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I was on the Intellectual Disabilities project my subbie year and definitely can say that I learned a lot. It sure did open me up the the real heartbreak of the world of disablities, but also how people who live with that constant struggle every day are able to find joy and happiness. However, the R2M project has seemed very different from the Intellectual Disablities project in many ways. Different things have stuck out to me in the R2M interviews than in the Intellectual Disablities interviews. While the Intellectual Disabilties interviews were very informative and quite motivating to at least think about how one could go about trying to stop the injustice against people with disablities, the R2M interviews really came through to me in a different way with the love and emotion and the fact that these people had found their own little pockets of happiness despite the struggles and unfair circumstances. One of the interviews that really struck out to me was the Barclay and Howard Milton one. The story that they told almost came out of a fairytale and was entrancing just like fairytales are to little children. There was the "villian" which was basically the fact that they were an interracial couple in a mostly Caucasion town. But there was also the sweetest love story I have heard in a long time, with the couple knowing each other since childhood but their relationship developing over time. The couple's real love for each other also came through the audio interview, even without me sitting in the interview I could tell these two people had a real story to tell just through the audio. Sometimes the sweet stories are the best, the ones without huge dramatic events but the ones that show us times were changing and people were being able to accept interracial couples with more and more respect to eventually reach the point where we are today. 


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