Illinois Country

Voices from Illinois Country: The Deep Hollow


In this episode of Voices of Illinois Country, The Deep Hollow discuss how growing up in Illinois helped shaped who they are as musicians.

Based in Springfield, Illinois, this harmony-driven trio of Micah Walk, Elizabeth Eckert and Dave Littrell blend classic Midwestern Americana with traditional folk music. Think stripped-down guitar-playing, three-part harmonies, and award-winning songwriting.

Beginning with a win in the American Songwriter magazine songwriting contest in 2014 to a well-produced Kickstarter-launched album in 2015 that reached number three on the Folk DJ charts in early 2016, the terrific threesome continues to move forward into the realm of getting there.

The Deep Hollow perform the original song “Real Life”, from their 2019 album “Weary Traveller”, available on their website