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oil more love to cook and what is the most was the opportunity to
opportunity to share stories about the food he made with people he can’t enjoy
enjoy making things for other people that really is a joy to make something
can make something somebody likes em gee Meadows on this Thanksgiving Day homage to the man
how much do the man who spent more than 30 years more than 300 hours talking recipes
recipes food family traditions with former focus host David inch


Prince David about how fo kisses cooking show came to be able to hear from a few
hear from a few others about how tall is needed someone vide cooking show on public radio
Grady was almost parity self talking about you know you can hear that de Sandia
the Saturday Night Live schedule in my mind right now but he brought so much wealth
welcome to the topic of food on Thanksgiving feast with wyll Stephanie
chef in residence the late will more after this news welcome to focus
how to focus a Meadows WY allows chef in residence Doyle Moore


royal Moore was a regular guest on focus the first Wednesday of each month for more than 30
more than 30 years is first appearance on the show was in 1982 and his
do in his last was in April of 2012 during what we have to make to be more than 3
the more than 300 hours on the radio is shared recipes ranging from Chile to mac and cheese
the mac and cheese the holiday cookies we were very sorry to hear about the oil spill
Bob Doyle’s passing early this spring are best wishes to best friends and family this house
family this holiday season and during today’s focus we remember the legacy he leaves


see the leaves behind is a part of our show former host David and remembers Doyle
remember store has more than a guest back when we first start doing focus
doing focus we could not have gas on my phone so we were constantly
instantly scrambling for topics where we knew we could get a person to come
person to come and sit there in studio do it with you and me we’re always trying to think of things
things to do in somebody I think actually a better give credit where to do I think it was
do I think it was Celeste Celeste Quinn who said will once you show bottle king


cooking and I thought OK and then I ask around some people worked at the rave
worked at the radio station that we want to do this who do you think we should get and it was Grace Potter County in
pecan en member the music staff I’ll tell you should get this guy dorm or he would be perfect
he would be perfect she know him so I called I talk to on the phone and he left little bit when I said I would
when I said I wanted to do a cooking show on the radio he said we’ll how exactly do that you can play sound
play the sound of frying bacon or something you thought it was kinda funny but I said well we’ll try it out come on down
come on down and we’ll see how it goes and it went


it went very well insulated for all the time Wichita Kansas the chef in residence was there
Residence was there a formal meeting today nonn Actually
actually actually I don’t know when we came up with that we just said chef in residence and hurt from someone
from someone who I think actually was a real chef or head train professionally
that was a little earth that we were calling him a chef and then after that I started
do that I started saying I would say that he was the chef in residence and I would say but that’s purely honorary
hairy ladies and gentlemen that’s interesting thing because it is life outside of being a Break


being a regular gas in focus he wasn’t a professional chef he was a college professor
professor who taught us use professor of Art and Design Art and Design soul
so why use M&M cookies will the thing about Doyle was that
what was that he was a natural right from the very beginning he took to the show
he took to the show and people talk to him and I think that the reason that grace recommended
is recommended him was he thought he would just be a great storyteller would be great
would be great personality and that turned out to be true and think about the oil is that


oil is that for him I think that the interest in food with beyond just having fuel
having fuel to keep you alive he was interested in the traditions that whistle
editions that were sociated with food and family stories that went with it
with it and travel stories that went with it he was interested in food is material folk culture
2004 culture so was more than just so I can live plus I think for him
im he always enjoyed getting together with friends and for heat
Ford Orland for his friends cooking for each other and eating with big thing


was there a certain appeal of having someone who enjoy cooking as a hobby in head that hobbyist
hobbyist love for president trained chef well I don’t know maybe it made it more a little bit more
more a little bit more accessible old more folksy we just it we will just get on the Wii
we were just matter and people seem to like that you would call in and they would it get recipe
recipes with a with talk about cooking problems and it was always easy to
you can always find something because different people have different ways of coke
different ways of cooking the same thing so you can always say what’s talk about singing axe and then you can get people to tell


get people to tell you there different ways of approaching it and so you could actually have a conversation
did you know for the first program this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship
friendship will we knew from the beginning that he would be very good I don’t know the Wii
I don’t know that we know we know how good but certainly over time we could see how it at
how attach people were to him he loved doing it and he just
he had to be had a wave drawing people out and that really work
that really works for show like that because well I could sit there and talk to each other for an hour that’s really not what you want


what you want now I’m wondering he was not a professional of formally trained chef
trained chef did he ever tell you how he learn to cook I think that various
various points TX Police study aid I know that one point he studied
Citibank in a formal you wanna make that but he took lessons from somebody in town
somebody in town who was India because he was want to learn about Indian cooking lobster from time to time
time to time you took license but he any travel a lot so he would have gone to sample liquid
cuisine a very splices and I think that he was just you would go out and get cookbooks


cookbooks he would do a lot of reading of search recipes by and I’m sure what he could
Sherwood he could he would get someone who knew that cuisine to show him some things
X video ever talk about his favorite things to cook to the head didn’t have some of us
great loves in terms of food I don’t know if I would say that I
did say that I certainly know that from his youth with very interested in Japan
Japan in Japanese culture so he really like Japanese food and I think maybe some of the other cuisine
the other cuisines of East Asia and including a Chinese in in Indian but I’m sure he would not turn


you would not turned on a good place to pasta or of a bowl of chili or
lay or some barbecue he be like to eat seems like almost everything
did you ever talk about the Y of white cooking most important a.m. I think he was
think he was interested in the the stories that went with the fact that
that there were important say family traditions involved
involved Android cooking break but I think that he enjoyed cooking because with you enjoyed was
Android was being together with his friends and having that be a festive occasions even if it


even if it was something that was not really complicated I think BCP did talk
beaded talk about from time to time certain things that he knew he could make very quick
quick so he would say he would bump into a friend of his and he would say come over for dinner
over for dinner in half an hour or an hour and he knew there was certain things that he could do that
that he could do that quick and have it on the table and have really good soap with necessarily that it was something
that was something really complicated but the it was something that I think a lot of when he was looking for
looking for for his friends and you cooking for himself a lot of love


love when it when I think that was for him I’m sure that it was an expression of of affection
of affection and Susie Azam for people to Dino anyone looking for the address in Nevada
dressing that comes up because I was talking to someone with a producer Lindsey moon and
and she cooks whole lot more and more capable even me I can barely a simple food
simple food to feed mice elf blood certainly it’s important to her being able
her being able to share a meal with people she cares about and when I’m able to do that with
do that with somebody is important to me as well as set something that that serve experience something that you would


something that you and I’ll talk about on the air I’m sure we did that because I think that that was that song
that was that something that I can associate with a height I would not going to be anything more than
anything more than a basic on c*** but I like to be in the kitchen Electrical can to make something good
make something good to be able to sit down in front of someone and have it delivered
how to look beautiful have a nice presentation to taste really good
Plus Size its is great but its but it is another way of saying I love you look I made this one
this wonderful thing for your hope that you’re really in enjoy it n2n also into Android that with


enjoy that with the person that you’re with me you know that makes me think you know you’re talking about being really a more bass
more basic cooking oil new a lot of stuff was it easy or difficult to talk with him
to talk with him about the more sophisticated aspects of cooking with it was was in your background
background I don’t know it how to fist a kid we ever were a v8 specs
is it possible that we talked about something silver complicated but I think that he was he was interested
he was interested in promoting a kind of approach to cooking that said well this is something that anybody can do
anybody can do it doesn’t have to be complicated to be good and I’m sure that we


we we did a lot of things that were just cleaned it straight forward and rape
Drake basic it wasn’t a high level French cuisine
it was more Minocqua WI lottery Freddie things we did
we did we did grilling and we did pasta and we did chilli and we did
did Popeye and we did in 30 years we did everything we could
everything we can think of it he didn’t like to repeat himself that much of sugar with things we did over and over again but he was always
what he was always looking for new things to talk about so I don’t know I don’t know that there was necessarily


complicated really think sometimes people make cooking more c**
more complicated than it needs to be maybe because they’re afraid of it the many
how many things breast with the exception of Baking are very for
are very forgiving and so I think the people they would have more fun
more fun and enjoy it more if they probably relaxed fit more did you ever
did you ever share a meal with cook for you know III to migrate
regret I never did I was I never was at the oils for dinner


dinner now are you cooking anything that reflects anything you’ve learned from
you’ve learned from Doyle I can’t do anything specific although
low sure that talking about cooking inspired me to go to do it
how to do it more fact we had a conversation every month and im listening back to those conversations
conversations with dual more sounds like you’re having fun in really enjoying both talking with Dawn host
Darlene hosting the show what did you enjoy about doing the shows with oil boast
post being with him because he love doing a show


love doing a show to him it was important to enjoy a lot and I think
the thing for me I was always use to say semi jokingly that
that when I came in the morning to do the show I was not always the best mood but
what after sitting there with him for an hour no matter what we were talking about just now
about just nattering way in and sometimes called when it was over Iola WI
iOS felt better he was he was a man who is a table cliche
Clichy ass balls but he was a man was full of life you loved life and it was contagious you did


you couldn’t not feel good after having spent an hour do you have a favorite dorm or start
story of anecdote from those shows you did to get her over the years who dats difficult
difficult expose one of the things that I remember is that was that up
what was that up 10 things that we did more than once was chilli which is which
which is one of those things its is good to do because it’s a guy thing and was one of those things that if you talk about your hair
if you talk about your hear from guys Infinite Jest I do know I like Gillian is another one of those things where you can see
things where you can say use this basic dish but you can do with it


can do with it kind of what you want so everybody can see this is what my version is it good to get people talk
how to get people talking and doing it always talk about how his mother made
is mother made chili and he tried to make it and never could duplicate what you have done
Don and try and try to drive and fun FM talk about that in the air song
someone called an NSAID well this is what you gotta do
and explained that a she would cook ground beef
beef and then put in a particular kind of chili powder the heat that he like


the light that was with his mother used and she said we just put a hole can
and he thought what does the Indian Tire Canada I don’t know how many times
can I be a couple Ounces make one of those jack or mixed cancer
cancer yes yes and she said you spell the whole thing and suddenly
and suddenly for him it was like a revelation is a lot and he went home and tried it
why did in fact that with for him that was the thing and and then what he would do it
what he would do if he would cook the meat and put into a loaf pan


and then you can children with set up and then you can take that brick
of Chile and slice of as much as you want it and warm it up
up and there you would have your chili good for him that that captured the taste
the taste does he remember his mother making and then he had been going after you
after year after year after year so I’m sure he picked up recipes from the show
the show people calling and that was when I was standing out of my mind because he talked about it
talk about it so much and it finally some listener called and said here you go and


and that was in a dorm North last appearance on focus was in April of
April of 2012 shortly before you retire does host of the program
at the very end of the interview the true if you run out of time a doll says but I still got so many more
so many more recipes and just hearing that makes you think they clearly sharing
clearly sharing stories about food something the toilet join a lot why do
why do you think you devoted so much it was time to sharing recipes with W
what’s TTY Lowes audience why do you spend so much time on this radio show


what was it for him I think that he liked talking to people
people he liked hearing their stories for him
4 him I think it’s just that the show is very important to and we were really happy to
Peeta have him then there were times over that time when he had some health issues in
and we were concerned about him but he he was always I do
who is I don’t ever can overthinking a time that you didn’t show up that he cancelled because he was not
because he was not feeling well she was out Traveling which application nothing kept him away


away and I think you enjoy the music out and about in the community and people would hear
would hear him and hear the voice and no they knew him he like that you like to like you
YTP enjoy enjoy talking to people so I think that for him it was that it was a way of meat
what is a way of meeting people that otherwise he would not have and hearing stories about why she would not have
well its its Thanksgiving we’re going to spend the rest of the sower listening back to someone
back to some of the oil Morse recipes for Thanksgiving sides and pies in heaven
caring for people who knew him hear WY alone in the community you did holiday shows


holiday shows with dual every year in Adema talk about what he enjoyed most about holiday
about holiday cooking specifically for him it was being together with other people
weather with other people and celebrating and having a good time and enjoy
enjoying the food and enjoying each others company what evidence thank you so much
thank you so much for sharing your memories of talking to store


here today on Focus door Haddaway of creatine
reading conversations about food does conversations stick out
discount for Ford Focus producer Jack Wright you remember store has a renaissance man
renaissance man ultimately interested in community
I’m at the oil in connection with the show he was a regular gas once a month Doyle
Doyle more are chef in residence the worst so many great topics
topics that we covered on the cooking show show about tomatoes at the end


806 at the end of the summer my goodness everyone’s got way too many tomatoes what do you do
do you always have fantastic ideas for different things people didn’t think of
cough and then that would get the ball rolling other people collins,co my family going back to regenerate
back 3 generations always did XYZ in we have this big feast end
big feast and the talk about family traditions and gatherings in people naturally drawn that think that was
think that was in a cooking show on public radio with almost a parody of itself right
talking about rutabagas you know I can’t hear that the Saturday Night Live schedule


get right now in my mind right now but he brought so much wealth to the topic of food
pick up food in stores around Food and family that people were deeply Draanen
deeply Draanen and became a real community on that first Wednesday of the month Jack also told us
also told us that one of the reasons Doyle was such a great person to talk about food with was because
was because he was both creative and thoughtful you talked with David Inge many times
many times in the show about side dishes and vegetarian recipes because some people
some people can’t or don’t eat meat one thinks giving heed and David asked collars for the


collars for the turkeys supporting cast now we’re just
we’re just 3 weeks away 3 weeks from tomorrow from Thanksgiving and for a lot of people
for a lot of people that means that time to get together with friends and family and the have nots
and the have a nice dinner and also traditionally I guess for a lot of people video centerpiece
centerpiece there the main the main attraction Whidbey turkey not everybody does
everybody does people maybe have different things that the people who don’t have meat what we’re looking for this morning
looking for this morning is some conversation about what it is what are the main thing as what is


what is the needs to go with that what is it what is the SI said before what is supporting cast
cast of that’s the stars a turkey with a ham if its a goose if it’s a big lump
lumba tofu whatever it is what goes with that what important things to go round
things to go round what is side dishes if your if you’re going to have a big festive nice time
nice time and you’re going to put some effort into being in the in the kitchen what are the side dishes to go
side dishes to go with that and this is going to think that girl open up a lot of territory could be just about anything
anything if you have a good recipe in maybe the season indeed one of those things in your house


when your house its got it have to be identical it wouldn’t be thinking without that thing
without that thing maybe you can call in and for the recipe with us or just want to call and say hi
contact high that’s fine welcome back yes is matter fact thank you glad to have you here is this
is this there something that you always make no not anymore
not anymore there would have been there would have been off of
are green beans cook for about 45 hours
6 hours with bacon how would be one thing that was would be happy


bf has been used over and over and over new car smashed potatoes for mashed potatoes
actually it isn’t so much the side dishes
dishes of the accomplishments to the side dishes that work that were even more specific
Pacific Inn in my family since mother was Pennsylvania Dutch and she
she she didn’t insist on having to 7 Suite 7 sellers but somehow
but somehow we have them without making a fuss about them imagies adjust recall
just recall all the things that live with your thumb cottage cheese apple butter


apple butter bread and butter pickles child child that she would have made an error LSU would have made
wish you would have made and watermelon pickles she would have made and
and so on does all the condiments it go round does with only appear
only appear at at Holiday timer very special times and I kept
you wondering why you don’t have to marry me funny sweet pickles and things like that at
add an explanation I had to learn later about about the seven Suites
7 Suite 7 Sowers of Pennsylvania Dutch table and love it


what we have some of your talk with K let’s go to someone here on cell phone number 2
number 2 hello hello yes I’m hoping you can hear me on your ass
I just have to share this with you I grew up Pennsylvania
Sylvania yes and traditionally with Archer Kia
dinner we had a cranberry sorbet
it was served traditionally with the main meal yes service
serving little sherbet this yes I am traditions at the table


the day before someone had to church hello KS
hey yeah and you’re asking me for the rest of the car
the car and I don’t have it but it was the bagger 2 pounds a raw cranberries
berries that work rocked Atlanta run threw up
run threw up on MLK and Mina million Make It in an ice cream maker
nice cream maker yes and then let it sit in the freezer overnight
free ice cube trays lap and then it was Google


stop like ice cream vs intuition sherbet glass
laugh with me as long as a little palace
palate cleanser recipe is it least a hundred years
100 years old I word from my great aunt in her family
family it was always served with bones heal
only at Thanksgiving only actress yeah well that is pretty special
pretty special is nit that mean its just cranberries in sugar and then you put it in


ice cream maker well get out get out your name
get out your what’s up what’s the maker now that the Dong Ba get out the door
hey get up don’t be a 11 20 minutes as an hour and 10 minutes
MAC make up this year do that I think it’s it ice Europeans think it’s a pallet
get the power plant thats how its used yell
guess it’s just I’ve never heard of any other family doing well
well you see cranberries are American women so you want going to get that in


that end in European inspired recipes it really is it really
is it really is something from that part of the country and and local that’s wonderful I just had
I’m just happy Sheryl Sandberg I’m drooling over that one cause I like that
I like that thank you beautiful beautiful color that’s good that’s frozen
thank you very much thank you Granbury sorbet what’s going on with another
going to have another cell phone caller hear this is someone on Arline 4 hello
yes a lot of clear I’m halfway between Chicago


between Chicago and Indianapolis on i-65 wow I got a a green bean recipe for you
recipe for you yes I want to give you the background of my mother was raised
my mother was raised in Centralia Illinois ps4 probably around 1920
20 ensaladas has kind of southern slash Farm routes write off
off so you start to have pounds of fresh green beans trillions of Korra
premier of course ready to leave him law leaving Long yes
pressure cooker which by the way I think I’m making a resurgence they are indeed a


need a pressure cooker add to that of onion
bunion about the size of maybe a golf ball
just give me a rough idea how much I need to put in about
iPod in about 3 cloves of garlic killed in split how to put in
how to put in a bottle third of a pound of raw bacon now you can have
now you can have instead of baking knots on Lipitor today or anything you can put in
can put in a ham shank smoke a smoked ham shank


price of silver from a cooked ham but I really prefer the bacon and bacon
the bacon fat but you put the bacon raw horse yes um then
when the only change of major recipe was that instead of just having a little water to cook it
about to own store white wine in 2 ounces of water who do the
into the in the pressure cooker cook it for 2 minutes 2 minutes in the
minutes in a pressure cooker 3 minutes a camel to suck too much is a pressure cooker the have some
will have some some body but got there very well cooked bacon is very welcome look


look like Christmas it’s all cook a roast garlic in the onion
garlic and onion will be most celebrated a salt pepper
what also going there before you were to pressure cook it yes if the spectacular
the spectacular just read it and get all the way that’s great
84 fink u give me a minute I have a new pressure cooker
so I have something to eat to try on that that’s good alright
alright 2 minutes in a pressure cooker the green beans are done good thank you


thank you guys bye bye daycare well I guess thats that show you the liver to the pressure cooker
pressure cooker that is used to make the cooking times are seriously up shortened
shortened I 90 to use dry dry beans in dry peas and things I did a pressure cooker
pressure cooker that it is it cut it down down down down down but I never thought of putting fresh
putting fresh fresh cream by 62 minutes thats
best instant gratification is there something yesterday
where is something that I want to I want to throw in since there’s no one on the phone right now I got a moaner 21


wild rice walnut cranberry dressing not dressing but mean at ya
yeah it’s a grain a green a sound of the life of a
really really easy to make up an extra Deli delicious
delicious bunch of flavors um in essence its a onion
onion that you will sauteed at with some butter NLN cooker
and cook it for about 8 minutes does golden brown you can add garlic to that if you lie
do that if you like garlic and cook it for another minutes so you got the sauteed garlic and onions together


can onions together and then add 3 cups of water and aster in um
um a 12 ounces of wild rice blend or wild rice
wild rice know if you soak wild rice the night before cookies urine
cookies urine faster and then then you did it won’t it won’t be quite so hard to do
white so hard to do with uncooked that for about 30 minutes it takes a long long time 30 to 45 minutes
5 minutes to cook wild rice end of a soon as its done transfer to
2000 Bowl Esther and walnuts and the dried cranberries and parsley


and parsley and of beauty YouTube don’t you don’t need anything else
hats with a reminder there’s one direction fastbreak QuickTime to peel off their there is a
there is a wild rice another wild rice the wheel another wild rice is my favorite yeah that’s all
favorite yeah that’s out of the silver palate recipe by heart by heart
heart I do indeed that is a recipe yes that’s what time is it in his favorite
ninjas favorite another wild rice is absolutely wonderful is the pecans
pecans and uh oh pecans and and and wild rice and orange


and you can find the recipe for knotted wild rice
wild rice on our website with few other holiday favorites go to will.illinois.
giving way remembering wyll Stephan residence d’amore will be right back
will be right back after the shortbread welcome back to f****** son WY
wyll meadows and today on the show where remembering our chef Andres
chef in residence Doyle more oil joint former focus host David ends on the first


names of the first Wednesday of every month of the program to talk about cooking for more than 30
more than 30 years from 1980 to 2012 a passed away this spring
spring appropriate to spend this Thanksgiving Day remembering him over the years
over the years doing shared mini recipes with us maybe you still have one of the old focus 580
kiss my fat cookbooks WY LSD breeding was the one responsible for
Sabal for transcribing all the concoctions Doyle talked about focused she says whatever
she says one of her favorite things about the cooking show was that toilet off and bring in samples


what he was making someone find jobs was to transcribe the recipes that he would present
what he would present during that days program as well as the recipes with people with Colin with
Colin with remember that one of his favorite programs was about the things like
things like persimmons in Popeyes in he would have very old thyme recipes heed
Coheed call the receipts which you would dig up from somewhere I don’t know and they be doing
really unusual things but they were native to especially this part of the world is sparta
Sparta Illinois or the Midwest and great stuff what is a verb


what is everything so I got into a making with his fat pumpkin pie recipe that he shared of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving time what are the recipes that he featured wasn’t actually his
is it was William Warfield sweet potato pie a great pie recipe
pie recipe which was then tweak little bit by RFM host of Castle music Houston Roger
Houston Roger Cooper have a good relationship with William Warfield and he put in his little favour
little favorite pieces with adding you know im Brand sweetened condensed milk and
can um that was just a great recipe grape pie and you know what that’s


I guess it was close to my heart Emeryville kind of connections is well
one of the things that surprise me about Doyle actually I knew him through him coming to the radio station talking about
talking about cooking but I sort of new the haves connection with Japan house but I didn’t realize
what I didn’t realize text editor in till I went to an open house at Japan house not not too long before he passed away
passed away and he actually did a tea ceremony and I was privilege to be able to sit
to be able to sit at a bat steez Armani with him and it just made me realize
realize what is an awesome person who was the had all these different levels to him because I knew him


because I knew him as a very nice I said folksy kind of cook a2 preciation off foxy download
the foxy down home cooking and what did he was very cultured and he he was very rude
Justin bass in person de todas the recipes Doyle shared word diverse
diverse and listening back to archives of the cooking show Weaver duel talk about everything from
about everything from Indian food New Orleans cuisine to down home cooking the help
the help does dig up several of oils favorite holiday recipes you can find them
you can find them on our website at fluted are few


are a few of Doylestown can pie recipes short circle with David Njoku the years
years so this is one of those things that you just rolled things to do at the Sun
how to do when we close our program in September you mentioned that today
your wife was looking for a pumpkin recipe that didn’t have a a pumpkin pie that didn’t
composite didn’t have a crush yes and I am I am mediately Leapt on a
a very old family recipe from my family
what will the one with the sisters to cook okra say how are you how this is to be done


is to be done but I have extracted that from our family cookbook
cookbook and brothers lawn and out it’s complicated
did all all all all read it all to you but it’s complicated but I brought copy here so you can
I’ll be here so you can see Rock City copy and send it out 32 People call it what do that so
do that so so yes we can send out copies hamsters we can also get posted on our website after
after the show hopefully before pumpkins what can you
what can you still do this week and still have to use old can pumpkin


yeah okay can you don’t necessarily have to because I don’t know if there are people who
maybe field and just because they the gioi doing it like to actually use
actually use a for make a pumpkin pie using a fresh fresh pumpkin yes
yes there are but you know the funny thing of course Im if if if
if its effects on Food Channel I’m watching it all and food channel is Asda
Elis has been very keen about about all come on you can do this if you want to
want to but a pumpkin from a can is perfectly good will let me


put my glasses on and start with this Elise we got a dragon
dragon in the work is called a pumpkin torte North
North complex but it is impossible to do an easy and it seems that the
seems that dumb the grand children with a 12 absolutely devour this up on a point
once upon arriving everytime of the hill Fox like it very much too
Stu is made in 3 parts the crust which is a graham crackers
Packers exactly 24 graham crackers you crush them into about a cup and a half


about a cup and a half off of the crumbs and Addison a cup of sugar in a half a cup of milk
half a cup of melted butter how you know that drill for making making a crust
Home key lime pies and things like that and cheese cake out so
so upset that specialize enough them under is a first layer
first layer of two eggs three fourths of a cup of sugar in 8 ounces of cream cheese
cream cheese where you can see it going to be kind of a kind of cream cheese filling at you
easy cheesecake filling eggs sugar and cream of but that that is


that that is up put together and up poured over the crust before
before you bake it then you bake all of that for 20 minutes so is the crust is not true
Trust is not pre baked of b*** y****** this
creamed together the eggs sugar and cream cheese and for that over the crust in bacon
bacon and you said that inside look cool then there is a second feeling and
and in that is 38 yolks and a half a cup of sugar in a half cup
and a half a cup of milk and a half a teaspoon of salt in 2 teaspoons of cinnamon


is cinnamon so they’re there is the pumpkin the egg yolks which is another kind of custard because
because is egg yolks milk and pumpkin and spice cinnamon in such a good
such a good I just that if you want to put some cooking with closed system atrophy
this is a matter of fact really enjoying it really enjoying it I wouldn’t mind
clothing that the meanwhile you dissolve a package
is all the packages clear gelatin in water and then as soon as your pumpkin mixture
mixture is thickened up at the gelatin does the second feeling is is


is in a saucepan NNU you cook it up cooking tools fix a Suzy
is Suzy Q at this gelatin that has has been in the meanwhile
are there then another saucepan bring
bring together by to boil and sick in a tablespoon cornstarch in 4 tablespoons
4 tablespoons of sugar in a half a cup of water and that miss them going to make a sick I thinking
thickening like then but but the funny thing is the six
the fitting is 26 the egg whites and this is for the sisters


the sisters fight so anyway beat egg whites you have you the other three eggs
38 whites until until they start to pee and then slowly at this car
does cornstarch mixture which is a thickening what makes a real nice heavy
heavy substantial filling up off of egg whites and then
and then you pour them over the cool pumpkin mixture so you end up with kind of a suit
what kind of a souffle does been sick and has the pumpkin everything is you pour that
youpor that over the cool crest and the first layer and put in refrigerator


so is complicated that’s why I wrote this out is carefully as I could
and you and and so if you ask for your get it but it is easy enough to do but you
how to do but you gotta get those steps and then of course whipped cream if you want to survive
cream ayam I don’t always necessarily have with pretty but this is
this has been AAA a great favorite just called a pumpkin torte
whats its like a pumpkin cheesecake with a pumpkin meringue on yes yes what sounds pretty good
what sounds pretty good but I wouldn’t turn that down as well I guess I want to call


I want to call crustless is it doesn’t have that that that time I mean you’re thinking of
today on focus where remembering our late chef in residence
can residents to Elmore join to the show for more than 30 years to share recipes and stories
Beezid stories with us former focus producer Harriet Williamson says it was diagnosed
what was Daniel styled maybe show radio treasure who was the artist with ink
just think he was a visual thinker and the ability allowed him to be a great Rio gas
free real gas because he was painting pictures florist free sample in his recipe for


recipe for frog legs sauce piquante will describes the frog legs is looking like
is looking like Barbie legs the Boiling on to talk about his family role
roll n hunting frogs and a second frogs in 10th grade MN
and then leaving the muscles of the frog life duels rollin
does rowlandson far beyond being shoved in residence he was Renaissance man
Renaissance man with his encyclopedia College Humor and his stories
historys and it was really Doyle in his personality


um that made this program possible I was asked to talk about my favorite
my favorite oil recipes in my favorites really revolve around
around while in his stories about the recipe
so here’s an example toile style is he
is he gets recipe Despicable recipe for Irish soda bread
Brad so he talks about the techniques for making sure is the ingredients come together
come together correctly im so apparently there is the too much meat


too much meeting he says release the spread so he tells off
tales of the British big t*** 325 degrees know that leads to description
leads to description of how to 325 degrees reflects the temperature
Lex the temperature of bread baking a fireplace bread oven years ago then
then boil proceeds describe the nature of life from hard in life
ny furniture is constructed with high back street and warm is a family plates
the family way to the bread to bake so this is radio treasure


treasure listeners have the ingredients how to make it in the bin
benzoyl takes us beyond the recipe sew in with the hearth adorable
orthodontist describes a metaphor for the top around the microphone amp
and the word for extended by Doral in by David witches
is extended out to the listeners women encyclopedia of knowledge of food
knowledge of food and cooking techniques but he was also a learner he always appreciated
appreciated hearing from listeners about food food product a technique that was in your


you’re in the mac and cheese program a listener how to figure out that it was evaporated milk
milk at his mother muscles used in a recipe it is remarkable in radio history
radio history that do oil more with gas once a month for over 30 years April
April 2012 was last while Moore cooking program on WI
Wilo radio the program Rihanna’s always had with no mention
engine that it was the last I think it would be impossible for dividend oil
David and oil to do that program if there had been any talk of it being the end to the show


to the show David install decirle ear in the hour the doing the cooking shows
cooking shows with oil metal on to both of them that do oil in joy the show for the same breed
for the same reason he enjoyed the holidays it was a time when you had a chance to talk about food
about food and share stories with people who valued david also says Doyle enjoyed
oil enjoyed making things you might only prepare once a year the talk talking about gifts
gifts from the kitchen what is exit that we see alot is that foods have
foods have special places in people’s lives that has to do with their families


families and with their growing up and often is attached to some special day
the special day what are your special holiday foods something that
something that tell you’re really looking forward to doing maybe you only do that
at one time tell me that you only make one time during the year give us a call and tell us about it
Dallas back we be happy to hear from Fox and getting caught in the rain a walk back yes
back yes thank you I’m here IMI glad to have you here today who is there anything in religion
Henry Lee in particular that you we were thinking about Willis is something else


maybe because I’ve been I have been cooking little bit more than I have
I have the best at and I’m enjoying it so much I just suck enjoy making
making things for other people I’ve been doing that I like that very much I thought you know
how much I thought you know what really is a joy to make something that somebody likes
I’ve been doing that because I might my eating habits have changed in Alderney
altered New York why does Florida is the used to be but so I get by by making them
making things I would like to make and get it if there are a lot of there a lot of gay


is there a lot of gifts from the kitchen kind of attitudes and I pay more attention to that
that well we have a couple of cars here to join us in will start with somebody and down
downs about that line number for hello hi if were talking about
talking about holidays and giving away I want to tell you to ditions we have a stamp
is stablished in our family I make on Christmas Eve day something a condom on a cross
Democrat who is Swedish I’m not Swedish
I just found this recipe with a beautiful picture and had to make it but its just of a rich cardamom flavor


cardamom flavor Dredd made into a braided in the made into a round of the finish color
the finish color pulla oh okay yes I know that this tell tell us about it
about will it makes these 2 big 14 inch round
you put them into a ring no if you braid it now you just braided and
reddit and um attach it to you no form into a
attach the instigator Sonex around young Leafs Arif yes
what time it it it was just so much DMACC


Matt so this is our Christmas morning bread good weed with Willie
when we re open packages on Christmas Eve the tradition is this bread is baked and weed
baked and we take it to some one of them to someone own ice and it goes to
goes to someone has done something nice for someone whos had a hardship someone whose
has a hundred twenty people with their house for Christmas someone you know it’s just changes every year
every year um the whole family gets in the car we take it we did first
dead wrestlers use to go into the house yes no needs anybody new ride Christmas


Christmas Eve day and um it become a lovely traditions
do you saying we use to edit depending on how depends on how many people are hearing
here and now they do a great singer in when he was with us
when he was with a sweet thing I think that that you’re good describing something I think it is a Swedish
what is a Swedish custom fit with this Reese of bread to go around and singing
dancing and give it to people you’re still doing what was done long time ago I think it wonderful
wonderful I think it’s wonderful now that is this my petition Noble


nope it’s a good thing to do business with doing for so long and it really is NOT one of the light
what is allied my my friend who does Comfort Suites tradition tells me that you have to balance
have to bounce DS when you pronounce is iced coffee caramel
no no it’s kind of a crown stuff off at school
that’s good for the Leon the end secret Ian the end what does ray ray good
good what is the light that I mean it and it does make you feel good when you’re doing something
and some things you can do and that makes you feel good to salsa fun to be around


who deserve it
who’s the new friend whos a reason to well I think I’m glad
I’m glad thank you very much for the girl I get a car no frontier
what year was talking to somebody else in the song somebody be somebody in Charleston why number one hello
hello thanks for your program in a regular listener good
good I’m not from Illinois when we came here for two things that I was introduced
introduce two when were the wild persimmon and the second one world


when were black walnuts is we have both of those on a property Omar yes this year
this year have to be rather accept from here for the persimmons and they were nisi
nice eyes and so we we gathered Eminem’s rip the flesh
the flash freeze up on us
persimmon for a good pumpkin chiffon pie
pi who is this for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving as well as Christmas I don’t really make the rest of the year yes but the rest of the


what the rest of the pumpkin I mean a person is in a pumpkin cookie recipe
cookie recipe with a black walnuts old black woman and her seven
my give my gift should I give to Oz
I give you all are nieces and nephews are in international box of cookies
cookies in crude are these persimmon black walnut cookie dough that sell
that sounded do you know you can use a favorite recipe with this is just a matter of time
the matter of substituting a better food persimmon pulp instead of bow of


pumpkin yes I don’t know if its still exist somebody
probably call and tell but since I’ve been so long is my
is my 50 first or second year at university and
and and and when you walked out of the of the old architecture building
picture building going over towards the library which would be from the South going to the north
North you are there a five persimmon trees and I used to go out and get a person
persimmons I haven’t done it for so long I don’t know if its still there not buy a folklore


folklore they’re called possum opossum persimmons yeah the little ones
the ones yeah I have a lot more flavor in a lot of flavor
Scotty and you have to wait until they are frozen before you can eat them Fridays
Friday there for a freezing them fall on the ground I love them I don’t know if you can get there
if you can get there before the deer and the exactly is that true
hello I’m drooling at persimmons in Blackwood
black walnuts that is good


I’m going to look that up I’m going to be a new favorite of mine already
ready will making black what makes a call that this I remember we talked about 3 73
73 n and you mention that you at very generously mention the secret
secret the talk about where they were they were still there not



IMG Meadows end today
send today on focus we’ve been listening back to interviews in sharing memories some wyll
Royals chef in residence d’amore do you remember when he was a gas stove
who was the guest on the show did you remember recipes gave you try or did you give
what did you give him one post in our website at
focus 580 today show was produced by Lindsey moon


this is focus aw100

well well you don’t like wat we have to stop
we have to stop we have to go to 215 recipe
15 recipe well I’m sorry with that will have to leave it at that once and future
future thats Jeff in Resident Evil 4

Doyle Moore loved to cook, and what he craved most was a chance to share the food he made and stories about the food he made with family and friends. That’s probably why he joined former Focus host David Inge to talk cooking on Focus580 for more than 30 years.

This hour on Focus, we pay homage to WILL’s "Chef-in-Residence." Join host Jim Meadows as we listen back to conversations Doyle had with David and Focus' listeners about pumpkin pie, the Thanksgiving turkey’s supporting cast, and what Doyle liked to call “gifts from the kitchen.” We'll also hear from former Focus producers Jack Brighton and Harriet Williamson, and WILL’s Dee Breeding about their favorite Doyle stories and recipes.

Do you remember Focus' cooking show? Did you ever make a recipe Doyle shared over the air? We'd love to hear from you about it! Post in the comment section below or find us on Facebook and Twitter @Focus580.

Read more to find recipes from the show (and a few extras)!


Pressure Cooked Bacon Green Beans
2 ½ pounds of fresh green beans
¼ onion
3 cloves of garlic peeled and split
1/3 pound of bacon
Rinse them and trim the ends of green beans, put in pressure cooker with other ingredients, cook for 2 minutes. Drain; add salt and pepper to taste.
Wild Rice and Walnut Cranberry Dressing
1 onion
Garlic (to taste if you wish)
3 cups water
12 oz. wild rice or wild rice blend
1 package dried cranberries
½ cup fresh chopped parsley
½ cup chopped walnuts
Cook wild rice for about 30-40 minutes or until tender. Sauté onion in butter for about 8 minutes or until golden brown (add garlic to taste if you enjoy garlic). Remove the rice from the heat, transfer to a serving dish and add in cranberries, walnuts and parsley.
*If you soak wild rice the night before, it will cook easier and faster.

Nutted Wild Rice
1 cup (1/2 pound) raw wild rice
5 ½ cups defatted chicken stock or water
1 cup shelled pecan halves
1 cup yellow raisins
Grated rind of 1 large orange
½ cup chopped fresh mint
4 scallions (green onions) thinly sliced
¼ cup olive oil
½ cup fresh orange juice
1 ½ teaspoons salt
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
Put rice in strainer and run under cold water; rinse thoroughly. Place rice in medium size heavy saucepan. Add stock to water and bring to a rapid boil. Adjust heat to a gentle simmer and cook uncovered for 45 minutes. After 30 minutes, check for doneness; rice should not be too soft. Place a thin towel inside a colander and turn rice into colander and drain. Transfer to another bowl. Add remaining ingredients to rice and toss gently. Adjust seasonings to taste. Let mixture stand for 2 hours to allow flavors to develop. Serve at room temperature.

William Warfield’s Sweet Potato Pie (makes two pies)
40 oz. can yams (drained and thoroughly mashed)
2 sticks butter (melted)
2 cups sugar*
2 small cans evaporated milk*
4 large eggs
4 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp grated orange peel
2 tsp vanilla and 2 tsp lemon extract
Mix all ingredients. Pour into two deep 9-inch crusts. Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes to set crust and then at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes or until filing is firm in the center. The best pie is eaten warm!
*The “Roger Cooper Perfection” is to eliminate the milk and sugar and substitute 2 cans sweetened condensed milk (Eagle Brand) and add 1 tsp butter extract


Extraordinary Pumpkin Pie
In a small bowl, combine:
½ cup brown sugar
2 tsp prepared pumpking pie spice (or 1 tsp cinnamon, ½ tsp ground ginger and ¼ tsp ground cloves)
In a larger bowl, lightly beat:
2 large eggs (or ½ cup egg substitute)
In another bowl, add:
1 can (15 oz.) pumpkin
Flour mixture (the stuff in the small bowl)
¼ cup bourbon
1 ¼ cup evaporated fat-free milk
1 tbs. molasses
½ cup chopped pecan pieces
Mix well and pour into prepared crust (it will be full). Bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes, and lower the temperature to 350 degrees. Check after 30 minutes, 40 minutes 50 minutes and maybe even 60 minutes. Look for the first crack near the edge. If it’s removed quickly, the crack seals itself.
Cool the pie for two hours and refrigerate.