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Closing Out the Harvest Season


This week on Mid-American Gardener, Chuck and John join us in the studio as we close out the harvest season and welcome in the holidays. 

Chuck shares how he repurposed cattle panels to use as supports for his bean crops this year. Take a look at all the beautiful varieties he grew and learn how to preserve them for next year! 

It's nearing the holidays, and you might have a Christmas cactus at home...or do you? It may be a Thanksgiving or Easter cactus! John teaches us how to tell the difference between the foliage and how to care for these festive houseplants. 

If you have an appreciation for ornamental corn, tune in this week, because Chuck brings in his black broom corn and miniature popcorn. He shares how he has saved the seeds over the years and how to ensure you'll get a good harvest next year! 

John also shares a perennial called "beauty berry" and the grasses he leaves up in his yard for the winter for visual interest. You also may have grown sweet potato vines in your pots this year. Be sure to check the roots before you toss them: you might have a surprise potato!

If you’ve got any questions for our panelists, please send us an email at yourgarden@gmail.com com, or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Air Dates and Times

Channel Day Time
WILL-TV, Urbana Thursday 7 pm (live)
  Saturday 11 am (repeat)
WTVP-TV, Peoria Saturday 11:30 am
WEIU-TV, Charleston Sunday 1:30 pm
WSEC-TV, Springfield Saturday 11 am
WQEC-TV, Quincy Saturday 11 am
WMEC-TV, Macomb Saturday 11 am
Lakeshore PBS, Chicago/Northwest Indiana Friday 1 pm

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