Hello, all! Welcome to the blog for the Right to Marry Project! Here you will find our questions, comments, and musings regarding the steep but beautiful road to production. With the newer site format, we will be able to add photos, audio, and even video.  Ms. Morford has mastered the art of the flip camera, and has been using it to record video footage of each interview, so you can watch interviewees telling their stories, and see the interviewers, scribes, team captains, and technicians at work. Hopefully, we will be able to add some video footage of our favorite stories (which will be difficult - all of them are so amazing) to the site.

As of now, we have finished interviews with subfreshman (8th grade) teams, and are beginning to check transcripts, as well as organize interviews with intern teams. I have had the pleasure of sitting in on two interviews, both of which were insightful and deeply moving. This project has been eye-opening for everyone involved, since stories of marriage and the relationships between people resonate with all members of a community. After all, personal relationships are the strings that tie a community together. We have heard so many thoughtful and heartfelt stories from our interviewees, and I can't wait to see what new stories the intern-led interviews bring! 

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