how do you know is is this could be pretty grandma


this could be pretty redemptive how does this how to display out or would you be giving too much away
what is where I know it is bolt fits a Bears part center TX
extremely humerus and parts that are quite touching the other thing that
dad I think people in central Illinois what about it isn’t there so many to
how many to descriptive parts Rico I been there I’ve driven down there
you really captures spirit OK area I’m trying to not break
riders spend much time in Indian land in central Illinois


the one I think of this is the late Philip Jose farmer which is almost a surprising City
what’s the science fiction writer and spend alot of time away from this planet but I know I
I know I’ll suspect also I was Spencer set some of this novel specifically
and some verses of central Illinois Peoria have you ever seen a strong reaction
action from raiders from patrons Georgia George this book we had a
does a really nice signing and up Morton Pumpkin Festival
festival signing out there so I’m just hoping it really takes off


okay let me go over to Kelly’s from now over the library
you have about you brought upon a box with you what what you want what do you have that you would recommend right now
right now well I have lots of things recommend someone that
one that I was brought in um that I actually in reading right now because of October
like to read scary box to prepare myself for Halloween holiday
and so I am reading one right now called help for the haunted by John Searles
that’s not very twitch TV and a little scary and Ally


adalat mysterious can you be more specific
it is about it takes place in the 70’s and 80’s
it’s about to girls who grow up in a family were their parents
provide some sort of nebulous service for people who think they are haunted or have family
family members who are haunted by demons and so the parents
Aaron stepmom prays over them constantly in the dad a claim that he sees
seize different beans and and perform exorcisms per se


but um they work with the person trying to figure out a way to ease their
is there mind and the common life down after
followed by these bean now what do you look for in women
Ninon horror fiction and I don’t I don’t know exactly what’s the meaning of physical affection
do you like somebody keeps you up at 9 does a dozen trace a hair in the back of your neck that certain things
you know my taste very through the years in and I certainly Redbox
things to 54 but when I do it or I like things that basically keep me on the


on the edge of my seat you know I want to know um I want to find out about
something scary that’s happening in a way that they find out about it and solve the problem
difference in a mystery or suspense novel because they’re often times is something
thing at it to it as it to the horror genre like maybe there’s apparel
paranormal occurrences or um some sort of supernatural
natural bee or just a mysterious loans
do you know your basic accounting so yeah I like I like to go to read something that’s kept


factors that okay John Searles if I’m looking at the correct Johns
Searles um is a is the editor at large
Cosmopolitan magazine and the offer to other novels boy still missing and strain
strange but true Mary Beth I’m wondering over at your store is there a particular phone
the following for horror fiction is there anything that hot right now off
there’s always stirs always love
interest in horror fiction in once again when we together


focus on local office we have a book that really well bye
actually of works at a library in central Illinois
name is Sylvia shoals and the book is called fractured spirits haunt
hauntings at the Peoria State Hospital & Peoria State Hospital for people who
people who want somebody with that was in an old mental hospital that used to
used to a exist in in Bartonville just south of of Peoria
I think some of the buildings are still standing of a hospital itself is long gone


that’s correct a hand up at the time when it was built considered white
white progressive interms of Mental Health but then
send after a long period of time I think it’s working women to live
and so into its its a good setting for um scare
scary stuff to happen on iOS what is focus
focus on Jim meadows and we are talking about up about books books for phone
fall and my guests this morning ara ara Mary Beth


best maple with the you like a book no excuse me I know you like a book is
what is the correct is the correct title of the name of your independent bookstore
in Peoria heights and Kelly stroma Collections Manager for the champagne
campaign Public Library and their sharing a sum of their book recommendations for the
the fall we invite you to do the same give a call toll-free at 1 802
3222 94551 800 222 WI
illl R Us send me a question by email it will dash Tongkat Illinois

00:13:20 are contact me at Twitter or Facebook that focus
focus 580 we were on Kelly I know
we were looking at a report earlier and I think I sent you a copy of a big server
survey that was a put up at the National Endowment for the Arts
about a book reading habits apparently they didn’t even larger survey about
about just about all the all the are all the artistic media that other people Arkansas
consuming these days but we were focusing on the book part and dumb


there’s there’s there’s a lot of numbers here I stand up
Marybeth we get this is Debbie get this release over to you as well I’m sorry I
sorry I don’t believe I receive it okay so I’m going to talk to Kelly hear about it
one thing I gather is um one thing I saw a sentence
the percentage of people who read for fun that is read books that they do not absolutely
have to read for school or work has held about steady over the years
despite everything despite the Internet to spike short attention span


spans an extra distractions is is is is that a surprise for yours at something
something that you can just tell by the library traffic is going is happening no its not surprise
surprise I’m supposed to hire a people still use or public
Public Library in our book stores on a regular basis books are just as popular as they ever were
never were and maybe even more so because the access to them its so much easier right now
okay with young couple weather what were the some things you somewhere of a ticket
particular interest in we were talking before the program about what you saw about young people reading


cat there was a statistic that um Americans age 18 to
224 r reading more now than they were in 2008 and I have Siri on it
Siri yeah okay so this is what I think I think this is the kids to grow up
what Harry Potter and the whole crazy nights of Harry Potter
Harry Potter in the popularity Gotham even more and more interested in books
books and they kept with that branch off and other things
as they grow older and hat now we have a whole new group of kids


kids who are orchids are young adults who are reading more than maybe generations before
4 because of this phenomenon and um
the other thing that goes wrong with this is the genre of young adult literature is Drake
gigantic right now just huge you go to bookstore huge arias
area code is single early to teen books for young adult book and
um I think they’re really gunning for that type of population as of Qatar
are are used to have a better bail bond to them they’re going to grow up


does readers if they’re good readers kids are going to grow up and be great readers and on the other thing 2
thing to actually that want to play on Thursday new genre book stores now you see call new adult
dont that is specifically for people in their 20’s set maybe is a transition between
between young adult books confusing but teen books and adult book
there’s something about the cold noodles that’s interesting Marybeth can you feel a sin on this refers
first of all how are you doing what are you seeing in terms of a just young adults Sales
store with everything thats thats been said im getting alot


young adults in and what I find fantastic
is that once they’ve gone through the Harry Potter and then I think you graduate the Twilight
white light the Twilight series with big and firm there ICO
a lot of young adults going towards the classics
can I have a hard time keeping my class accept section stock
when you say classics what’s the material are they going 40 everything
Jane Austen to f*** your wife


yeah yeah its it’s really fun of Hemingway
weight of one of the big things that I want
the new novel for child has a couple years is called the Paris wife
wife and it is a novel face tanners Hemingway
wade in his first wife first year in Paris and when people read
read that special young adult ice age you should pick up Hemingway’s removal
moveable feast which is actually his account of their first


first year in Paris together makes nice companion book and people just love
just love it like to know if you’re speaking of classics elite weeds are some of the books Eli
she likes in Raleigh 20th century classics East of Eden by John Steinbeck
Steinbeck which I confess I really only nobody James Dean movie but I think there’s more to
more to it than anything in the same backwards and you can’t go home again by Thomas Wolfe
and I think what would I think what what what teams have been released
Billy influential book for the 20th century wine Springfield Ohio Santa at 7


stories by Sherwood Anderson in which of the home town is near
not fed furred falls at all it’s a list of the
the more of what is septic look at a small town American Life
life is like and I think there’s been a really big for dish in off at the 20th century
anyway in literature thank you very much sleep for those for those tweets Indiana
go ahead and contact us on Facebook and Twitter at focus 580
zero the new adult category berry best you have to do you have that can


that category as such an ear store no I don’t
young adult mix in with my children section
but the Chive not really familiar with the new adult category
okay um we are talking about books and new book
new books here at the at the on focus with a
Kellys ROM of the Champaign Public Library in Mary Beth middle of a rhino you like a book in PA
in Peoria heights tell if you have a couple books you have one of them hear about college


how much football is like it looks like a couple of big books just about the whole
holtfield college football which we think about a lot here in Indian in Champaign Urbana
tell me about the 101 have with you will the one I brought to the
do that at that I can put on the list for your listeners and I want to run in today’s come forth
fourth and long the fight for the soul of college football by John you a b****
bacon South like the food bacon and this particular WA
ur1 what is the day of the jackal hard look at 4 program


Penn State Ohio State Michigan Northwestern what’s a particular interest to a bar
Big Ten with first and obviously you follow the teams around what do the practice
the practices follow them to their lunch into their classes taught
ministration just called to spend time immersing himself in in the world
world college football and wrote about his findings and um there’s 2 things in there as you can
imagine and not the guy is this a brighter huku comes as a football fan
send as a lover of the game yeah but what is Cantonese


Saint general sense what what do you find sister Big O
the controversies of about the news talk briefly touches on
the sanctions against Ohio State of course the hull Penn State
state map um the ideas of um
off the responsibly the given to the players in
in games and not so much in finding careers for the
search for the outside Field that’s fourth and long the fight for the soul of


call of college football by John u bacon what is the second book you have about
college football is well and I’m looking at the lakes steer and bull
what’s the title is the system the glory and scandal of big time
college football and is it doesn’t color covers round does going to different address
similar ground but its on nationwide Big Ten internet written by
I am the very well known investigative journalists Jeff benediction Armen Kitaen who I think
390 XP on and yeah it goes outside


the big 10 and um is maybe in even harder look
at some of the bad things are going on in college football in maybe a way that
what are looking at the possibly that we need to change this around their needs to be some changes made 2
made to the NCAA expectations you know one of the things I
Xipe scene discussed in the news media in among commentators more in in the last
last few years is the idea that maybe after all this time Ave
college football being a purely amateur sport at least in theory that


because of there so much money going in the game that the college football players in cell
selves should be paid to these books deal with the subjects I think
think the does the army contain won the system the green skittle Big Ten college for
college football that when does touch on um the economics of it um
that’s how much I think the John bacon book by temperature Benedict
Garmin contain wonderfully does so does dota 2 books 4th and long is the money really Focus
focuses on Big Ten teams and that’s my John u bacon in the system the glory


glory and scandal big time college football by Benedict in Catan
college football as a whole umm let me go back to let me go back
go back to you marry bath in MN 11 of the check ins on some of the books that you were looking at
looking at right now and then and again some of those and some of those authors with router contacts
Texan Inn in central Illinois and one of them I was struck by was won
that the listeners I believe this American life on weekends in W
wyll what ever heard of that’s the late David Rakoff


yes you are good to have I work at the station airs in the air
there’s that show b*** up um tell me tell me a little bit more about David Rakoff
how tall is wonderful wonderful writer is he said he was country
contributor For This American Life and he passed away about a year ago
before he did he wrote what I think it’s just of phenomenal bucket
Apple title love it 211 called love
dishonor marry die cherish perish


most unique thing about this novel
is that it’s written entirely inverse converse
inverse its its poetry but its actual nap after
after all this time narrative vs it’s is it like Longfellow coming back
cars are the different servers where is it sold on my high school
poetry that made of think its called iambic pentameter
ok and Shakespeare


fix a highwayman okay I’ll remember that
it’s now here’s my blank spot in my high school English classes but I am a zombie
I’m hoping that I hope I’m hoping that a lot of folks listening know what you’re talking about yeah
is it it tells a story totally running poetry and
what is love Osseo a lot of us don’t
read poetry that much after we get out of high school and college
and this book is so we’ll go so well done that lyrics


excited to find out what happens next its just I think it’s so
book that is a keeper don’t want to load it out to anyone
want to keep it on yourself you can go back to it languages chest
just beautiful with descriptions are gorgeous that’s love dishonor
honor marry die cherish perish by the late to the light
David Rakoff and then this is this is a book of something now in your store
yes that’s okay we’re going to take a quick break now and come back


comeback actually Kelly has another book which I think contains passages of iambic pentameter
pentameter um be interesting to find out about this one were here more
more about it in the moment as we continue our discussion of books for fall here on focus
wyll this is focus on WI
UIL LMG medicine were talking about books for fall
and my guests today are a bookseller and a librarian
very best Naples is with a I know you like a book that’s her book store in Peoria


REI Heights DMV website R&R Facebook page it best to go to marry off
we have souls probably the Facebook pages Moore update
updated and that would be at you like a book youl IKEA
a pillowcase you like a book and Kelly Strom is the collections manager
manager for the Champaign Public Library and OU Fox have a website is there a Facebook page for the library
library to their shirts you can access that through our website okay we were talking
talking just a moment ago about a David Rakoff book love dishonor marry die cherish


cherish perish written in iambic pentameter and jelly
another recent book written in iambic pentameter can you tell me about the
what is a quince in this one is called William Shakespeare’s Star
Star Wars and it by ear and ocean and it is
is of the story of Star Wars written in Shakespearean style iambic
pentameter and I have one party here to read if you would like please do
ways to write its about those in Star Wars fans out there is take place


pastry the time when Lucas living with his aunt and uncle and wants to take off on his own fart so much
call Mike and they need him back at their place to help with the harvest so just like a soliloquy
aqui no no cat this part sew here to SoCal
sing but harvestime I need the most without here in the desert
where to get dessert to the only one more season this year I shall Macon
making up at harvest time to hire more hands to help in Kansas salgo
next year to the Academy to pilot is a noble trade fibroid


what family is nobler still I pretty understand I need the loop
Luke now I did like that little of that that little trailer phrase pairing
desert and dessert I’m on my way
Eminem always a little suspicious of these culture mashup books and there are certainly a bunch of them now
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer
whole lot of one said I don’t know about do you think that they work on
on any staun on any state on on any level Beyond


the most simple parity popular I can say that
Amita the wanted you mentioned have been on bestseller list have been widely popular with R
champane as well as on a national level um I don’t know that
don’t know that I can speak for um for the veracity of this Shakespeare
Experian take your b*** my job is to get things that are popular with
popular with the people make sure that we have them at the library for everyone to experience on their own
how to make their own decisions so they been great people of them


I’m wondering um very best of do these BookBook Smoove well with you
your store are us play to in this is interesting
here because we were talking about authors from central Illinois a no Shakespeare
Experian readings we are just a signing with woman name
Lisa Kline Wiesel’s father used to be a columnist
for the Peoria Journal Star Jerry’s archery club yes in German
when was the long time sports columnist does what he was best known for icing for


revealing movies plays in classical music cetera et cetera Journal Star
that’s what I remember meeting at about Lisa Kline lisa is a form
former professor of English and she writes
young adult novels and most of them are based on Shea
Shakespearean plays really yes to wonderful her first one was off
sofilia and she was just at the store when called
love disguised of one is Lady Macbeth daughter


so does she keep her narrative with in the world that shakes
Shakespeare created our Chien Ryder vs friends like these two modern setting
what she doesn’t really translates and which doesnt she takes the basic story
index bands on it further than what Shakespeare wrote
who wrote and the saying that I really love about this writing is that she made
what makes female characters much stronger than Shakespeare ever
forever dead that’s very interesting so its still in the world that includes


who did the events of the Shakespeare plays but maybe she finds out some other things
things are going on of states that were yes that’s very interesting
CNN in a young and young adult a contact sofilia she I take a cheater
chicos for the younger characters but actually a lesson
lyrics something there to get someone in their hair
love disguise first base de Leon one of
Shakespeare’s comedies rather than tragedy I’m trying to remember the comedy


I know there’s one word where are women dresses up as a man but I forget which one it is
what is the name of a dice ok
the whole premises water shakespeare’s first used with also his
is true love stanza
okay um hears a female we got from a married who’s right
is Right loser of writing about a local office in Farmer City Kansas know about
how about Stacey Coverstone she is from Farmer City and uh


the actually listed as a bestselling author and several categories on Amazon
based on the East Coast Ashia specializes in a mug
are the categories contemporary historical western romance is she in
CN Jackson ricin Supima renter books there always entertaining to read
her website is Stacey Coverstone that Stacey with the Wind covers
Bridgestone .com Andaz up Mary rights pharmacy is very proud of her so
so I keep that that that that offer rental East Stacy Coverstone formula


formally of of Farmer City and Stacey Coverstone .com I’m just
just been fun but I produce at the plate Shakespeare play with trying to remember the name of is 12
elf night okay umm you don’t I wanted to ask a
the both of both of you just a little bit of what’s the role of a
ebooks is is is is is wash your own business do
motor stores sell ebooks is that something you do Mary Beth I
I would have the option to do that through the American Booksellers Association


sociation but I choose not to of one of the reason
reasons is because I’m not fat technically proficient
and the other thing is it doesn’t really fit with my business model
model my business model is this my story is a destination point
it is placed calm and relax and browse and Reed
real books in fact I have a number of customers
Fathead various types of readers that come in and Bible


iBooks because they miss the feel of a book famous
miss turning a page they miss looking at a really neat
cover soul of a book sale date fair competition form
for me but I’m comfortable with my brick and mortar store
that’s very interesting now the Champaign Public Library killing understand does
does provide ebooks now I’m wondering how that’s working out we actually do alot an electron
electronic media right now we are part of a large consortium that provide ebooks


2 people for free and its of overdrive is the name of the company in Ark
dark horses called mymediamall you can get to that your website champagne
.org and then click on downloadable when you do that you’ll see the option for my media mall
which is both ebook for all different kinds of readers we don’t exclude and eReaders
and then I’m also downloadable audiobooks to listen to as well b******
which is equally popular we also have something called video which is a magazine
what you download onto your e readers which is fantastic you could see the cover you turn


return to flip on your screen to turn the page is just as you would a magazine
we have that we also have preloaded Kindle to check out at the library
library so we have okage maybe 2000 for Kindles anime
the theme for instance is the mystery Kindle it’s pretty loaded with like
like 50 different mystery title if you really a mystery lover you can come in tights
how to cancel trial many books you can check out a mystery Kindle in in have all different story
right there for you to read and then the last going to be getting student something cold


which is not only downloadable audiobooks what is also movie
movies TV and music now of a lot of this except for
except for the Kindles on loan
really don’t involve going to the library is a place you go to the library website
download from there and Mary Beth I get it if you were to sell ebooks
books that would probably be threw your website my correct there
so that I’m just wondering that does change the experience


Marybeth you talked about of people with candles come to your
your store because they miss the experience of books but I’m wondering if they also miss the
is the experience of going to the bookstore which is just a little different
different from a from looking at a bunch of book covers on a screen in reading free samples
exactly and in fact it’s the hole
discussion and I’m not talking just about book clubs in talking about customers
customers that come in and start talking to another customer about books reading


red and what they like in recommendations book reading is very very interactive
active and I just don’t think you get there benefits
All Souls to my knowledge to date you can’t get an eReader
readers signed by an awesome um yeah I’m trying to say
trying to take away that would work but I don’t
okay you know we just dumb of just go with it
tweetIn from um from grace about a house divided


devour the Ice and Fire series this summer now I’m I’m I’m I’m looking around desperately
my computer screen about the Ice and Fire series can either you tell me anything about
Oris at the fire n ice fire and ice I’m here we are okay
this is a are you there View familiar with a series of the George RR Martin
I do not know race place tweets amor
where SOIC where where where were we’re so blind this one this one area I see several
several things called fire and ice but um and there is off


is a fire n ice a 2003 novel in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter
but I after that my eye my knowledge about this goes the Warriors series
is a children’s fantasy series written by Erin Hunter about
about warriors of the Thunder clan 104 groups of feral cats living
living in the wilderness tell me grace is that the one I know
it’s not where I am i producing thanks for talking about the George R Martin books
nnnn how does books for losing 4 with special with the TV show


TV series huge gigantic you yeah TV series will always
Parkmoor interest thank goodness for people wanting to come in and actually read
the books or read a company books that might explain a topic even further
brother 113 Tristan peak now I’m feeling now I’m feeling feeling very
very sorry that I couldn’t make the original connection to a duel George RR Martin
Martin Mary Beth do the book Smoove well at your store I guess they do
think im all out with us and Kelly about the


television series are the members of Charlene Harris with a vampire 1
yeah yeah yeah
when that was out of the cable stations we couldn’t keep outside
that’s it that’s that’s very very interesting that happens and it happens with
writers that I would have thought from of wood
would have been considered genre riders to go to smaller devoted b*** smaller
smaller reader ships that’s a certain me how I knew of New Deal the name my reputation


Jason of George RR Martin decades budgies he sees your name
while he’s definitely been around for awhile but now now is quite popular
from Champaign had a comment on on on fire n ice good morning around the air
4000 & A
1000 pages long and there’s a map
kinds of different characters you follow through out and
complex December 21


kind of stories with the magic fairy similar to
I can’t think of The Hobbit series of a kind of the Lord of the Rings Jr
RR talking on the cob
character killed off
okay don’t don’t don’t don’t fall in love with any of the characters
the characters do in Temple
5008 o’clock help


okay will Jeff thank you very much for filling me n and you know that’s one thing
dancing im 11 saying I thought of is that there’s something so into
Tyson about a series of books because you’re walking into a whole world after while
well you get to know that world you must Marybeth you must you must you must see
mercy customers coming in who are really who are really in love with a particular Siri
series of books this true and I think that works both of the adult level is well
is well is the Children’s level I get to mention of a book signing


I’m going to have a week from Saturday to woman
central Illinois Jennifer Paulo and she doesn’t
does a series of children’s books called Rachel
Sammy series rachel is a raccoon and Sami is a skunk
and what Jennifer does is write about it
ecology in Illinois books like Rachel and Sammi
learn about the Prairie Rachel in Sammy’s about forest Rachel


about trees latest signing is Rachel and Sammi
learn to conserve and I think a scared mortorcycle middle
middle school children start reading the first once they want to read everyone to see
the series learning something about a Recology as well as really enjoying
Siri catching up on I’m catching up on of what we were talking about
about a few minutes ago about ebooks Katrina tweets to I said yes ebooks can
what can be signed by authors there are services that allow for you book signings the bigger


the biggest right now is called Arthur graph not quite sure how it works but apparently it
it is possible let’s read what’s repeat the name again of The Office coming for you
coming for your signing in thats Jennifer Poulsen um author
author of The Rachel and Sammi Siri yes and I really really looking at
local wildlife native wildlife in Illinois and
and and and have ever have you seen the following for her in your children
Department are you still getting no she’s gay


she’s getting know when we have sightings hear the people that have started to return books come back
come back for more self working out well okay we still have
few minutes left I’m enough for you to get a suggestion in on a favorite
favorite book or give a question for our guests Marybeth Maple Ave I know you like
do you like a book in Peoria heights and Kelly strum at the Champaign Public Library
are phone numbers 1 800 222 94551 800 222
wyll the email address will dash talk it Illinois .edu


are you can reach me at Foca Duff Twitter and Facebook at focus 5
580 and the Kelly I wanted to go back to you with the I’m with
with with the book list actually I just have a KaiKai just have a question coming in one drink
you were already recommending Kelly of a book for Halloween
does the weather you are you Mary Beth have a recommendation for a book for Halloween for kids
kids stumps my ass
why I supposed to depends on the the age of the earth


of the child and what sorts of things are interested in um my kids always
kids always like I can’t think of the authors first name um maybe Mary Beth Moses I think I
when is the last name and She Wrote books like which witch is which in
are you familiar with out one know I’m not one sign in
his favorite when he was younger was the group goosebumps Arrow OK
still popular photo spots are still popular which
which witch is which um quick look in your eyes by Pat Hutchins


um about identical twins were invited to a Halloween party this address is witches real
which witch is which has the story continues so that’s a
16 gestion for for a Halloween right there you had what is a knot
fiction book what is totally different jelly from a non fiction books in football
talking about earlier tell me about the garden gardening in miniature
well I just wanted to bring in the spectrum of all the things we have available the library
librarian in this particular one I have checked out because I am a gardener and um


um I thought was the end of the season now maybe we like to look at the bottom pictures free
free the next year or things maybe we could do indoors in this one is called gardening in miniature
nature by Janet Janet with a Niger anit Calva
salvo and I know it goes over the phone I’m on the pill
is happening now with the fairy garden and other things like that were people are are
are using a space if maybe 12 by 12 or so and then there buying
buying miniature plants in the creatine like little world forgetting will prop


little chairs at the putting by the plants because you’re so tiny they appear to be
BBC like big trees if you put a little too you’re next to them and secreting these these
these awesome little world examples in here off of different things at people
people of John and ideas for different plants you can buy that would meet your qualification
Caitian but they’re making like little lake sexy boathouse Suzanne dance
dads forest path all in this little tiny space and Anna
anime somebody’s like I said are available to do indoors is indoor house plants


can’t I type of situation in some of them are just maybe ideas for us to do next year
that’s gardening in miniature who is the author of the book Janet kalvo
okay I know with any time I see a DIY book that gets Maya
Maya curiosity a look at thinking well maybe I’ve never done anything from DIY
but but but but the dream is is still there is that
that a category for you by Mary Beth at your store the people coming looking for things on
um yes I would say so we have a smell during off


everything of souls Church DYI
why I feel tired popular most of Versailles believer
are used books but that makes them favorable some people that’s
that’s something I was wondering cause you to have a mix of new in used I don’t know if this is a
off of an approaching other stores are going towards now but two people to buy certain
certain books new and certain books used yeah
yes I believe they do off and it all depends upon


is there interest in a guy there a collection some people like
what used books but they want them all hardcover by certain officer
if they love the offer but are Nintendo and keeping the books forever
never fails by the used paperbacks so it is very
okay it’s just everybody has everybody has their own strategy I guess as to
as as to which the goal for exactly okay I once had
had a woman come in and all she wanted was Brown books because she was


she was doing her family room I have her I love her to things like that
like that but I’ve never actually heard directly that this is the book 50
cystic or yes okay I’m glad you can provide service
your running out of time here but I do want to get one last
last mission of a of a both of your places for people who are looking for books of course the public like
Blake library in your community work every you live is a fun place to go to shampoo
Champaign Public Library in Champaign you also have a Facebook page as well


what is your own website Kelly Strom think you very much for being on the program with
with me today to talk about fall books and Mary Beth maple
best of luck in Indian times like these with your store
I know you like a book and that’s all I guess on Prospect in downtown
downtown Peoria heights that’s true and undefined you online
online where’s the best way to where’s the best place to go if you go to face
Facebook would you like a book okay so that’s really that that’s


that’s really the best way to get connected to do to get connected to you there yet
yes this okay well thanks to the both of you for being on the
the program today and again if you have suggestions in comments about books
books that you’d like to recommend are so just go ahead to our website at will
the comments section for today’s program Today Show was produced by
by Lindsey moon Jason Croft is our Technical Director salary Laskin


kids R intern helping with production and research tomorrow on focus race
is raising kids is a challenge on its own but what would you do if your child told you she was income
comfortable nobody wants to be a boy that’s exactly the situation faced by
Best Buy to Champaign Urbana parents don’t talk about how they handle that situation
that’s coming up on Fridays show member focus is live each weekday morning at
10 replay at 8 p.m. You can hear us over the air on AM 580 on
the online at where you can also listen to past pro


best program Sun gym Meadows this is focus on will

Mary Beth Neebel left her job in the corporate world to start a small, independent bookstore in May 2006, and she’s never looked back. This hour on Focus, we’ll talk with Neebel about her store’s local author book signing series. She invites authors who write about central Illinois or are from this part of the state to do readings at “I Know You Like A Book,” her store based in Peoria Heights, Illinois. We’ll find out about some exciting titles that are new this fall. Kelly Strom, collections manager at the Champaign Public Library, also joins us. She’s got a long list of new titles out this fall that she’s excited to tell us about and has a few recommendations for readers of any age.

Continue reading for a book list!

Adult Books:

Onward Toward Where We’re Going Toward by Ryan Bartlemay

Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Perish, Cherish by David Rakoff

William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope by Ian Doescher

Freud’s Mistress by Karen Mack and Jennifer Kaufman

Gardening In Miniature:  Create Your Own Tiny Living World by Janit Calvo

Just What Kind of Mother Are You? by Paula Daly

Rage Against the Dying by Becky Masterman

The Silver Star by Jeannette Walls

Catching Fire by Stephenie Meyer

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

City of Bones Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott card

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Maze Runner by James Dashner

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

W is for Wasted by Sue Grafton

Inferno by Dan Brown

The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

How the Light Gets In by Louise Penny

Zealot: the Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg


Rachel and Sammy by Jannifer Powelson

Young Adult:

Catching Fire by Stephenie Meyer

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

City of Bones Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Maze Runner by James Dashner

Divergent by Veronica Roth