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Last year was my first year as a WILL intern. We started off the year by researching different topics of the Right to Marry project and uploaded them to the wiki for our use in the future. When pre-interview season rolled in, we did several of them and it was just a great way to hear many interesting stories from many people in a very low key, off pressure way. We generated a list of interviewees for the subbies to interview, and I myself remember excitingly looking forward to listening to the actual interviews.  When we began conducting the interviews, I was there for two of them. I sat in the interview with Becky Lewis and helped with the transition between the interviews with Leah Mosser and Karen Bush. I just loved having the opportunity to listen to their great stories. Some interviewees know how to tell their stories extremely well. You almost feel like your living in the past with them in some moments. It’s just amazing how you can feel a story even when it’s just through audio. I loved being in an interview environment so much that I want to be the interviewer myself. I got an opportunity to become one for an intern-led interview with Becky and Jan Himes. I loved it. Being the interviewer was a lot different than just listening to the interview in the sidelines. I just loved having the chance to talk to the couple and listening to their story. It was truly a different experience because I had a chance to engage in their story, ask for more information myself to feel the complete story. At some points I remember feeling completely emerged in their story, like I traveled back into time with the couple as they were talling their story about how they met each other and the various difficulties.  Same goes when I pre-interviewed the Allston-Yeagles with Simone. I just loved being in that environment where I was learning about another person’s life stories. I just found that so interesting. I am looking forward to a new year as a WILL intern, a new year of life stories. 


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