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Garden Triumphs and Flops: The Best and Worst of Our Gardens


As summer begins to wind down (less than 50 days till fall!) and our gardens are ready for harvest, we talk with Kay and Jen about both the highlights and issues they ran into this year.

First, Kay brought in an Amber tomato, a dwarf plant reaching only about a foot in height, that is perfect for container gardens and pots. This flavorful, golden fruit is perfect for salads, salsas, sauces—whatever summer recipe you’re cooking up! Kay also brought in a chocolate stripe heirloom tomato, a truly versatile fruit that’s beautiful, too! Her gherkin cucumbers are also doing well.

Although the weather in central Illinois has been very erratic this summer with extended periods of drought followed by excessive rain, Kay says this hasn’t harmed her harvest. She recommends using a soaker hose to keep your plants happy and healthy.

Jen also brought in some cuttings of heat-resistant plants that have thrived in her yard this year: “Candy” Coralberry Indian Arum Oso Easy Hot Paprika Rose Sedum Angelina “Rozanne” Geranium Perennial Joe Pye Weed

We ended by answering your questions about squash plants, that gray film you might be seeing on your plants, garden weeds, and chewed rose bush leaves. Watch the episode on YouTube or on the PBS Video app to see what Jen and Kay have to say! Do you have a garden, yard, or houseplant question? Send them to yourgarden@gmail.com, or check out our Facebook page and leave us a comment. We’ll ask our panel of experts and try to get you an answer on an upcoming show or web segment! Be sure to include a photo!

Send questions to yourgarden@gmail.com, or check out our Facebook page and feel free to leave your questions there! We will try to get it answered on an upcoming show or web segment!

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