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Recapping June 2023


June 1st, 2023

Kay shares a new perennial called cardinal flower to add to her prairie garden. It gets about 3ft tall and has a bright red flower that attracts helpful pollinators and hummingbirds. Ella brings in cuttings from her garden of unique varieties of peonies and chives (allium), and she shares tricks to keep them looking healthy and fresh. We also learn the best practices for planting dahlia tubers and how to pre-sprout bulbs.


June 8th, 2023

This week, Martie Alagna, Phil Nixon, and John Bodensteiner stop by the studio to talk about their summer gardens, and introduce you to some pests that may be giving you fits this year.


June 15th, 2023

Chuck brings in his asparagus clippings to explain the difference between male and female plants and tells us about perennial and annual sweet peas. He also shares colorful varieties of “sweet william” or dianthus. Ella tells us about a new native plant, “spigelia,” that she has been growing from seed in a mini greenhouse made from a pop bottle. If you’ve been following for a while, you’ll know that Ella taps her maple trees for syrup each year. Well, she shares a new technique for collecting syrup from pine cones with just simple sugar. If you’re looking for a recipe, just look up “mugolio syrup.”


June 22, 2023

Jim Appleby brings in a few different wasp nests to show us their homes and explain how they are actually quite beneficial insects. He also shares his tips and tricks to keep pests away while working out in your yard. Kay brings in a cutting of a peony poppy, a beautiful, luscious flower to consider adding to your garden. Butterfly weed is another perennial to add to your flower beds which attract all kinds of beneficial pollinators. 


June 29th

Phil Nixon and Martie Alagnia visit us in the studio. We learn how to control Japanese Beetles to protect our plants from damage, and Martie shares how to care for the neglected clearance perennial plants you might be picking up at the garden center: they just need a little time, love, and care! 

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Channel Day Time
WILL-TV, Urbana Thursday 7 pm (live)
  Saturday 11 am (repeat)
WTVP-TV, Peoria Saturday 11:30 am
WEIU-TV, Charleston Sunday 1:30 pm
WSEC-TV, Springfield Saturday 11 am
WQEC-TV, Quincy Saturday 11 am
WMEC-TV, Macomb Saturday 11 am
Lakeshore PBS, Chicago/Northwest Indiana Friday 1 pm

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