Rough Editing and Radio Spots


This was my first year of doing rough editing and honestly I didn't really know what to expect. Being on the pre-production team for the last two years, I had gotten used to my work being done outside of school so when I had to set aside hours of my school day over the course of a few weeks really messed up my schedule. I got used to it soon enough, and found it to be quite interesting. While it gets tedious to listen to the same story over and over in hopes of cutting it at exactIy the right point, it was eye opening to get to hear the story over and over again. It was an different experience to get to hear the raw emotion in people's voices as they tell their personal and touching stories. One of the biggest differnece I noticed while working on the post-production team this year was a chance to get to hear a lot more personal stories. 

Now our next job is to write radio spots. This gives us a chance to string together people's personal stories to get one main point across. Now instead of just reading about my specific person's stories I am branching out and looking at various different people. Each having there own perpective on a specific topic, own personal stories to share, and most importantly, their own voice. I've only just begun with the radio spots, but I can't wait to really get started.


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