Personal Finance: Money Mentors


Who taught you how to balance your checkbook? Be responsible with your credit card?  The state of Illinois mandates that all students in public schools should be taught the basics of personal finance, but according to University of Illinois Extension Educator Kathy Sweedler, that doesn’t ensure  financially literacy. This hour on Focus, host Jim Meadows talks with Sweedler about a new program called Money Mentors that aims to help answer personal finance questions through peer counseling.

Chartered Financial Analyst Kevin Wapsi also joins us this hour on Focus. The stock market set several record highs in 2013, we’ll talk with him about what we might expect out of 2014 and what things you should be thinking about looking forward to this year’s tax season.  Or course, this hour on Focus, we also welcome your personal finance questions whether you’re looking at buying a car, sending a child to college or just starting out. 

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