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for more than a decade and Democrats represent a champion Urbana hundred 3rd legislative district in Springfield
field last fall Naomi Jacobson now she would not run for a 7th Republican Kristen Wiig
Williamson sauna portunity day I’m proud to announce make an agency for State Representative
representative for Champaign Urbana Williamson’s running unopposed for the Republican


domination unlike the Democrats in the race of them next week I’m Scott Cameron today
Renta de Cristian Williamson Georgia take your call if you have a question for the Canada
802 to 29455 802 2294
9455 plus Tom Kasich and Brian Mackey return for political Roundtable
is focus after this news

good morning this is focus on w.i.l.l.i.a.m Scott Cameron sitting in Virginia


going to two parts of conversations with the camera trying to represent Champaign Urbana 130 district
Springfield to see the Democratic Jackson to lock on for more than a decade she’s not
is not running for 7:30 a.m. To Democrats Urbana city council member Carolina Champaign attorneys
Sam Rosenberg hope you feel the holdup a Jacobson what’s up with the next Tuesday in the shower
today less than a month of March 18th primary Republican Kristen Williamson she’s running
running unopposed for her party’s nomination joint Assyrian Studio C thanks for coming
if you have a question for Christian Williamson about the issues affecting Champaign Urbana


the state in general or about her campaign going to give us a call the numbers 800 222
29455 again at 802 to 2945
55 Regis by email will def talk at
and on Twitter send something there a app so Cassius 580
I’m looking this is a chance to get to know you a little bit CA in running a pose with me
play campaign relatively speaking so far I’m here is Dennis somebody issues that for folks talk with you
is well on the primary what’s the sum of the measures of when we start with


the cost of a college education you have talked about your own experiences
the going to Parkland, you’re my working very hard to get to the point
the cost of college continue to climb state funding especially Illinois is not what
not what it used to be to put it lightly if a college degree remains
a primary pastor good paint job how do you keep an open to those
does the counter for to graduate with 10000 dollars into absolutely no one mile
when my reasons for running is to protect higher education like in Hershey


here banner about 12 years ago the opportunity that I found your education is what
what changed my life growing up in Effingham when I was in high school my family is going through a hard time
and I left high school number of 17 and I was working pretty Factory in from Effingham GA
Champaign Urbana with your via Park Lane in all the culture that was happy new year wishes
seems like this vessel copper 2 AT&T I knew if I could just get here
I would have a real shot at making my life into what I wanted it to be so I made a plane
how to plan I knew that my goal is to get to Champaign Urbana to get to Parkland College in what I sound here for


here for the instructors and the community with everything I thought it would be my education
Keyshia near prepare me to be able to transfer to the University of Illinois because of their support
support the head of the colleges antique media the will to do that while working full time
Andrew in raising young son on my own in the cost of education weather your
young person coming here straight out of high school support for your family or if your eye
MLP season workers return education after layoff for a change in your job
your job field incredibly incredibly County I know I left the US


do you even with having a park in college education with a significant amount
I’ll be paid for rest of my life so as a representative for the community
my number one focus will be advocating for the University of Illinois in Parkland College to make sure that
sure that we are meeting the funding levels promises to university and college answer
define pathways to make education more formal from students not in dish into being
to be able to lower tuition rates one of the first build I would look at a cheap in road
federal tax lien initiated bill in the Senate a while ago and houses for sale


introduce will be a bill that would require the state map grants be used
used at Publix non profit universities today you can you state grant
Matt money for profit colleges and universities and that money
intern going to investors if we can bring that money back to places like parking
Park in college and university without a return 25 million dollars a year I believe that this year
if your 17 million steps to bring back for Illinois students be able to use your love Glee
you can let him to the bus going to ask a question what is a lot of federal


federal funding dollar loan sings like that and what is the state role
what, state do to help people get those opportunities not coming out
Massa de um really had me going for a long time
long time I think that the states will more so than anything is making sure that we keep public
public universities affordable fight for selling are finding out locations in a thing for us to be
how to be able to do that we also have to put a strong focus on our job economy to make sure that got away
Natalie Illinois tune for the graduate. You like in going out to work for budget


500 thousand plus unemployed Illinois ants can have a job with your contribute
QR tax basis for the Wii can support our public universities
speaking Johns in the economy on my son is a period Center Nelson
Nelson Mandela released last month show that since 2000
the middle class has a cold in your trunk in size so backward
backward income and wealth and shed some but not all this characteristic faith in the future
um how have you seen affecting people in champaign-urbana and what do you think


what you think is the state room changing a trend will i buy food first
firsthand from Residence Inn Champaign Urbana about their struggles to find employment ur job
economedes change the great deal and its people having to look at your return back
Green back to college easier to your for your job skills training much more
much more available to people don’t necessarily have the 2 or 4 years a vailable to get back
get back into the workforce in every family I think we can start working through much more public private
private private partnerships in with trade associations to be able to make job skills training


more readily available for workers today can getting into the workforce for the state role
troll Indianapolis change that stay wide of a lot of work to do in
in order to inject confidence in certainty ensure States financial climate
leadership climate that we can make Illinois a place where job creators
are there already operating the one I want to expand and contract a lot of that new business
the M the Congressional Budget Office report
the raising the minimum wage 1010 hour would lead to the loss of half a million


jobs with also lift the side nearly a million workers on a property
how do you support a minimum wage you know I look at that same study and ice
I can say first hand from your being a working mother who work in low income jobs whenever we were
we were trying to get our Sumter school and I know the job at you
7 dollars an hour or a job at 10 dollars an hour is it necessarily going to a picture
put yourself in a pass to get out of there out of that financial situation my focus
this would be on creating more living wage jobs here in Illinois that people can’t


not only just get by start planning for the future that study for the CBO
yo kind of shows it a minimum wage increase while we all have a sinkhole
alleviating poverty and putting people that have to prosperity is the Chick fil A reports
basically what we would be doing is taking money from one group of low income employees
please work currently working now in reading Erin come a little bit but we could be
could be taking jobs away from another pull all together and we see a lot of studies that show
what show did different types of life changes in riverCity that can affect people from death


towards a job lot is one of the most significant life changes
different people to overcome in for the long term effects couldn’t vote for a measure that could take
take that many jobs away from people you know what I think the minimum wage
increase with impacted Morso in Illinois just because businesses are have
are having a hard time expanding growing in because people are having a hard time finding work now
what we need to do if you live in reading report about all the skilled labor
labor jobs are available out there but we don’t have enough people ready to sell them


tell them I would like for us to focus on ways that we can make the skills training more available
Mobile to people who are currently in lower weight division 2 week help put them on to a path
TBT higher wage earners you would not supported
which of these to 1010 an hour this point you mentioned as you would focus more
more on Creedmoor Johnson provide a living wage how do you if not through a letter
legislative process how do you do that I think it’s about changing our physical climate
Illinois to be able to attract does higher wage job right now we seem to have a gap


gap to wear where you know attracting a higher learning jobs that require people to have
how much more advanced degrees or wear a tracking cause lower wage job
jobs we need to be able to focus on those little lady with shoplifting help strengthen and grow are middle class
and I know I think there’s many many pieces that when I think we need strong leadership
leadership the top selling the gender of how we get only the schoolhouse back in order
I sing it we need to start focusing on things like you know
email to set predictable tax rates for corporations in small businesses so they can start


are playing for investment jobs infrastructure in the state of Illinois income tax
that’s what we talked about earlier is education education weather someone thinking
Hannibal for them today if we can make that reality possible for them
we can put people on a path to success Ave Whittier CA
a lot of other things to talk about in educational things including as
text conversations spending how to pay for all these things on we’re talking with Kristen Wiig
Williamson Republic counting for State Representative 103rd Street director public relations


planning consultants and the universe Illinois College graduate now you’re in town
if you have a question for her number is 1 800 22 29455
find Casa Rita’s by email addresses will def talk and Illinois .edu
Twitter Matt focus 580 on soup
just to be with you when you have spoken quite about your own personal story in which
what’s be prepared to run for office I’m York and running for a public office
what we have learned a little bit of your status on the issues here in just a few minutes


what do you want to know about you as a person in the selection
what are snow that means a person is that I’m someone who I am very deeply
Baltimore community my goal as both a representative and numbers
community is to get to know if many people possible to make sure that I understand what im packing up directly
and how we can work together but at the community level and the legislative level in a state
whenever I forgot rate for University of Illinois I decided that I wanted to me to life here for
for our family and start getting back investing into the community high today I survey


Admirals to help get to do that I serve on the board of directors of the dawn where poison
Boys and Girls Club I’m crawling up pointy to the Willard Airport task force
and I’ve had a role in politics local issues from the past decade
Dell XFR s credible accessible I’m someone who I can work
work with people different diverse background from different parties and I believe in
order for us to be able to move the ball forward to get our state are community and Rec directions
section 8 needs to go do we have to claritin work together what time sore little less than a month


from the primary pecan reply for absentee ballot
early voting start so early next week what’s a message
are you trying to send right now at Republican voters right now we’re really trying to reach out to Republicans
how can voters to let them know that we need them to be involved in the process
we’ve had everything Jacobson’s for 12 years
opportunity for us to know to relieve Springs new ideas to the table
we will need to be we need to be engaged Miley Cyrus talking


what’s going on my community interstate you mentioned in MA Jacobson
Jacobson she has made passing a graduated progressive income taxes
the top priority here year in office you said that you a postgraduate
taxes around I want to believe is a graduated income tax would have the largest
effect on the middle class Illinois and I can’t I see that by looking at something
numbers that have been coming out of Springfield what is graduated tax increase with look like
and right now you’re free look at that are real tax rate is 3 percent right now


elevated in the temporary income tax that right now anyone over me
$18,000 year would be subjected to a higher income tax families are making over 50
$56,000 year was 13 6 percent and in state income tax
income tax and I think that you know a progressive tax is always kind of sold out
we’re going to tax the rich guy on the hill with reality is there’s not enough
of those people to make up the difference what happens if we have to fight ratings
the scale on lower income earners your wifi with a 250000 people leaving


the state of Illinois Justin the last year loan for us to make such a giraffe
drastic change in our inner structure for state tax code we need to be having a lot
give me some things we talked about to education spending on things like that
trying to increase a job opportunities in bring company of things going on the voice
Beavis actors right now the amount of money coming is not match the amount of money going out
so how do you balance how do you how you
do you cut down on the spending more money coming


coming out should I believe is the best way to replace revenue into ass
add your state income base is to be able to put more people into workforce
talk about some of the stuff so we need to take me to me only more attractive tattoo businesses
first and foremost after you that we have to support education lil sister
how to start a valuating programs to I do not support across the board tax cuts
im 22 RC budget I need to go through an image
the efficacy effectiveness of many of our program everything from Medicaid


the quality of our school funding and I also think that im we need to start
start having leaders who can work across party lines
does the worst thing that we could do is do nothing
real conversations about how we can meet you know when we didn’t get the situation is
what is today overnight in the solutions not going to come in One Dell or in one turn
turn the reality is we need to start changing our political climate Springfields are working together
weather going to be in college to 800 222


29455 go to a Michael from Urbana online 1
Michael go ahead run Focus really enjoy this conversation
so far Kristen if you are elected take a note 2
what the Constitution of the State of Illinois om
and the question I have to ask is the Constitution protects
im pensions and benefits as a contract
are the state legislature and Governor Quinn has seen to Filey


the constitutional clause how would you address
Michael thank you for your question I agree with you
whenever you get the last fall whenever they came back with Bill 1
kid reform that the public pensions I was very surprised that happen in
what happened to the manor the dead because I believe it was and Rec violation the public pension protection
action clauses in the Illinois Constitution does it benefit cannot be diminished
and I believe that the Constitution is an app killer Claus accident


is an employment contract between the state and for the pensioner whenever they
everyday enter into an agreement and the fact that this patient Bill was rushed through without
out having all sides of the table is with benefits
benefits images on constitutionally New Orleans whenever we started working on pension reform
uniform the we are one public union coalition they came to the table and said we we want to
we want to help find a solution and a public unions were willing to make concessions even
even know the situation with the public pensions with no falta there yet


yet again and the leaders were working on that build rather than continue
when with the original color candle Knoll over the holiday weekend came out and said
we’re going to move forward with the one that was rushed to run a matter of days my hope
hope is it that Illinois Supreme Court Rule that is unconstitutional and from the first day out
I’ll be there working with your local public employee unions to where we can
can find real public pension reform that is Constitution Michael thank you for the call
call I’m just a little bit what sort of pension over how would you like to see


what would work your mind I think that what we have to do is go back to Sanibel 2
2404 and we need to make sure that the public employees are at the table
table no is it when you know I think that’s where have to start
I would not want to say exactly what we needed to overhaul without them having a voice
Mayra life would be a liaison between the state government in our public in place
please we have here in this district Moore state employees in any other districts in a state
and because we have to many public employees here all at areas of our local economy


will be impacted by the change the pension system and I want to make sure that I Idabel there tab
tabby cat for District how to run a little bit the
what makes is enough said the education funding in the pensions that this over
this over Hollys dumb which some say didn’t go far enough in some cases would restaurant
structural deficit the state im still a lot of money in a lot of
lot of money going on leading to the stuff from here to state
can get much on the other side of that how do we take care of that either by cutting is better bring in the river


the revenue for specific way and I would you address a time for us to be able to do
Ulta buildup in a Phillips in the deficit start painting ideas what we needed to do
to do is put a plan place to pay off debt to lower deficit
and you be able to return the temperate Act increased down to the promised rate
and I just don’t believe that something is going to happen overnight in even if it wont turn
can you speak to maybe we’re where would you start the process status receptor Jensen
what’s the first thing I think we need to plan for one I would love to scene


a budget proposal from the other last week unfortunately he decided to wait until after the primary
primary so we don’t have a lot of framework to start with to say no ears how we should tackle
is a proposed budget plan but I would really like to see if that water spinning priority
Gordy’s are go through evaluate the efficiency of those programs to find out you how can
how can I be administered effective way to what type of resource is the place
place to make sure that the resources are there for people who need them the most
is a cell are oblique Asians in terms of those am The Descendants


spending properties what if you were there any rich and pink certain the cause when I would your standing pirates Bay
Michael Kors education be number one I think that we knew
do we need to also be really be focusing on the Medicaid program innovative started with Medicaid
smart act that I know of majority that hasn’t been implemented but you
the band was there was a significant number of people who were eligible for that particular
articular program what was doing was making system weaker for people who genuinely
MeetMe did you know you need it the most we need to start with those programs


making sure they’re running running affect sleep um won the battle frontier in Skokie
go to gym in Kankakee online for a gym good rifle kits good morning
morning I wonder if you could to Telus what your top three proposals for reducing
reducing public corruption in Illinois with P shirt when is the lighting
one of my top priorities in at talk about this quote about the campaign is to support the yes
yes for independent map which is a referendum statewide referendum that would put the map
the map drying process back into the air put it in the hands of citizens


and by removing politics from that process I think by doing that
we make legislators Moore Campbell to the people in your district Alexa Twitter
they’re not doing with their they’re Center Springfield to do or say racking a cropped Manor
Manor is going to be much easier to elect new leadership in those district do we have
have a distributor incredibly gerrymandered let me get some white hard for a stye
breast have changes in leadership when when you be thanks for the coffee
I’m looking around that champagne in Urbana if


if your elected you were going to be serving in a very diverse community in area
how would you work to represent the community as a whole will Exorcist
right now and ask doing outreach to all sectors of our community and that’s what I love
I love that she is the weirdest magnets the trolling people from all over the
the world and that’s why I believe as a representative is community I have to be someone who is
who is open minded and being actively engaged with all the different cultures in people of different background
because we go to Springfield alligators community advocate for many many


how many people have many different priorities and I plan to be inactive very visible very
very so what are you doing right now to reach out to two different groups
different things I’m 10 things were doing is building collaboration Caucasus
kisses in weave in Beverly needs out someones every couple of weeks for brain different groups of people
people together just started casual conversation to find out what are you what is important to people
people you were the issues that they care about the far we’ve got a group of women we have about 30 women come out
come out and get that conversation we had one for young people to continue to expand that we have any


mini pro a community college to become a champion Public Library and I want to make sure
picture that during his campaign that I make myself available those in prison
383 internet and we have an office in team is doing outreach
PeopleSoft it was back in the September think Wyndham Republic
Denver the first said that in order to grow the a Republican Party must diversify
absolutely me a list of people with different skin color you said people pray to different gods
forgot have a different mother country is the state GOP doing enough


how to make that happen during the visuals in st. Party
adventuring proactive in Indiana for tonight think that you know as the organization of a whole
that’s really starting to Cole reality is is the Illinois
national hub that you like him here banner SUBR banner little bit more concentrated City
how many different people and we have to take into peoples the consideration
Asian people background and their religion and you know what their priorities are
Indio certainly I’m all for having diversity in our party you know it whenever I for sale


Baltimore public prayer still few women taking an active role model essay
last 8 years I’ve been built a fellowship program to help for women become involved in the political process
call process in it something I’m very passionate about my hope you’re in horses campaign that we can bring
more young people and people different backgrounds in the voice
voice command you have an active in the counter publican party system
something that’s on your mind you have to talk about the forum what are the Nexus what do you do then
interregional to different communities a right now may not be the party as a kid


interest the first step its showing up and going to wear
where they are we can’t we can’t expect the people who may be haven’t felt you know how it feels
Wauconda Republican Party earth looked at the Republican Party is traditionally not a place for them
it’s my responsibility to go out to them to get to know them find out whether causes Arkansas
concerns are at once we can start advocating for them to find ways that we can make
everyone’s life you know better than that went to see that you’re the Republican Party
party is a place in the frontier 802 22


29455 up all online to Paul from Champaign County High Paul go ahead
thank you well I think if I was a pensioner
who si have a little bit my money in escrow depending on whether the Supreme Court allows the Sun
unconstitutional things go ahead I think the first thing you have to do is talk to you Republic
Republican Conference in home services that the hand and find out how you going to change
change their mind because they all I pretty much back much more draconian
quote unquote solutions to the to the pension problem and seems to me what we were


what really needs to be done is the really have Frank’s family map feminization of a
Illinois tax system in the structure of a tax system I’m just curious if you know
that Illinois it off the neighboring states is only
only the second highest personal income tax Indiana
what has a county level income tax what average is about 1.4 3
3 percent and they have state income tax of 3400
so that puts a minute just 17 pants below the 5 percent we have in all


Avenal Kentucky Missouri Wisconsin and I want a medium income range because they something
progressive tax median family income people they have much higher
tire tax Iowa 7.92 Wisconsin 6.5 Missouri 6
Kentucky of 5.8 so there’s a lot of Mythology Ising about how to
how to clean this track tax rules increase was in
so gorgeous doesn’t cause I’m running a little behind
what question is what do you say to those Faxon do you know them


Princeton because we don’t have please okay thanks for the call
Circo the question of you know what was the property tax rate for
for you for Illinois to conversations we have to have right now Illinois families are straw
are struggling with the tax increase was put into place in 2007 that was you
what is the exact same time as the federal government lower the federal tax rate by 2
2 percent in order the part of the stimulus package helped the economy moving
didn’t experience essay mean so they were you know right now


right now we really have to take a look at your struggle salad with families are facing with reality
reality of with we have to increase again with the bird that going to be on our job climate
individuals we have just a minute left here woot
what do you think other than say the top three priorities
what is facing this community right now is community I think it’s making sure that we made
maintain the University of Illinois the world class institution by making sure that we put in place
lace solid constitutional pension reform for state employees were able to


able to secure funding for the University of Illinois at we can keep it we can continue
continue to have a lonely students also being able to afford to go to school here make sure that its
it’s affordable we also have an incredible opportunity to capitalize on the counter
counting Resources communication with the Research Park in the technology innovation of taking
taking place here we really need to make sure that whenever you know those products are ready to go to
go to market that we make Champaign Urbana plays it for the can come to fruition
education jobs the one more than them


and honestly I wanna go back to see that we need to make sure that our political climate
is a healthy one that can move for tonight believe that we start doing that I haven’t Fairmount
map not as much needed change in our town in government
a Christmas song is running but not opposed the most Asian for State Representative Champaign Urbana
Cabelas hundred 3rd legislative district to see how to pass to Dickinson Albany NY
Jacobson next week the to Democrats Carolinas and Sam Rosenberg join us a Christian
talk to me talk income for a foot wake up


NexStar political roundtable time KC and Brian Mackey are State House reporter in
Springfield Jonas stay with its focus on Wi alone
is politics today show de Jonas now or two of Art
favorite political Watchers got Brian Mackey Illinois public radio stations reporter in Springfield
Anton’s KC and colonist Avenue get here in Champaign welcomes you
how you doing well to mount Tom Brady sex with sister
what start with using Red Cross Mirren Studio C a Wii focused the first part of the sower


Annette state representative 730 district Asino hell by Naomi Jacobson
for quite a while help I need a jacket when’s the last time a Republican won at sea
weld with the boundaries of changed but uh you know
you know over over the years over redistricting but the last time was actually in
2002 Naomi Jakobsson be Tom Burns who was a one term
the Republican candidate he was Ceasar just a 22 years nearby
before he had a streak of Republicans so they only really change the


the dynamics of the the this district in the district South to c** more democratic b***
TicketsNow Sally Democratic district LCD every election
indeed she’s running with your system percentage when is gone up in open up she’s really done well
well yes every year no matter what is the president of your not she’s she’s a
taking care of it pretty usually where did christopher Williams in a few minutes to talk about the maps
apps for a reminder District interview
how to change sounds like a selected um the what


what is the name of Jacobs and what what is she known for this point
support Fire Station support for social services
the Disco the liberal game at the support for civil union same sex
sex marriage in all the things that you expect a Chicago Democrat
most cases to support but you know she’s a she’s got a relatively live
liberal district what’s the most liberal if not the most liberal downstate
so she’s safely ensconced era she said done well


every election campaign does ash trying to think of other areas of the state where you might ok
occasionally hear about socialist candidates on the ballot in I can’t get to many of the champagne room
Peter Pan arias right right right right step
im a woodwind were here tumblr what time is she has Ono and she’s champion
champion number for causes over the years what are legacy myPay
you know I’d the note I suppose it would be just supporting liberal call
what causes Sub Focus everybody everybody that serves mistress posed to support your


where do you buy things you should been very strong and social services in healthcare
Karen mental health like that since she was actually the did one of the deciding vote
vote on the same sex marriage bill as you’re the kind that waited she was a very dramatic story where she came back
came back from her sons on side is he was dying to CAS Edison
deciding vote X restaurant NFM Brown Mackie Road in Springfield
Brainerd number to the races going on around the station in various districts you been looking at
looking at one time is in the 39th Street in Chicago area Tony Berrios


what are you saying about going on right now yeah this is one of the ones that the House Democrats are watching very close
very closely she is Tony Perry OC is a Democrat use the daughter of
Joe Berrios who is the Cook County Assessor a long time very powerful dental
Democrat in Chicago he was the first Hispanic elected to the General Assembly back in 1986
1982 he’s very tight with House Speaker Michael Madigan um and she is facing
the primary for the name is already who is a really young guy he graduated
why did from Brown University Ivy League education and comparative literature just back in


2009 you ran against Tony Berrios by just the last election cycle
2012 in only lost by a hundred twenty five votes on somebody
what you see herobrine on paper the seems like my eyes are pretty wild progressive
recipe guy something someone the Democrats mike Ward know it to get behind but this is one of those case
does cases you hear about Chicago where we don’t want nobody nobody sent Antonio
is really tight with the insiders um in the American power structure
structure on so the stomach wraps really nervous about this


one of the other uh the deal factors here is that you have is already getting along
alot of support from a union labor including Isei you ask me
teachers unions like the Federation of Teachers day IKEA in the Chicago
how do teachers union im in this is your computer is a proxy battle between
you know how speaker Mike Madigan who pushed me that big pension overhaul bill and union to a very unhappy
I’m happy about that legislation Solosis coming back to the money around
Roundy’s campaigns coming back to the pension vote it doesn’t mean that is something that you know


the unions and unions have looked at what’s happening neighboring states Illinois a different political
local climate there’s more democratic control government here but you looking what happened Wisconsin
sconsin a lot of people with the thought that you need to be not back as hard as they were the article
NYTimes this weekend of putting out how far the Union have fallen in Wisconsin
because of some of the changes that went through a government there a certain way changes in Indiana and Michigan
in Michigan is well so I think that they are looking to the unions are looking to assert their power
power in some way Ionia divide College the conversation 2


listen to ask you a question for time Kasich for Brian Mackey about the primaries is going on here
Hillsborough states are some of the issues that they’re coming up engines mother was the numbers 800
2229 455 email will dash talk
Illinois .edu a Twitter @ focus 580
Obrien 11330 another capture the tensioner released tapping into somebody
is going on right now another one of the Democratic side of the name Dierks
Eric Smith might be familiar this is the state representative who is indicted for allegedly


why did Lee accepting a $7000 bribe from somebody who is wearing a wire for the FBI
I was the body was the original thought he was a green house daycare Guetta
get a state grant trial has been delayed he’s in a 5 Way primary
im but he seems to be holding his own for now I ve done against your will
what we have that many candidates and you are the guy with the support of the party
u10 to do be able to do okay because the the opposition to delete itself
intentionally cerise events February not really


I’m just
that that every other a house race up there Bryan at your match in time
John Anthony yeah this is a really interesting IKEA
Casey Anthony is the first African American to serve the Republican in Illinois
houses in the cut back amendment that was for you may not remember
back in the early 80’s the used to have a third more members in the House you have 3 members
amber districts and because of that you were able to get a lot of um Republicans in


Chicago for example I did a lot of people look back sore finally on that era because
because they thought that help cut back on some of the partisanship and the other deeply
the political divide wisin develop in American life since then and it is an aside we have
we have to pack when the flag is he was one of the chief architect of pushing through that cut back amendments
so I think about that next time in India how to make your voting decisions but anyway
so I John Anthony is the Republican he’s a candle County Sheriff Deputy
deputy he has the backing some big time conservatives like I jumped over wife’s estates


state senator who’s running the primer for US Senate a guy named Jack Roeser who’s a big toe
big time Republican fundraiser up in the Chicago area in a conservative activist
activist and then he also has Bruce Reimer on his side who is the guy who is the currently leading in the polls
the poles going to the Republican do electorial primer on his side that include
food has he has a financial backing and you know this is a
one way that I think you spend a lot of his time to beating up
the establishment in Springfield MO people down here the capital of wandering boy is it going to be


going to be like the book again works just the governor waging war against the legislature
what we have seen Mr honor of getting in money to a lot of candidates and I think
yeah he is he is a bill if he is elected um he is he is
is potentially building himself sort of a coalition or a caucus with him
the legislature of people that he supported anyways at John Anthony I was the appointed
when did Republicans currently he is running against a person who is the
is the Grundy County Board Chairman I’m there was at the Capitol fax a newsletter


publishable last week to children Anthony was in the lead on but it was
who was close enough that maybe people would you know begin to get a little nervous if if anything would a chain
how to change the feeling that race in the middle of the night looking at is the weather 48
district representative Us Sandra Piojos who is the gay guy
I gotta get a long time state representative from Glen Ellen on this is in the western suburbs
birds of Chicago she’s up against a guy named Peter Breen who is a
a lawyer with the Thomas More society quite a bit which is a Catholic rupees been out


front a lot on somebody’s issues relating to civil unions in there was a lot of fallout
allowed in the state album regarding adoptions in Catholic Charities
getting out of the adoption business so this is just yet another instance of a
intra party of fighting going on that that make a end up b***
sucking a lot of money out of the the campaign coffers of parties that would rather save
David to go against their they’re up they’re party opponents in the fall MFM tumblr
disturbing you back into this mucocele something happening here to some degree with a Christmas Williamson running opposed


closed on a democratic side there’s a hot race going on right now is a big race into tractor Dove
some statewide money to speak Americans involved in this one is well
is Becky Sam Rosenberg who is opposed by Carol Ammons 8
Ravenna city council member and the its really badly split
Champaign County Democratic Party of people that were sexually in the same team for years are now
Dallas TX and its been quite interesting race so far
are there still want to go from these a milli heard from both of them


just last Friday night for that you write the news that helped organize and put together
what are some of the differences between us again there you know the gym
Gentle Leader both the support of the same issues just do one support
support for certain things are you like this is for the minimum wage
is Rosenberg unfavorable just a general 10 increase the $10 an hour
are well care Lamis is what we gotta go higher than that we know $10 find weed
what we have to get up to 50 ways to catch up with the with the use of


backsliding he’s so she’s for a young marijuana
surly more of the liberal laws about marijuana
she is against speak Americans corporate tax cut idea while he’s 40
pour it up there’s a few issues at the disagreement between to liters
where is Greenland this is here you guys talk a little bit you know some of the issues that
food keep coming up in multiple races are run Sanford Pensacola times
different places in different vaginas what are the issues are driving the conversation right now


right now and Brian want to start with you on that will show up with the you have to
you have two different ways to look at this was driving the issues in candidate mailers in dads name
district is one side of things in what actually driving the political debate in Springfield
field is something very different so you do here I think candidates talking a lot about whether it seems
same sex marriage or the minimum wage things that play biginner district
they think will help them in certainly in a place like champaign-urbana where you have a lot of a state government
employees at the University of Illinois you have pensions being a huge Talking Points


back to the matter is on the bat is a its it’s a done deal for now
waiting for the Illinois Supreme Court Angelita expected to weigh in on this until that happens
inside out much is going to happen on the pension frontier in Springfield
but obviously like in Champaign and Urbana that’s a good talking point you want to be out
there is saying I’m going to defend your pensions right or iPad united we need to change it to say
how to save our pictures whatever your message would be like you said that in terms of um
same sex marriage I think is independent the race some some people might find it useful


useful to to point out that they were border against it it’s really a granular
depending on where you at where you are a state phantom summer hair braiders going to Sadies
is there any other districts day work for both the candidates are saying that
therefore graduated income tax we need to text people more that’s the way it is here
Democratic candidates you know I think I did run on a
Pro tax increase plan last time around like it was only one percent of a2 percent we actually
actually got ya know I think that that champaign-urbana is a is a unique


Uniqlo place in Illinois politics causes talking with the time
Brian Mackey status report at the Illinois public radio in Springfield
conversation? Primaries others going on right now here locally or around State
802 to 29455 number in Tamil
you wrote over the weekend Tacoma News Gazette undecided voters
what right now Bradenton the Capitol fax Poli have one
London here last week just the day before there for a minute founded


sexually tied with 46 percent undecided which seems like
like a lot to me but but the talk to the Macarena polenta baby found in other districts
is a size 80 percent of bet that the gubernatorial race is really suck in the air out of
other races so um I know it in part of the problem here that has a sad before
before the get people who are were allies before an all sorts
the races were now on the other side divided or weather is a side with Caroline
Carol Ammons or with Sam Rosenberg so um its so you know it


its it’s one of these things were think TV advertising in maybe radio advertising to make a big deal
big deal the next 34 weeks and then house I can play then go ahead in the general election
131st still a lot to think the Democrats is close to Allah
lockdown status at ya me know I was looking at the numbers
2 years ago Naomi gypsum ran for her 6 times she won every priest
precinct in Champaign Urbana that’s not to say that’s going to happen again but
and p**** was the presidential election year but still gotta say that


David the Democrat has a distinct advantage in this district 11 11
which write a post right now she’s not have to spend a lot of money to the Swift
disciples of war chest but campaign funds Island were single Carolina
Roseburg having to get out for a little more right now spend some of that in the beginning
get the fray right well the speaker als will get involved if yes to any has a past
to preserve Jacobson Andy’s indicated he already has
has given money to Rosenberg and Rosenberg orejas raise the this is 40


is recently $55,000 where is Amazon about 10
if you count up the 1800 he’s doing
he’s doing good job of a reason money is a petition to watch is the number to remember coming in from
the outside the area of a lot of money from skin
State Medical Society money i dont trailers money State Bar Association money
from the Republicans or Democrats in Manila
Illinois good job raising money what is that big


Little Havana think about his son has been looking for structure about to
just got connections at somebody likes him in Springfield OH
Madigan certainly the speaker big somebody
yeah yeah alright I’m looking haven’t got a couple minutes
right now that the spring session again legislators back in session with the Browns come back to hear anything
anything coming up right now what you see in the spring what’s the biggest issue
is us going to be the budget and then also the budget and a


budget um because you have the tax increase as it did the Bears win
Williamson talk about the first party our attitude expire or at least roll back a little bit
little bit at the end of the year and that is going to leave at least I want to have
billion with a be a dollar hole in the state budget and how you play
youpo you plug that mean candidates like to say well we can just cut waist front abuse ride at the fair
the favorite Talking Points Republicans but yeah I was just curious what could you
what could you buy for a 11 have to dollars that is more than the cost of the entire Department


corrections week and close all the presents and still not makeup that money that is more than the cost of what
what the state spends on every public university in Illinois not just your b*** northern
southern eastern Western all the universities something that is a huge huge issue
you gotta pack when was set to fail his budget address of the village
budget spending blueprint last week he I asked in the legislature
Democrats in the legislature I should say agree to push that until after the primary
election and so he is waiting and then we will find out is he going to call to Fergie


keeping a tax increase easy going to you in awhile how will he do this is spending plan
plantar state lottery kind of a stink working on the walkie have to present a spending plan with
with the but you know with a large we have now so it will eventually be a doomsday budget
Budget Inn maybe he’ll say a word app to close 10 prisons in the US speculator NY li
this is what this is what we’re going to be talking about on Springhill Springfield
and it reminded that is set to when does that to a tax increase of Sunset
the end of this year is there any ideas of the switches one how to approach that have we seen anything


anything concrete or is really the beginning of the discussion mean I think we’re the beginning
you certainly have people we talk about a progressive income tax changing
Illinois city the more money you make the more you pay in taxes one thing I think that we should clarify
Williamson talk about a certain dollar mounted with you have to pay more that is all of us
speculative this point of the people who are favorite niece tax plans of actually put out a specific
specific dollar amount at which the tax income tax rates with graduate
what is something that that is on the table um it remains to be seen it would be a dependent


who won the Republican primary because if it’s one of the candidates
who is been very adamantly opposed to the tax increase will Democrats might find in an order steak
just a competitive have to be to go in that direction a little bit if it’s somebody’s been a little
little more flexible on a tax increase that might have a little more will room and Thompson
budget budget budget that’s the way I really know what it is one of these I’ve heard
Brian and maybe this is all to you it is I’m sure it’ll do you delete SC
6 month budget that would take them up to January first and then leave it to the limit does legislature


just like her or the brand new legislature to deal with the problem that wouldn’t surprise me
certainly heard from a Republican to think that that’s what’s going to happen um
Benedict certainly would be the weather in one way politically expedient thing to do
and perhaps the right thing to do because as long as you have good material candidates for example people in the Republic
Republican side bend hedging about what they think should happen about state spending
economy really does put the ball near court to say when will really leave it up to the next person
who comes in the office on the other hand I heard from Santa crafts including a believer governor who says


does I don’t think we should go that way and that’s Brian Mackey Fish House reporter for Illinois public radio with us from Springfield
Springfield town Kasich long time ever county is the news that thank you for coming into Siebel today
and the next week 10 o’clock in for focus we have the Carolina Inn Santa Rosa
Roseburg the Democrats running for the hundred 3rd district is focus from WILL


Naomi Jakobsson announced last fall that she would not be seeking reelection for her seat as state representative for the 103rd District in the Illinois House of Representatives. As the primary election draws closer, we’ve heard a lot from democratic candidates Carol Ammons and Sam Rosenberg. Kristin Williamson, the Republican vying for Jakobsson's seat, will also be on the ballot and is running unopposed. She joins Scott Cameron for the first half of this hour on Focus.

Then, Tom Kacich, reporter for the News-Gazette, and Brian Mackey, statehouse reporter for Illinois Public Radio, join the show. We’ll talk about the race for the 103rd district and will find out about other primaries around the state that are worth paying attention to this spring.

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