Gardening with Native Plants


During this episode of Focus, we talk about the benefits of planting native plants and wildflowers in your yard and garden. Sherrie Snyder, a master naturalist and the President of Illinois Prairie Wild Ones, a non-profit that promotes the use of native plants in landscaping, joins us to talk about how wildflowers don’t have to look wild and how native plants don’t have to look unkempt. We’ll talk about what native plants draw what kinds of native wildlife and find out the best flowers to plant if you want butterflies and birds in your yard.

Sandy Mason, University of Illinois Extension Horticulture Expert, will also be here to answer questions about your lawn and garden. We’ll talk with Mason about garden planning and what you can be working on while you wait for the last patches of snow to melt.

Illinois Prairie Wild Ones will be giving a free workshop on Monday, March 11 at 7:00 p.m. about gardening with native plants. Find more information here.