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fisherman invasive Asian carp poses a direct threat
the Great Lakes and their way of life to shuffle EP Corolla something different
dinner music from the ugly ugly fish
what come up with the night away


is the federal government poses multi billion dollar project to stop the Asian carps March
search for Lake Michigan research shows the commercial fishing to play a significant role in fighting
the spread of the fish if anyone buy a gun camera for taking the Great Lakes
Irie branding Asian carp that’s coming up on focus after the snooze

good morning mother to focus your own wiol im Scott Cameron singing for Gemini today


is everything Asian carp you know these are the big ugly fish in the rain vases
last month Army Corps of Engineers proposed the number of options to stop the fish from investing
the Great Lakes reticular 1 proposal permantly separate Lake Michigan from the Chicago River
River Emeli 20 billion dollars back in 2010 Fishman working
working for the state of Illinois caught in Asian carp in Lake Calumet that will be on the electric barrier
septa stop to fish for getting too close to Lake Michigan entering the Great Lakes Sean price
price is a commercial fisherman base in Fulton Illinois use the wonderful that fish out of water to snow


just now by phone Shawna welcome to focus hello how are you doing how you doing
how you doing great so it I’m taking his 2010
there was a problem in Asian carp removing up the towards the Great Lakes it was already
already electric barrier in place there you’re taking part in a separate a watch for Asians
Asian carp did you ever think you find one in Lake element um no
the fault was that the probably wasn’t on Asian carp that existed above the barre
barriers but um are job was to prove that


fat mom and I guess what happened was with prove that there was
facing official of the barrier 97 single fish were there any others arms
no I’m in so far no there’s been
is bin a tremendous amount of effort put in
how to locate another one how many different club Avenue
avenues of of trying to locate a fish that what we do
what we do is this the netting on this also been shocking


sampling with different types of nets Mets all sorts of
efforts by Michigan pound that’s been used saying has been used
and nothing come up with another fish and I don’t know the exact number but its
but its its many many many miles off of net that has been laid
late in around Lake Calumet and no other fishes been located 97
good news another another want to come through there and also I guess you you call the one
yeah um did you realize you mention of this this


this is onslaught of Africa try to find any more Indian Lake Elementary places nearby
why when you put that thing on the water did you realize if I could have said be creating a canister
Mr no no not at all um it was excite
exciting to do it not knowing the impact that it would have
I’m glad that I was the one long with my partner
Iron Brown I was glad to be the one that um does that cost
caught the fish but yes the the after effect was so much greater than I


anticipated DMV this week describe a fish is a big one
yes it was so around 20 pounds and it was
what we call a big head or black converse two different kinds of age in the sylvers
is Argo on Centerville the type that jumping flying
why in the air and that’s one thing but there are both Asian carp in the both of bases in the boat
do a lot of eating um yeah it was a 20 pound fish
fish and really caught as far up like Kelly Madison


what is you can go and we were done sampling for the day we actually had made it was actually Dexter
extra set when we have the required amount of minutes we had to set we were done with that
im Lexus trying out a couple extra nets and that’s when we got lucky
futsum don’t know me to the mechlight is very serious
is problem posed beige carpet many people saying and there’s real solutions try to care
I take care of it but this is a great Christopher yeah yeah it should
definitely a great for a story it’s definitely needle in a haystack


thing if you if you think about how much effort and how many people in how many organizations
sons of been involved to try to find another fish anywhere above the barriers
and that one fish vino almost 4 years ago now is the only
the only fish still to been pulled up the ass its crazy I am so you talk about you
about your putting up and that’s been doing all the difference to catch him
musica fishing think of putting up the middle worm on a hook Asian carp eat plankton
Canada buy nikon stuff how do you catch the fish Tom we use


used primarily gill nets um and donuts consist also a
love travel Nets um Laden if the stuff you know
are not serve 100 200 yards longer if they’re basically tangled
that’s nice women they get caught the kick it out and that’s the stuff
the effort covers much ground as you can but you’re also as a Fishman looking for a
for a rheostat look im I can say fishy they look like a rheostat
Woodhull fish and that’s how we get some typical Asian carp school


school up theres alot when you find some there’s a bunch of in a bun
bunches of them so what’s your deal with something like that word is needle in a haystack all the time
what time is it just enough for the puss much net in water as you can in um
gogogo located whatever um area
area you can tell your partner will work is working a DNR to harvest Asian carp
are but water place where they at the Charles Way commercial fishermen what have you seen what have a sim card
carbon to the to the fishing industry in the state of people


well for one I guess I can’t say that Asian carp necessarily a bad thing
thing in the commercial fishing industry because it is given more opportunity
um I guess presented another species
Macy’s in other fish that that we can go after to make to make money
what effects on the river have have been bad Tutera
terrible umm when I first started Jason Asian carp some down and southern
southern Illinois Festus Cape Girardeau best States to the river official


what this is probably going back to the late 90’s fish were still um healthy
the look in your sort of healthy looking knowledge they done so much to destroy that food
food chain to fish other than Asian carp Calvin that’s not the case and down there
Dave strong headstrong I’ll just they don’t have the
have the food that they want to live David out and have a sim card
carpet anywhere near replacing does fishing terms did the people trying to make a living off this river
rivers and lakes sure if you look at the Illinois River mom


how have to think really hard does to pick up a year for you but if you
if you go back 20 when I was working at a fish market on back
back in highschool with the fiscal of Illinois River we’re worth Buffalo cafe
catfish carp now you hardly ever see a difference official EUC
Lucy a few hundred pounds in a boat but not know you’re talking boatload of Asian carp
carpet just a few other fishes Tolle reverse Illinois River from a
standard rough faced girl from Buffalo catfish type 2 almost sold


soley Asian carp NFS the definition of invasive
species other you mention Circle changes over the years and going back to Southern Illinois
things that what what what are the changes that you seen in the numbers of fish in NEMO reef
more recent years where where are there right now where they going
I would say that it’s easier for for the expansion has a stop button
I don’t know that it slowed down mercy in a few more fish in my section
section of the Mississippi River now and then we ever have more than


can I have since I started fish in not going fast know whether recipe
the temperature of the water to the dams I’m not really sure they proving they can go through
damn pretty easy so I don’t know if that’s the sustain Factor but the further north
Norfolk that the Asian carp go up a river the better they do
just because they’re moving into new territory with new food in new
eating opportunities but yes its changed anywhere they have grown in
Ronan and big numbers is change the river and it doesn’t take long


within a few years and older 13 at food chain
down to bare bones CNNSI continue moving north cumming
area take over the food supply the other fish in area dwindled vanish
should I will never stand in a move on a container much north until they hit something
barriers are being built in mit stop them really slow down
right and all of those sell yourself short
commercial fishing has definitely slow the progression


pressing down we can’t fish north of believe the 180 bridges
Illinois on the Illinois River aunt catfish south
south of their own the blacks or the the big head Asian carp
are there numbers are drastically reduced um stuff to go down there
catchable look for it used to be for leaving I’m in position has done that are black
laxer typically the catch easier to catch they don’t the don’t jump over
normally um and they they do school up the sylvers


are so powerful blow through the net so will black but you can still kind of container
silver jump over go around it through it and it doesn’t stop
stop this isn’t lets let’s get keep the heading of the directions to talk about the
fishing these niggs want to propose a came up Springfield Garvey in the
the conversation here is interim vice chancellor for research professor the Department of Southern Illinois
Illinois University iPhone Gym thank you noe
what you heard Im Sean Tony story there mention that the commercial fishermen have really been fishing down


down this population of Illinois and other places you can talk to do a research project in
2012 the temperature quantify the Asian car problem and proposed solutions
among the solutions exactly that wrap up commercial production of fish is catching eat it
can you talk about the church what is the a project that were involved in
is working in the upper Illinois River and assessing the affects of commercial fishing
non exempt status US is commercial fishing have an impact on
don the car problem affair Chicago Adam


dumb so has a fisherman work really hard and I do Wendy’s fish out
shout we do is qualified a lot of different ways the number to car battery
in the various pools backwaters up in that area
handjob what we found is that the there is an FM pack
fishing does reduce the sessions Factor fishermen are so good at doing this
take the fish out how much does fast is a Cummins problems
this is kind of like a sandbox in elegy is where you dig a hole


and um FSU can a dick get home to take the fish out
more come back if im coming from lower river so
um you know it’s a Shore Thing where is the date that come and they start
are filling up that that hole and then very difficult to to stop it up without barrier
um and I know they haven’t moved all the way up to the bear
superior arias far as we can tell right now um take for whatever reason
theme to stop gamble at 18 Bridgeville were not exactly sure what it is


what’s keeping him from doing now that’s for the next Giants question worth
building a fairly large populations it wasn’t for commercial fishing
fishing there now but the issue with something
commercial fishing the upper river is at its finest by federal funds to come to the States
state of Illinois does a contractor fisherman because
how to take apart of the river where is it is allowed in the lower portion of the river start
Starbucks damn and um so I’ve been a proponent that


I believe that we done at the stop the
Sam from continuing movie up towards the Chicago area
no more barriers or more commercial fishing going on down south
will probably reduce the propensity face streaming
show up that sandbox for gas in Charlotte NC with your experiences
juicing is for you be going to one area you start a fish the population movement area
Ariana said you want to purchase going up and down the rivers of yes


I believe most of that to next it except the what we called
we call the frontline the upper the upper part of the Asian carp movement like
what we call a stablished population on a river
Jim would probably agree that we have basically cut back
back that that frontline drastically if you look at the upper pole
purple that we we pull on big numbers official of the the numbers
drastically at the upper end of that the frontline off of that car


Kurt movement known as you go down a river toward STAAR rock
um the number of blacks have been greatly reduced we still catch the sylvers
we were catching hum may be the same number but it’s because work
hitting that area harder and not the upper arias much but yes I mean
there’s no doubt we reduce the numbers um and there’s no doubt that new fish movie
the area given time I think I’m at the front line we are little above
I’m a little better than


the fish we catch up that many more commin I think we’re a little head of that at that upper
the upper and NFC are the people really worried about it over and keep mice out of the Great Lakes
things because once I get there tonight? Some different in their b***
two states its making a clear difference there is helping to stop the your money back for just one second
different types of me say Asian carp UMich a couple different varieties what women with Asian carp
um when we say carpal talking about Pope
the whole population of silver sand and the black cross breeding going on


really long name for them other than hybrids um but yeah there’s the silver
silver jumping Asian carp in a nurse what we call these is a laxative big heads
the both of them both phases are both plankton feeders for both
very aggressive invasive species
Cindy with talk about how your Ontario working with a DNR others there’s not a tumor
commercial fishing allowed many the reason is Rivers what is an effort to stop these um
alarming certain amount of this right now can a commercial fishing


operation make a living off of fishing Asian carp
2000 yes with a stable
Sabal palm market if it is possible in there are few guys doing
doing it now who who so you can say yes we’re talking a few guys a handful
pull up a dozen 1215 guys it best to are truly making a living off
Asian carp um to do to increase
reset number it would have to be a stable market and an ongoing market


what I mean by that is when the Fisher easy to catch you can drop price
when you have to always be able to sell the fish if you open markets or a market
market that can hold handle as many fish that come through the doors as
Fishman can catch the opportunities will be greater might not last forever
because I think physicians would reduce the numbers to where you can no longer
make a living but yes if the price of fish went up a little bit
little bit and you could selfish 24 hours a day 7 days a week the absolutely


Lee Summit Missouri plies the moment 2
if you ever questions about Asian carp if you have direct experience of the fish
few minutes with the chef who is made it really his mission to change people’s minds about the special talk about
talk about it commercial fishing an opportunity to be able to cut into the population to try to prevent from moving
Great Lakes mother arias call 802 to 2945
4550 drops will dash talk at Illinois .edu
Ross on Twitter at focus 580 Gym cardio connect you for a minute


can you tell how big of a threat are Asian carp right now I’m thinking
invasive species a general are are are a threat to
Ohio aquatic systems um hey now you’re talking about a zebra mussels
Bulls in a wife in all these are the different species that have caused
cause of kinds of problems in the Great Lakes as well as in the rivers of the US in the late
Lakes of the lakes um so your visa species are always a really tough
problem because they can come in and have to medically negative potential impact


um the issue with Asian carp his thumb
we’re talking about the species that they were introduced in the US back in the early
early 70’s brought in for clean up waste water
ponds and also has a potential physicians well
well they skatetown in Easley movie waa up threw up the Mississippi
River basin in Illinois River in the late 90’s early 2000’s
people to pay much attention to them even when they’re up they’re Peoria really started the


get close to Chicago that start with media issues
came up because they’re getting close to the Great Lakes the the million million dollars
question is what I get into the Great Lakes in a to say this in and I know that
what to talk about keeping about us some they are going to get in the Great Lakes Dave
they have been occasionally found the Great Lakes another Asian carp all the grass carp
and I’ll be free common carp are there already I’m happy I would say
LifeWay some big headed babies and silver carp in the oven


the Great Lakes right now to start in Texas
probably not population the question is
is what I do if they can make a population stabilization
actually have no that is the Illinois River modified tiny animals
animals called soap lighten up and talk about that earlier that is open
gotten considerably smaller and how much every fish in the sea
insect larvae and everything else Relion does tiny animals for sale plankton


is food so when the harp take that away from them to have a negative impact
best to get to the Great Lakes to do the same thing that you can have a fax something
things like that sleep of yellow perch of Hell wife with your Dell support
Portland get your check for things so um yeah its a real friend we don’t want to
what’s the population get in there fil A Song
that’s us we gotta stop it in Mercer fishing probably the best way to
places that you met you before the barriers nothing to what what else has been trying so far to


how to stop the spread of the Asian carp the problem is that really don’t have a silver bullet right now
right now there’s nothing that targets other than commercial fishing much does a really good job
good job target bighead carp and crafts
grass carp fish species are out there what’s up
there’s really no poison that you can use that practice test Asian carp
Irvine talk about Trojan Jean how much is you
GN to the males in the Asian carp in the male celebrities male


Leah LaBelle population size of a stranger than playing with his fur
for decades with common car problems Australian have to work out for a while
um have another how does technology that has been explored
words using these things called water cast iron a shirt without a face
is Highland water and credit concussion underwater what if
technically supposed to do is it takes to swim bladders calf letters in the fish the used
the used oil and explode doesn’t hurt


jawbone carpenters that because I have very strong and ladders so it doesn’t help
help with the fish don’t like it I mean it is one of the research with doing up near the sea
Chicago area is looking at the FFA series water cut off if you
freshens out does it make the car turn around and go back to a river and end
yes it does and so that’s that’s another
where does having sex on other aquatic life in area yeah Usher


carpet are going to turn around lb walleye soccer of such a species
she said are not going to like that that would be used as a whole
turn around potential conduit fish movie
good spot to rock Lock and Dam um they seem to the carpet
polyp look at them um and we have some evidence for movement
is it that it does at times on keep fish from the streets they can still get through
threw up but not very often Sophia places like block certain areas


area that might be a good place to get to have a local affected if I could have a general facts
family attorney for engineers not too long without a couple of
I don’t think of recommendation a couple possible the proposal video
that would involve billions and billions of dollars decades
how to build in do some pretty big feet of Engineering im so in many ways to
the immediate thing right now is the word talking about you’re trying to fish
fish them if not out of existence completely then at least the point where the population control


rollable is Shonda YouTube
what you do with the Department of Natural Resources here is harvesting the fish what what does that mean
that mean what you doing right now how what we’re doing with MS
koi fish for the day um Dollar fish
oarfish back to a refrigerated a refrigerated semi trailer and weight
download them on with take time to count 30 of each BC
species the silver the Black Cat Scratch character also included in a 30


30 slot Amway weight and measure with the help of the DNR
when are on a 30 of each species and then we on load everything in the summer
the semi trailer 1130 gives a star weight
weight estimate for the day the year everyone look at it and our number
Testament are they going to the trailer in the visually at the end of the week does OOTD or whenever the semi
the semi trailers for the go back to Shaffer’s fish market to be turned into
Organic fish fertilizer fish fertilizer cities these particular Asian carp in a table


the soul for food um no to my knowledge I think there’s still working on that
Matt naam as far as I know if we are still there still
I’m just for pleasure in others are have you ever
yes what is the flight amazingly good I think if
if somebody was had the Forsyte years ago to name these fish
silver salmon or something something to that if you actually more appetizing Sonic
yes because um I’ve had both the silver


in the black and both amazing taste amazing texture
I’m not a big fish ear but I’m going to put Asian carp of both species right
is right up with walleye um and I can prove that pretty easy it’s a very white
white very flaky meat very mild um you look at that fish in think it would taste
taste this fishes you can get a lot of people really like woah
that I’m on being very honest man I’m headed to earth
who are three or four different ways and I haven’t had the way that’s not good its very


very simple the cookout had a simple song is on the girl with little bit of butter and seasoning
what is POS planes you can get it was it was excellent that way
um Yellowcard name has has done um no
oh no favors for the delicacy in the me that believes right there
my top two or three fish that I would even any given day in India
Jimmy agree player and many other country is a delicacy
minutes bin nearly 15 the existence in the number of countries


weather Sean price of thank you very much is Sean a commercial fisherman bass in Fulton Illinois
service part of a group of fishermen paid by the state of Illinois to help harvested keep an eye on monitor
monitor for Asian carp Ashanti understand you were going to be on the show thank you very much for doing
do not talking about no problem thank you thank you a gym garbage dinner invite chance of research professor
professor Department of Geology at Southern Illinois University apartment research team that deliver
including fishing commercial fishing to cut down the Asian carp population area
Mary a Gemini place to stick with here I were talking about the problem of an Asian carp invasive


invasive species continue to threaten the Great Lakes of a talking about at least one potential solutions
fishing Asian carp if possible distance in Illinois
conceal a conversation about how does fish taste some of the barriers trying to get people to accept
accept them in in a bit different ways to Pearl a talk with his efforts to build
the market for Asian carp by convincing other shifts to serve it stay with its focus on WI
WRAL welcome back to focus on Wilo
im Scott Cameron singing Virgin metals today we are talking about the problem of Asian carp invasive


is a species that continues to head towards the Great Lakes somebody ever to being done to stop it
I was on the phone with Jim Garvey and replace chancellor for research professor in the Department of Geology
Southern Illinois University take a big role in trying to determine Ali how many
the water is near by the weather doing what you’re up to how to stop them
including one real solution is going on right now is commercial fishing
talking about here with us chef Felipe Pirela was also been very involved in the
and not trying to change perceptions the special Olivia go to the phones right now I’m le is on the line


flights to LA from Champaign IL ego head to your phone
hi thank you for taking Michael I want to the point Athens
nautical in the Wall Street Journal on January 29th Actually quotes
Chancellor on Garvey I’m talking about a number
plants 11 in Wickliffe Kentucky that actually has
has remained the fish Kentucky white in RR selling them frozen
um to China another one as mentioned in Thomson Illinois


Illinois which Illinois frozen to 16 countries
turns into also to products in the United States is another company another plan
plants being opened in Grafton Illinois that’s going to process
16000 pounds of carpet de papel 2
how to turn it into fish oil dietary supplements etcetera
this morning this is a mansion what is so these are coming on
online and they say that the market in China is very white


so this is this seems to be a
what should I say to a spirit to to us solve this
this problem questions to ask how fast it’s going to take off
take off um I don’t see much about selling it here but that’s I suppose with chef
the talk about thank you for that thank you for the leading let me go ahead
thank you for calling ilen the chef liberalism a line with us about working change perceptions about a
about Asian carp Ian Chappell Enterprise in Baton Rouge Louisiana to the show


welcome A appreciate invitation Garvey
how are you great chef how you doing good I’m good to know each others running the same circle
circles yeah we are we have met a few years back when I was up there
doing something and 7 product the exchange in Cup
superfan cake yes he feet swell he’s a good good chef
what is a permit to go back to tally the car because her from her champagne HFH
dimensions you know it sounds like people trying to build an industry of this your part of the effort can you talk about


CSI II know the history of export
on the fish is a all that Mike Shaw perfume shop for fishing will tell you
it’s a pretty Dangerous account that you can t control
business concept on the other hand when Im gone
I’m going to talk about is what I am doing and out the domestic mall
market about Miss fish number one wholesale
goldfish hear uh have very little value of a domestic market


must be processed and when I say processed meaning need to be turning
returning to value added products need to be sustainable meaning
that’s the fisherman need to make a good living for them to go out there
Sean with Santa stables market of course I would a stable market
everything is good is not that easy so you have to start somewhere
and a stable market efficient market is definitely the key
solution to the problem what distance is poison from it when you say you can’t control the market


Texas table market what what does that mean when you can control the export more
market you know when you make a shipment out number 1800 the the
the big booty work the Chinese I know that
love the fish but they don’t pay much money in that the fact and not enough to pay the fish
fisherman to be able to get gear and Bowden going up there and spend the money that
that need to be spent a gas station make a good leaving a job
understand that the fisherman all the key to the spa commercial fish


fisherman absolutely and I truly believe tour my troubled Indian so many different state
state because let’s face it there in call box from you guys always down 2
to the Louisiana and almost the Gulf of Mexico sub uses AA really need you that
do that that is a nationwide issues in the fisherman commercial
commercial fishery here and an open order last scene bilberry few
if you out there active and I hate it and it says this be madness
diminishing and you have to sell mouse have a concept to bring some new blood


blood on board to get this thing going on you you have come to Illinois
other states you met with a chef’s to deliver this message to David Karp is is good eating
how do chefs respond when you come at me that you mention yourself is a big ugly fish
well no I never said it’s a big fish videos
ugly ugly invasive fish in your arms around me and it don’t come easy
ugly fish okay okay I pray that I never called ugly OK
okay to people respond when you’re bringing your number one on the chef


chefs they are and I am one of them across many lines no more involved in food
football food marketing but I have so many years in a human being
been to a really busy kitchen in a restaurant
the chef LBZ and I bought a fish that to me
too many ships in your engine died in trouble been made fun places
what does the question of the same tube
to Bonnie and is too difficult to work to time consuming so


understanding this is very difficult to have the whole fish
itself marketable to the chef business of the restaurant business
and that’s a fact so it would be ended up being alone
a little bit of activity where few chefs in Chicagoland area
the dinner special when teething what the buck stop that
simply because it’s too time consuming 22 really work with
the hand that Sean said it this fish is absolutely


The Incredibles delicious and have some very good
value so for human consumption when you when you look at the fish
NNU understand that 80 percent 25 percent of what we eat is empty
imported from China Vietnam from China and the fish
future we receive let’s face it in everybody knows that is not a belfie
the company nated with blue tint in excess of positive that need to be said
beset on the other hand we have a fish you that is extremely good ok and femme


simply because it’s been classified as a non visits pieces
ok and and that’s also affect people afraid they think that
that’s okay it’s it’s it’s you know its trash fish nn
and I would never called is fish a Glee that fish look like a fish
fish interview with a girl who played on happy feet Wings
things all four eyes always don’t have any Blu ray deleted scene
ugly fish believe me but that to me look like pretty much is salmon with


maybe this president of the eye is going down to build a mouth but besides that it’s a very
very beautiful and you said you know it is a marketing problem here and you have not
you have not for the Citizen carpe you have a different name for this waltz Aaliyah
Sean sette years ago and silver fan well that I’m the one who came up with the Philippines
name something that was the first uh things that need to be done
the first priority is to Ave name is busy
it’s been done before for all the fish the pumping Houston


do space one Spencers know is the Chilean Sea Bass and sense that got Market
market at UNC bass mean look on the menu everywhere I go
when you started the market at 45 dollars to pounds
talking about 20 to 25 dollar pound um so
does working and end up things in people’s mind if they refill that to another
another does the name of the new income panties Asian
is there a mine and shut the f*** up im talking


Tamara preparation to Jim Kirby from its connected to hear some f***** clinic
Illinois Department of resources said you’re creating a a big multi million dollar
fishery industry around Asian carp is dangerous what do you make them
think that it’s complicated issue of there was a pain
the paper that my group came out with just a year ago so fat
is the prefix to kid modeling to show that
how hard you fish these these fish for sale in Illinois River


the reproductive rate is so cuddly hi there pretty resilience to a lot of fish
fishing and effect to completely eradicate since you’ve got to work really hard at it
and I think to see a public defender Stan that they’re going to probably be
how to be here to stay how much were going to do about it other than the fact that we can reduce their numbers
first to the point where the ecosystem rebound probably last date of fishes
is breathing room and I’ll keep them control to the point where may be there
maybe they will have the capacity of streams much tour Chicago Wheatley think is the water coming


coming down for Chicago nothing to say bad about Chicago but they don’t like it
the only reason why the movie upstream is because I’m looking for more breeding
because they’re so crowded down street so we can get the fishing industry to really kick in
chicken and them in the southern part of your heart River have an impact on them
I’m not saying they were going to have the Menace come out Grace’s table fishing
I don’t worry about that never been official has been
captain’s table of but I think you’re going to still get biomass out of these fish


fish don’t forget its not just Illinois River there everywhere in the Mississippi River
River early Ohio rivers in Missouri River the spreading of girls on Lake
Lakes of reservoirs of people use for recreation and the
populations are extremely on variable they say when your to have a back your classes
pastel freeze alot of babies next year millions of about their
so I got a plan is up we created fisheries
associate with a lot of other fish so on this one seems like it’s probably a pretty logic


1 to the creators well you don’t you don’t you insert a minute I’m reading writing to the disruptor
Frances Bean credit central stat you know companies others may want to create an ongoing
going industry on Redland trying to get rid of it interviewing is invasive species are trying to create
greatest rihanna is you set a sustainable industry that’s not a concern I don’t think so I think it’s time
I think it’s sort of thing words from its a 10 hair appointment
does there and get a resource that for whatever reason we don’t necessarily
curly like what we have to do something about it and quit Frank leave a lot of invasive species


species have some values to them um answer the the issue is the slope
how do we make use of that I rather than to say after having my gosh to do about it
Jimmy question from the gym by email
the bald eagles have returned in large numbers along the Illinois River North fm
chill a coffee I’m sorry for what does the Eagle eat the Asian carp
is that a reason for the return of the bird that region do you know that umm that won’t turn Southside
how fat is probably the reason Eagles returns because they were knocked out by


Perris, we use in the 60s 70s every person and firemen are finally starting
starting line the point where the bald eagles reproductive rate is high after taking rebel
other spreading throughout the US in back of throat accessory for Friday
Friday reasons that the issues yes the fish and all yeah definitely
Asian carp we find in a lot of different as a bird
a species that eats fish Asian carp are a part of the diet now
um as well as a to fish is so yeah I mean not can I link that is easy


the increase in a bald eagle find out more data and b***
correlation is okay we’re talking with Jim Garvey of a chance
research pressure Department Southern Illinois University with chef Lee paper roll A
Madonna Baton Rouge Louisiana about Asian carp for the problem and one of the potential solutions
this is in place already what is fishing the fish
heavily in a potential employer ID number is 800 222
2945 fiber that email there at the wilderness talk at Illinois

00:42:30 and chef parola send email hear from Achilles as a couple places
places here in this area in Champaign Urbana amazingly good catfish sandwiches Farm cafe she says is
what is a dirty fish he says it sounds like Asian carp in make even better sandwiches
absolutely anybody won that that
I want to work with this fish is in a can of flu
lose the quantities fishy superior and Sean say that to me
Tumi repair it s like Krabby America


very clean a very beautiful color and uh OHS its
you can be so creative with this version making so many different dishes
and I try very hard to get the ships on board what do to get this market going
going in that sweetie? Here is to be able
be able to have the product that is suitable for the restaurant industry
and the US consumers and how you doing a bunch of bones and other things how do you do it well
well that’s what I’ve been working and we we we found live all all business and marketing plan


plan a few months ago literally YouTube
mature enough for 24 year to do this but I take some innovative
technology um definitely
some food science involve and it says was not that easy again
again no by removing the bones and crew
and creatine Beach Belle United products from this fish that fish body fish cake
fishbowl at the there so many different recipes I can be applied to it


and having this product cater to the American consumers and cleaning
putting the restaurant industry the caver the cruise liners in and men’s salon
who own on the silver thing brand name absolutely
weeded old is marketing testing we we we achieve all that we made for the station to the
into the largest food distributor here who wants to be exclusive on the product
sexually so we have done all work Ewing we ready to go
again this fish holder need to be understood the special domestically


Stickley have very little value simply because it’s so difficult to work and you must have
must be going you must be going to a processing mechanisim
bad will take the fish in the bones out and create a product
and that’s not easy okay so did you think of it being and you know restaurants things like that
is processing ua vs see a day with a specially service in restaurant
2 hardened do the bones well with a boner
question yeah no no very very going to happen


the process in which year
but I know it will be a very little
activity for up the good work but not enough to really
really making them back and agree with Jim Garvey when you said that the fish are everywhere
well that’s for sure once again we have a big problem
hello yes I am and 2 did acacia
NBC shagri was Jay McGuiness going to happen but the control


population of of the Asian cop where ate the limited
the threat of the nation Cup toward native species all them
system of fact that can be done and to do that
that is to add a consistent stable market and eggs
angry wish on again with guys to work 7 days a week
5 days a week I don’t want to be 7 days a week 5 days a week and bases with H
who is a base price that they are compatible with then


then it’s a go there is no doubt about 25 billion dollars to build
build dams are on the Great Lakes we are thinking about 10 million dollar average
pretty close to it a 10 million dollar food processing plant the fish place
processing plant of food processing plant the process fish now I know
I know that the atom and I know that buy DVDs
Fish Market fish but again Fish Market on limited
they only can sell these fish whole food processing is like food science


science and away it’s very difficult to achieve you have to be extremely knowledgeable and you have to have
how to have it is well so to make fish
Craigslist work you got to have yet to create the demand with
with a product of a product that is sustainable that will cover all the cost
meeting and I say that as a priority
including paying the fisherman the right amount of money interesting apps
Neptune number types of dishes made out of the dog


dog people are waiting for literally and end with a of all of the fish
the skin and bones and and the actually yeah you know about
there’s a group at 165 Jamaica 3 will taking the whole fish tank cycle Macon
Omega 3 that silly because of processing to do that is expensive
pensive very expensive in text I’m the building of the fish in the flesh
the face on the old is a rhombus can we could definitely work with this girl
this group to ship old is king in the ad for them to extract


AOL and and make it a big puffy because you don’t have to tube
who run this fish so long to extract oil into beast
mechanics of the use of options other religions
back to you in a little bit run time what is ongoing on other fish is going to be here to stay
beer stay for awhile what could be done to improve the population of the native fish so they can
can the better compete with these car primer things can be done to in around the Riverbend
the river to prove that that have to get a lost her way in some ways by date


partition carp invasion Illinois River still has problems
crazy altered primarily due to
is a lot of fun losses in with a pharmacy a good job with self conservation
ration we still design of a lot of swell down Illinois River Valley
Elite hull truth and other industries and that’s causing loss
los is a cripple backwater Aires Airport for fish in water fell for example
and influencing tire productivity the Illinois River as well as other


problems with other rivers that we have um head so if we don’t pay attention to the
the watershed level scale issues that are affecting our fish
are fish and other populations of organisms that are out there
purpose of the equation for stuffing have the same problems we had 20 years ago
dealing with and so it begins
we need to focus on bus the carpet vanish you have a negative
competitive sex with a need to be up on Penn Station water pollution


Nation lack of a variance of half
aspects of the river enters the to shape and size S word
so I know that I’ll be seized not in the conversation right now that needs to be put back into the
Asian man so much more holistic approach sounds like to be looking at the Riverside
River system as a whole note is trying to take off one problems time is it happens come up and wait for the next from neuron
Verizon easy restoration part of the deal Rivers jewelry and yellow
has a long long history of being a Wonderful commercial fishery used to be full of freshwater


freshwater mussels um they’re not there anymore because even for much
sedimentation as a different religion was 100 years ago
really nice to see it come back to that paper Illinois and 3G
should say that the question can i buy email from Leupold Leupold thank you for that? Have to leave it there
is there a gym Garvey little teen from SI unit for the 2012 report phishing down the big head
big head and silver carp to join us today by phone chef Felipe Pirela on shuffle enterprise
Enterprise in Baton Rouge Louisiana join us from there by phone fra is going to be in


in this area East Peoria for the flying fish festival in both fishing tournament
that’s in July so you want to see him and take Parts Somerset going to try to catch the other fish
will be in on July 12 of this year thank you for joining us focus
Lindsey moon Jason Crawford Texas director Ryan Weber is our intern Scott County
virgin Meadows this is focus on WILL

The Army Corp of engineers recently proposed a barrier to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes. It would take more than two decades and billions of dollars to build. The time and money that would go into a project like that has long had some looking for other ways to control Asian carp populations. In Illinois, there has been a push to harvest Asian carp and market the fish as food. So far, fishermen and those trying to develop that industry have been met with skepticism.

Shawn Price has been fishing for Asian carp in Illinois waterways since 2009. While there’s a large market for the fish as a food product in Asia where the carp have been fished to near extinction, American consumers haven’t been as excited about eating it. Price says its all about perception. “You’re going to call me crazy when I say this, but I think Asian carp tastes like walleye. It’s not a bad fish to eat.”

This hour on Focus, Price joins Scott Cameron to talk about his role in helping the state to control Asian carp. Jim Garvey, a professor at Southern Illinois University who has been working with fishermen like Price, also joins us.  

Then, we’ll hear from Chef Philippe Parola,  who is based in Louisiana and has been working with restaurateurs, chefs and home cooks to teach people how to prepare Asian carp – which often sells for around $.50 per pound in Illinois.

Have you tried Asian carp? Would you? Why or why not? Give us a call this hour on Focus!