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Ammons: ‘Safe Space’ Available For Women In Springfield


The state representative for Champaign-Urbana applauds the people who came forward with stories of harassment—and she hopes those stories will change the culture in Springfield. 

State representative Carol Ammons says she’s never witnessed or been a victim of sexual harassment in Springfield; still, the Urbana Democrat is glad that victims are now being taken seriously.

"It was time for them to be heard and I saw as it unraveled before our eyes. I was really shocked by it," Ammons said of the hearings in Springfield where women told their stories of being sexually harassed.

The General Assembly passed legislation during the veto session mandating sexual harassment training for all working at the state capitol. And it filled the long-vacant post of legislative inspector general, which has the power to investigate complaints.

Ammons says these measures create a safe space for victims to come forward and be heard.