Mid-American Gardener

Mid-American Gardener: Parting is such sweet sorrow


On this week’s episode of Mid-American Gardener, Dianne Noland sits in the host chair for the final time as she retires after 25 years of being on the show. For her final show, Dianne and panelists Bob Skirvin, Kelly Allsup, and Rusty Maulding answer viewer questions on blue poppies, tree diseases, growing grapes, and more.

The show isn’t going anywhere, however. Until a new full-time host is identified, Mid-American Gardener will continue on with guest hosts—most of whom have been panelists throughout the years and with whom viewers are familiar.

So, continue to send us your questions at yourgarden@gmail.com or find us on Facebook by searching MidAmericanGardener. 

Mid-American Gardener with Dianne Noland August 31, 2017