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A-G Issues Opinion On Filling Comptroller Post


Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says the death of Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka leaves essentially two vacancies that should first be filled by outgoing Gov. Pat Quinn and then Gov.-election Bruce Rauner. But she says voters should also get a chance to cast ballots for the office in 2016.

Topinka died last week. The Republican had won a second term, which starts next month.  
In a legal analysis released Monday, Madigan says Quinn should appoint someone until Jan. 12, when the current term ends and new elected officials are sworn in. Then once Rauner is in office he should appoint someone.
But Madigan says it's an elected office. She says voters should have a say in a replacement as early as possible.
Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner says Madigan's analysis Topinka shows "bipartisan agreement.''
Rauner has said Topinka's aide Nancy Kimme should take over in the interim.  She's also on Rauner's transition team. In a Monday statement, Rauner says he appreciates Madigan's thoughts on the appointment, but didn't comment on a possible election.
A spokesman says Quinn is reviewing the analysis. 

UPDATE 2 p.m. 

Senate President John Cullerton says there should be an "immediate'' lawmaker special session to make plans for a 2016 election to replace Topinka.
In a statement, Cullerton's spokeswoman says the appointment process will "undoubtedly'' see litigation but voters should have a say.  
A spokesman for House Speaker Michael Madigan didn't immediately return a message.