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Hi  all, I thought I would try to jump start some of the posting on the blog! As Nafisa pointed out, we have just finished most of the interviews for the project (so exciting). However, things are by no means at a standstill. We are becoming very busy with transcript checking, essentially doubly going over each interview that has been transcribed by the subbies (our name for 8th graders). This is so important because eventually we will be mainly using the transcripts to start thinking about and piecing together the actual documentary next year, and so all the transcripts have to be super accurate.

I have not started any of my transcript fact both my transcripts are not available yet, but I am very very excited to start for a couple of reasons. Transcript checking is essentially a very thorough read through/listen of an interview that has been conducted. Unfortunately, I have been so busy this semester with odds and ends that I did not really have time to make it to any of the interviews (which is sad). But, the transcript checking gives me a way to listen to some interviews that I would have really like to have been at. The main interview that I am super excited to listen to is Bob Rowe’s interview. I did Bob’s pre interview and his stories were just so amazing and interesting. Sometimes they would be serious and really hard and other times they would just be downright hilarious. Note, that I only talked to Bob for about 35 minutes and this interview is an hour and 45 minutes long. So I am super curious to see what else he talked about and what new details he mentioned, and of course to laugh a lot!

Another reason I am so jazzed to start working on them is for more selfish purposes. Simply, I find sitting in a quiet room, with headphones on, and listening to great stories pretty relaxing. Even though there is that added aspect of correcting mistakes etc. I really enjoy getting in the zone and tuning everything else out. It can be nice to completely let go of what's been going on that day and delving into someone else's real life--with the added component that you are actually getting work done. In my eyes, it's much more efficient than for example watching TV to escape from your real life for an hour..(which I also guiltily sometimes do).


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